Installing Faux Wood Beams {in our master bathroom}


We are making progress in our master bathroom!

A few weeks ago, I asked if you could guess what we would be doing to our ceilings in our master bathroom.  Some of you guessed right…

We were going to install wood beams on our ceiling!

I have been in love with these pictures I found on Pinterest for a long time…

hubba hubba


Wood beams are gorgeous in a bathroom.


(source unknown)

But they are equally beautiful in living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens…

wood beams


exposed wood beams


beautiful white kitchen with gorgeous wood beams


Wood beams add so much character to your home.

Wood beams


So when we had a little “pipe problem” in our master bathroom ceiling that needed to be covered…

faux beams 001

we decided we would rather cover the pipe with a hollow beam than lowering the height of our ceiling.

So Cy tried to make a hollow beam by himself, but let’s just say that it didn’t quite work out the way he had planned.  (He explains it in the video.)

Determined NOT to have to lower the ceiling to cover the pipe, I began searching online to see if I could find a faux wood beam to install in our bathroom.

To my excitement, I found AZ Faux Wood Beams!

logo faux

Have you ever heard of faux wood beams?

They are the coolest products ever!

Here’s the low down:

  • They are made of polyurethane.
  • They are made from the molds of actual wood beams.
  • They do not split, crack, or dry out like real wood.
  • They are super lightweight making them easy to ship and install.
  • They are termite resistant.
  • They can be painted or stained.
  • They look exactly like real wood!
  • They come in a variety of finishes, sizes, and styles.

Superior Building Supplies manufactures these beams.


If you visit AZ Faux Beams, you will see that their faux wood beams have been featured on HGTV and the DIY Network.  They were even used in Jay Leno’s home!

So we are super thrilled to have these beams from AZ Faux Beams in our master bathroom.


faux beams 025


You will NOT believe how easy these were to install.  I swear that my 13 and 10 year old sons could have installed them by themselves.

faux beams 032

We still have to finish the trim molding around the top of the ceiling, but I wanted to go ahead and show you our beautiful beams.  We will also be installing a chandelier above the tub from the middle beam.

Cy and I made a little video for you of how we installed the beams.  (Eli even got into the action.)

Check it out!  I know you will be amazed at this product as much as I am!


Now I just have to find a chandelier to hang over my tub!

And window treatments for my window.

And a mirror for above the sink.

Oh! and a rug….


So what do you think about my new faux wood beams?!

If you would like to check out the different styles and sizes of faux wood beams and many other cool products, click on the button below.


You can also check out installation videos from AZ Faux Beams by clicking HERE.

And if you want to check out their next episode on the DIY Network, the date and time is listed below.



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*I loved these beams so much, I contacted AZ Faux Beams and asked them if I could review their product.   They agreed and were excited about reaching bloggers and their readers with their product.  Cy and I only paid shipping for our beams.  The opinions expressed in this post are 100% ours.  We love these beams and were excited to share them with our readers.


  1. What a beautiful cosmetic solution, Cy & Tracy! Love it! We’ve been wanting to create a beam in our kitchen and you’re the second person I’ve heard say it’s really hard to do. This looks like an awesome way to go! Thanks for the introduction and sharing! Love it!

    1. Thanks, Roeshel! Cy and I thought it would be super easy to make our own beams, and were surprised that it wasn’t. We tried to use inexpensive wood, but that was part of the problem. If we were to buy oak to make our beam, it would be more expensive than the faux beam. Plus a PAIN to install. These faux beams are so amazing!

  2. OMG, I love them! What an awesome solution to covering problem areas like that instead of lowering your ceiling. I think I could have used this in my last basement. Even without having a pipe to cover up, they look amazing. WIll have to look into these when I get to my family room.

  3. I am drooling! THE bathroom is so amazing! I love what the beams do to the whole space… seriously, let me know, I am ready to move in, ya know whenever!

