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Hey Friends!

As you know, in June, I had the amazing experience of being a part of the Haven conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

haven 158

I was on the panel of speakers who spoke in the session, “I Like Big Blogs.”

Today, I wanted to share with you a little of what we talked about.

To grow your blog, you need to engage your readers.

To engage your readers, you need to write great blog posts.

So, here are 6 Tips to Writing a Great Blog Post!


1.  Create a Great Title.

Problogger says…

Titles change the destiny of your posts.

Those few words at the beginning of your blog post can be the difference between the post being read and spread like a virus through the web like a wild fire and it languishing in your archives, barely noticed.

While there will usually only be a handful of words in your post title – they are the most powerful words that you’ll write because for most of your readers the decision as to whether to read the rest of your post rests upon them.

Research has shown that your readers are more likely to read your post if it begins with phrases like…”How to…” or “7 Steps to…” or “10 Tips on…”

Readers want to see that there is a benefit to reading your post.

You also want to write a post title that includes very searchable keywords.  “Keywords are important for the long tail life of your blog post as they tell search engines what your blog post is about and will help it to rank highly for those words.” (problogger)

So if you are writing a post about your kitchen makeover, you may not want to tile your post “Y’all are going to freak out when you see my kitchen!” Not many people are going to search that title on google, right?  Smile

Maybe a better title would be, “DIY Kitchen Makeover.”


2.  Create Great Content!

Here’s the bottom line…Content is King!

If people come to your blog and do not like what they have read or feel like they haven’t learned anything new, they are more than likely not going to come back.

It is important for you to be knowledgeable about the subject and that your content is informative, engaging, and interesting.

Don’t be too wordy.

Show your personality.  Be real and relatable.

Don’t put a post up just because you feel pressure to post.  If the content is so-so, you will lose readers.  It would be better to publish two GREAT posts a week than 6 mediocre posts.



3.  Include Great Pictures!

This is something that I need to work on.  Smile

Let’s face it, most of us scan a blog post and look at the pictures before we read the content, right?

If the pictures are dark or small, we are not usually drawn in to read the rest of the post.

But if the pictures are beautiful and inspiring, we want to go back and read more about the subject.


Kevin and Layla, from The Lettered Cottage, are experts at producing beautiful photos for their blog.  They even offer online photography classes that you can check out HERE.

If you have beautiful pictures on your blog, they are more likely to get pinned on Pinterest.  Pinterest is the number one source for blog traffic right now, so you need to jump on the Pinterest Train.  Whoo! Whoo!

Also, if you link your projects to weekly linky parties, you will have a much greater chance of being featured on the host blog if you have great pictures of your project.

I have learned to edit all of my photos before uploading them into my blog.  My favorite program to use is Photoscape, but you can use Picmonkey, Picasa, Photoshop and more.


4.  Include Lots of Links!

If you want to engage your readers to spend more time on your site, you need to provide links to other posts within your post.

When writing a new post, remember that whenever you mention a previous post or project to hyperlink it to that post.

For example, here is an excerpt from my “embarrassing post” on Sunday…

You may recall that when we renovated our kitchen, we installed new hard wood floors…kitchen 008


If you notice, “renovated our kitchen” is in red because I hyperlinked that text to the post I wrote last year about renovating our kitchen.  Readers are able to click on that text and will be able to read another post on my blog.   (Did you also notice how I hyperlinked “embarrassing post?”)


Another way to include a link is to share it at the bottom of your post.

For example, when I shared my sister’s laundry room makeover reveal on my blog, I could easily end my post this way…

If you love this makeover reveal, be sure to check out my laundry room makeover that I completed last year!  Click on the picture below to view!


Whenever you provide a picture, readers are more likely to click on it and visit that post.  I just hyperlinked my picture to the post about my laundry room makeover.


5.  End with a Question!

Another way to engage readers is to end your post with a question.

For example, when I am writing a post about using color in my décor, I might want to end my post with the question…

“What is your favorite color to use when decorating your home?”

This is a call to action.  Instead of having your readers read your post and leave, ending with a question allows your readers to respond to what they just read.

It also helps you build relationships with your readers.  When you connect with  you readers, they will continue coming back to your blog time and time again.  Smile

(It also helps to write the question in bold letters, or in a larger font, or both!)


6.  Watermark your Photos!

Since we are living in a Pinterest world, it is especially important to watermark your photos.  If your pictures are pinned or featured on another blog, you want people to be able to find the source of that picture easily.



As you can see, my pictures are watermarked with my blog url.

kitchen 055

You only watermark photos with your blog url when it is your own original picture, not someone else’s.

Whenever you are using pictures from another site with in your post, be sure to give credit to that site.  If I am using a picture from Better Homes and Garden in my post, I will write “source” beneath the picture and hyperlink it to BHG.  (see below)

Make the Most of a Small Kitchen


ALWAYS give credit where credit is due.



