The “Treasures” I found on the World’s Longest Yard Sale for our own home


So, you remember that crazy adventure I took you on almost two weeks ago?

It was a 5 day dream come true down The World’s Longest Yard Sale!

We found so many amazing treasures for the Habitat for Humanity family that we were buying for, and it was so hard not to shop for ourselves!

I hit the honey hole somewhere in Ohio, and I swear I could have furnished my whole house from that one sale!

gmc 006gmc 005



I found something I really wanted for our home, and I begged persuaded Cy into letting me buy these barn lights.


lights 007

I knew we would be seeing my sister the next day in Kentucky, and that we could hand them off to her since we couldn’t take them on our flight home.


lights 011

We also found these matching pendant lights.  They originally came from an old school house closet.  Isn’t that cool?

lights 014


Since the there will be two separate sinks in the boys’ bathroom, I am hoping these will look right above the sinks.  (fingers crossed)

Kind of like this…



Except with two sinks.


If not, I’m sure I could find somewhere else for them.

Or I could just dance with them!

lights 013


Don’t you think they would be cute over a bathroom sink?

lights 016

We paid $125 for all three of these vintage lights.  We chewed them down almost $100 dollars!  I think that is a great deal for all three lights.

Especially since this green barn light from Barn Light Electric is $129 by itself.  This is an 11 inch shade, and ours is much larger than that.

17" Old Dixie Stem Mount, 300-Dark Green | 6" Stem, 980-Brushed Aluminum

I have been crazy about barn lights for a long time. They will be the perfect accessory for our boys’ rooms upstairs.

If you don’t believe me, check out these pictures I found.






Here is a barn light like mine used as a side table light.


Barn lights look great in kitchens too!


And I am crazy about these barn lights on this front porch.  I love that glass door too. That porch says “welcome home” to me.


So what do you think?


Do you like barn lights in home décor?

Do you think I got a good deal on my three lights?


  1. I LOVE your barnlights! What a fun find – I think the smaller ones will be a perfect addition to a boys bathroom and the larger one would look great anywhere. I love that they give a room a more casual feel – can’t wait to see yours installed in their new home!

  2. Great finds! I would have bought those too. I’m on the hunt myself for some wall barn lights! Nice score on that one!

  3. You do realize how lucky you are don’t you? We are in seriously LOVE with those types of lights. IF for some reason they don’t work in your Home….email me!! I got your back and will take them off your hands! Great find!

  4. I Love barn lights and you scored yours at an awesome price. They are going to look so good in your boys bathroom. I can’t wait to see the reveal.

  5. Love the lights! I put a barn light in our guest bathroom . . . and I really like those pendant lights, they should look GREAT in your boy’s bathroom. Can’t wait to see.

  6. Those lights are awesome! Love that they came from an old schoolhouse!

    Btw, I just joined the Master Designer Blog Roll over at Fieldstone Hill and wanted to visit everyone to say “hello!” and introduce myself. My name is Alana and I blog over at Domestic Bliss Diaries about making and managing home: I have to say, I’m honored to be a part of such a creative group! Your blog is amazing!

    1. Hi, Alana!
      It’s so nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by my blog to leave a comment. I love Darlene, and I love her idea for the Master Designer Blog Roll. It’s great to see so many other bloggers agree on who is the Master Designer.

      I’m gonna hop over to your blog and say “hello!”


  7. it’s dangerous for me to read this blog because then i get ideas…lots of ideas. ;)
    those matching boys’ rooms are adorable! i want pillows with their initials on them!
    can’t wait to see you put those lights to good use!

    1. I’m so glad you get ideas that you like from my blog. :)
      Aren’t those pillows great?! I would love to have those too!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Those are too cool!
    I have a few questions about them:

    1) Are they super bright (blinding) ?
    2) Do they put off a lot of heat?
    3) Are you going to paint them?

    I can’t wait to see what you do with them =)

    1. Hey Jackie!

      I think they would only be blinding if I put a super bright light bulb in them. I will try to get a bulb that isn’t too bright.
      I do not know if they put off a lot of heat. I will have to wait and find that one out after we install them.
      And, I am not planning on painting them. I like that green color.


  9. I LOVE barn lights. I can’t believe what a great deal you got. I love the green. I have 3 rustic pendants I’ve been waiting for my husband to hang in our kitchen for months now. Maybe I’ll show him this post to get him in gear!

  10. If you get an idea watch out.. I love these lights and they will be perfect for the bathroom. You have such magic in vision of what they will look like after installation. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Traci,
    you are too cute in that picture with the lights. You can see the sheer joy in your face at your great buy! And that you did. Great price for all three of those lights. Think they will look great where you intend to place them.
    P.S. thanks for your sweet email.

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