  4. LOVE THE BEAMS!!!!!! My dream home has wood beams in it and to now know they can easily be added is awesome!! Wood beams remind me of visiting my grandparents in Mexico. I just love the look.

  5. Oh my gosh, I want these :) They are beautiful! We are in the midst of a mini bathroom makeover and these would look fab!!!
    Hope you are having a wonderful summer.

  6. I’m. in. love. I am now looking for rooms in my home to have these installed!! My husband thanks you for that. :) They’re beautiful, Traci!!

  7. Oh wowzers!!! What an awesome idea! Thank you Tracy for sharing your source, and how to install them!!! Perfect for my liven room’s vaulted ceilings!! :)

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I will have to check them out. I have wanted wood beams in my dining room since before….well….since before faux wood beams were available. I will definitely check these out. Thanks for sharing, can’t wait to see your finished bathroom.

  9. Your project turned out beautifully! I’ll bet your necks are hurting from looking up at them all the time :) We are trying to come up with something to do on our wonky 1978 California tract home living room ceiling–architects in CA in the 1970s had some strange ideas! I will be checking out the web site for these babies!!! Enjoy.

  10. AAAAAH! I love them!!! I worked on a presto change-o yesterday and suggested that the homeowner add wood beams to their kitchen. I’m going to link to you post when I write up the post! :-D

  11. Looking great, Traci! I can’t wait to see the finished bathroom with the new wood vanity, tub and chandelier in place. Can you say G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S?!?

  12. Love the beams! I’ve been wanting to do this all over our house, but was intimidated by the whole idea (plus, hubby wasn’t too crazy about all that work). This looks so much easier than building your own boxes. I will definitely be checking them out! Oh, as far as the chandelier, you may need to check with local building codes- we couldn’t put a chandelier over our tub, so I had to go with a fixture using candles (candelier?). Can’t wait to see the final reveal! :)

  13. I didn’t know they still made these beams. We built our house in 1974 and my husband put beams in our family room, wood finished walls and these same beams. I love them to this day. All you have to do is dust them from time to time. Can’t ask for more than that. Your bathroom is really shaping up beautifully. I hope you rested a little from your road trip. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Lovely. I am definitely going to “borrow” this idea.

    Traci, I always enjoy your videos. Eli is such a little hoot.

  15. These look amazing…had no idea that such a fantastic product existed. We have faux beams that our builder did and they don’t look very good, so my husband and I were looking into having a carpenter come out and do nicer ones for us. This has changed everything! We will be ordering some tonight! I was wondering if you ordered the finished or unfinished. If unfinished, what was the process like to finish them?

  16. All I can say is that Cy is the sweetest husband ever. He
    goes along with your solution to not have to replace the ceiling
    and its a win win for both of you. Bless his heart and yours.
    Y’all have been working so hard. That little sneaky peak with
    The beams and the tub in front of the window looks dreamy.
    If it was my bathroom I definitely would be taking hot tubbies
    and enjoying that view from the window for sure. : )

  17. love this look! thank you so much for sharing! can you give us an idea of how much the shipping was? Thanks so much!

  18. Absolutely gorgeous! Would you mind sharing which specific beam you chose and what the total cost would have been? Thanks :)

  19. Love the beams! Exactly which ones did you order from AZ faux beams? I have been looki g at the web page but it is a bit overwhelming! I would appreciate some direction ;)

  20. Hi. I loooove your home. My husband and I are about to purchase some beams from AZ. What style and color are yours? Dimensions too please. :) thank you

  21. We bought an older house last fall. It wasn’t until we took actual ownership of the house that we realized we had these beams in the livingroom. They look so real, fools everyone. And then the touch happens. No one believes that they are not real wood until they touch them. I had heard of these beams, but this was the first time I had actually seen them.

  22. Love this! I am SO glad I ran into your blog! Can you tell me which style and color you ordered? Old Timber or Rustic? Thanks so much!!

  23. I love these! We are building a house and I would love to have these in our living room! I looked at their website.. which ones did you order?

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