I hope you found these Six Tips to Writing a Great Blog Post helpful!

If you could add another tip to this list, what do you think would be #7?

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  1. Thank you for posting this, very helpful indeed.. I just got a new camera, not the best, but better than what I had.. and I am still learning to take and make my photos look good on my blog.. and am struggling .. I am going over to read Kevin’s post, to see if it will help ((:

    I love your blog, and you have a beautiful family.

  2. Traci ~ I learned a lot in the “I Love Big Blogs” class at Haven. The whole conference was wonderful, well-organized, entertaining and the hotel was beautiful! Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I was too much of a scaredy cat to introduce myself :( Maybe next year! ~Linda

  3. Thanks for the helpful tips, I just started a blog less than a month ago, so I’m still trying to figure out what works best. The hardest thing for me is making a picture of food look good. It always is delicious, and looks good in ‘real-life’, but the pictures don’t do it justice…will work on it though!

  4. Great tips!!

    #7…Visit the people who comment on your blog posts and find something that interests you in their posts and leave them a comment in return.

    I can’t tell you how often I’ve left comments on Big Blogs, never to have a return visit or a comment. :( That’s sad.

    Jan ♥

  5. Great tips Traci! Question, why do you write “source” instead of BHG or whoever the linkback is to? I see other bloggers doing that but I remember when I started blogging, people would write out the name of the source. Is it an SEO thing?

  6. #7: Check your grammar and spelling. We’re all not perfect, but show that you took the time re-read and edit your post…especially if you misspell the very first word of your title post (oy vey). ;)

    1. That’s my tip #7 like you asked in case people didn’t read it…I don’t want anyone to think that was being snarky or I was insinuating you misspelled something. :) Good post.

  7. Very helpful info, Traci! I’ve been reading many tips on better blogging lately and it’s helping (I hope). Now, I need to figure out how to hyperlink a photo. That was new info to me … I know how to do it with text but not a photo. Thanks so much!

  8. I really enjoyed your helpful hints and will put
    several into use asap!
    As for #7, I think more need to reply to comments.
    I know most of us are really busy in life and if your
    lucky to get 45 comments it’s not easy but I
    really try to thank each one.
    Great Post

  9. I find that I always go back to a blog with beautiful pictures, informative or funny content, and a whole lot of realism included in the posts. I find “new to me” blogs by searches, Pins, and recommendations from other blogs. Just wish I had more time to read them ALL!

  10. Those were great tips. I hope to get to Haven next year. I know that when I am reading blogs, if the pictures are big, I am more likely to return to that blog. Small pictures are just not appealing to this blind-as-a-bat girl! I don’t know enough yet to give a number 7!

  11. I love to learn a new lesson. I am a total clutz and one who always messes things up, especially on my first go ’round. So if I can teach someone something to save them from making the same mistake or save them time or money, I am all for sharing it and I love when I read items like that in other blogs. If you have removed wallpaper and tried some things that aren’t conventional that worked, I would love to see that; or if there was a special tool that made a job a whole heck of a lof easier, share it with me.



  12. Great tips! I guess I’d have to say my #7 would have to be to be genuine. Don’t try to mimic someone else’s style or wording b/c readers can tell when you’re working to hard to sound like someone you’re not. You connect much more quickly when you’re being yourself.
    p.s. Traci, you do an excellent job of this (being genuine)! You have a great talent for drawing people in and connecting with them. It’s one of the main reasons I have enjoyed reading your blog so much. :)

  13. T~
    as each individual is unique,with personality, that is what should come shining through in your blog! Think of your favorite Blogs.. what is the magic ingredient which draws back for more?
    style? content? manner of speaking?
    The answer to each of those questions are found in my #7 tip..
    Be real! Be yourself..all the others are taken! (HUMOR!)
    seriously, for real..from my real life, advice I was given eons ago:
    Upon becoming an Officer’s Wife, i was terrified at the thought of somehow embarrassing my husband by committing a social faux pas due to my inexperience in that particular realm..
    the commanding officers wife invited me for a one on one lunch…she was one of the most gracious ladies I’ve ever known..so down to earth..during lunch we chatted over minor things..finally arriving at the time to ask for guidance.. I expressed my fears.. to which she said words I’ve live by all my life.. simple but so strong and effective..
    “Lou…Be yourself! In doing that, you cannot be wrong! There will be those who love you and those who dislike you intensely..but you will find your comfort niche /zone and will always do well with your charming personality and wit. Just be yourself!”
    thanks Traci for always being REAL!

    1. I agree, what may seem like a ‘funky’ tune is in reality very annoying. Also adds that jump up in your face so you can’t actually see the blog, I will move on straight away.

