Favorite “PINS” Friday!


Well, hellooooo!

Have you had a good week?  Aren’t ya glad it’s Friday?!

I had a fun little trip this week to IKEA with my buddy, Sarah.  Here is what we texted each other before we met…

034We both share a love for the carbonated goodness from McDonald’s!  Aaaaah yeah, baby!

I found a rug for our kitchen, and Sarah got a few goodies too.  We both had to get back home in time to pick up our kiddos, so the trip was short, but sweet.  Smile



Cy and I have a ton of little projects we are trying to get finished around the house.  Our staircase is one of them.  Cy is working on them as I type.

We hope to get the stairs finished by next week.  Ladies, my house is finally starting to look like a home (instead of a construction zone)!

I am actually sitting on my couch, which is actually in the den where it belongs, right now.  It does my heart good to have some order around here.


Now for some of my favorite “pins” from Pinterest this week!




(Click on the link below each picture to find the original source.)

traditional bathroom by Gabberts Design Studio


Three Pixie Lane: Pumpkins, Pumpkins and More Pumpkins


Collected Fall Mantel | MyBlessedLife.net


Oreo Owl Cupcakes




Quick tip: Easily "age" furniture with a coat of paint and a sanding block.     #bedroom #decorating


A classically beautiful dining room.     #decorating


upgrade door entryways


Overhead Treatment


simple entry way/mud room



  1. I was up there this week, too! I totally would have been star struck had I seen you two. It’s a much shorter drive for me from Cincinnati, and thank goodness. The way they have everything so torn up right now, I couldn’t find several things on my list and must go back.

  2. You do have great taste and I loved all these pins. Wished I had the touch to be able to make my house look like these though.

  3. I just went to IKEA for my first time last week. I was like a giddy school girl! It was awesome. I live in KC, MO and we’re not getting one until Fall of 2014. Now I have the ‘bug’ and I have to wait soooo long.

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