  14. Thank you for sharing a concise list of great tips! I appreciate all the help I can find on ways to improve my little blog :)

    Have a great day!

  15. Thank you so much for your tips! I evidently need to go back a few steps though because I have no idea how to watermark my photos…. also, I know this is a totally goofy question, and yes, I am embarrassed to ask it, but here goes…. I have somehow set up my blog (inadvertently I am sure) so that I am not able to reply when someone leaves a comment on one of my posts…. If I try to click on the person’s name, it won’t let me do that either. I have to click out, go the the person’s blog – several extra steps… any ideas??? Again, I know it is goofy, but I love it when people respond to a comment I make, but I can’t figure out how to return the favor….. THANKS to anyone who can answer this :-)))

  16. I agree with the previous suggestions for #7 … engaging readers should be a 2-way street…I’m much more likely to return to a blog where the person actually took the time to acknowledge my post/answered a question I asked. Sometimes it isn’t possible to reply to every comment, but until your blog grows to a huge size, you really should interact as much as possible. I mean…that’s the whole point of blogging, right?! :~)

    Great post Traci!

  17. #7 for me would be crank the size of your pictures up as big as you can to fit in your post width!! I can not for the life of me understand why someone would not do that if they take decent pictures! Of course I’m on a small laptop and a blogger may be posting on a 27″ wide desktop where the picture looks big to them but then I would caution them to remember others are using smaller devices maybe even Ipads, e-readers, or cell phones!

    …I agree with no music (might not be to everyone’s taste….or could wake a sleeping baby when it pops on unextectedly! :o

    ….don’t require a reader input a code to leave a comment!!! PAIN IN THE YOU KNOW!

    and my ? for the day would be how do I edit the coding to add a link to a picture? I’d love for my readers to be able to click on a picture and head straight to where I am sending them be it another post on my blog or over to someone who I have featured! Thanks.

  18. These are great tips! Thank you! I have a lot of room to grow, but watermarking my photos has been on my mind recently and I’m curious what program you use to do that. I have photoshop but am a very beginning user and would like something that would be quicker. Thanks! :)

  19. LOVE this information! I am fairly new to blogging and am looking for all of the information I can get my hands on! I wish I could have attended that conference! I know that there was some amazing information shared there! Maybe next year. . .

  20. Aww, so nice of you to share these great tips to us, especially to those who are just starting a new blog. Nos. 1-2 are the most important aspect of a blog, without these 2, a blog is useless or lifeless.

  21. Aww, so nice of you to share these great tips to us, especially to those who are just starting a new blog. Nos. 1-2 are the most important aspect of a blog, without these 2, a blog is useless or lifeless.

  22. Traci,

    Thanks so much for sharing your insight! I’m a clinical psychology student preparing for a blog post that is due soon, and I was feeling pretty intimidated. Your 6 Tips to Writing a Great Blog Post was not only calming in nature, but also offered wonderful examples of ways in which one can make a post captivating (e.g. catchy title and worthwhile content) and enjoyable.

    Thanks for helping to calm my nerves, and put a smile on my face!
    I truly praise God for you.

  23. Thank You so so so so much for the great post on blogging tips!!! I’m a fairly new blogger and all of these tips will be very helpful!

    Barb :)

  24. Great post!
    I love your blog. I will be following.
    Would love you to check out my new blog, robinjonesgifford.com As a redeemed rebel, I’m sharing my faith, fashion and food tips and so much more.
    Again, thanks for a great read.

  25. Love it! So helpful. I need to work on my photos…and headlines. Sigh.
    If I could add a #7, it would be to use your own voice! I want to feel like I’m having a conversation.

  26. Wow! Thank you so much for these blogging tips. My favorite tip is to provide links within your post. I can’t wait to try these out!

  27. I would love to attend a conference. It seems that you learn a lot from them. I appreciate the great information. Since I’m kind of new to this I would have to say I would like to see the people that I comment on to take the time to make a comment. It wouldn’t have to be a long comment something like, “Thanks for stopping by such and such website address”.

  28. Thanks for the great post! My tip #7 would be: Consider the length of your post. Don’t make it too short, but definitely don’t make it too long. Visitors will sometimes leave a site without even reading a word of your post if it appears intimidating because its too long! And make sure you put spaces and sometimes subtitles between the paragraphs. What I’m trying to say it — make the post easy to read!

  29. This is exactly the post I have been looking for! I want to start blogging but haven’t been sure where to start, the helpful tips and pointers you give are great encouragement to begin blogging and are beyond useful! Thanks for the post :)

  30. This is exactly the post I have been looking for! I’ve wanted to start blogging for a while now and the tips above are beyond useful and are also a great source of encouragement that anyone can blog! Thanks again :)

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