Mirror Makeover for the Master Bathroom



Well, Hello BFFO’s!

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Did you have a good weekend?  I pray you did.

We got a lot of good stuff done around the house.  Most of it is not too fun to post about, like putting up dry wall up the staircase, but it feels so good to us.

Today, I wanted to share with you a makeover I did on a mirror for our master bath.

mirror and sconces 060

It has taken me FO-EV-A to make a decision on a mirror.  I looked online and in stores for the perfect mirror, but couldn’t find anything.  I bought several and had to take them back because they were too little, or too big, or too shiny, or too dark.


I was wanting to get a mirror like this one, but couldn’t find one the size I needed in the price range I needed.

It’s from Horchow and is $225.  Lowe’s has almost the exact mirror for $70, but it was too small for my vanity.


So I moved on to plan B.

I had bought this mirror at a local antique mall for $40.  I liked it because it was large, but wasn’t sure about the gold frame.  Of course, I knew I could change that if I wanted to.

birthday 001I sat in up in our bathroom for several weeks, but just couldn’t decide If I really liked it.

birthday 003

I kept looking for other options, but I just got plain tired of looking and decided that I was going to make this one work!

birthday 005

So I took it outside and covered the glass with old magazine pages.

birthday 007

Then I used the same chrome spray paint that I used on our claw foot tub feet and sprayed the mirror.

birthday 009

birthday 011

Of course, I knew this was going to make it way shinier than I wanted, so I tried to think of something I already had to make the frame look more aged.

I decided to try my Annie Sloan Dark Wax.


I applied the wax with an old sock, and this is what I got.

mirror and sconces 066


Some of the chrome paint rubbed off when I applied the wax exposing the gold underneath.  I was good with that.


mirror and sconces 063

I think it has kind of an antique brass look.  It’s not the most beautiful mirror in the world, but it works for me right now.

mirror and sconces 056

It’s big and helps to fill up that great big blank wall.


mirror and sconces 060

And since I already had all the materials I needed, I only have $40 in this mirror.

I got some sconces to put on each side of the mirror for $6.00 at a Habitat store, and I hope to share those with you later this week.


If you want to see how painted my dresser/vanity, click HERE.

birthday 042

If you want to see how we finished our antique claw foot tub, click HERE.

claw foot tub 017

If you would like to see how we installed our faux wood beams from AZ Faux Beams, click HERE.

faux beams 025


I also wanted to let you know that my sister is starting her 31 Series on her blog today.  I know she would love it if you followed along.  Just click on the button to visit her.


TCW189 Zebra



I need to announce the winner of the Honeywell WiFi Programmable Thermostat!

Congratulations to….

 Becky U (erkarts@****.net)!!!!
Becky said…“We are going to put new weatherstripping on all our doors. We’ve been thinking about getting a new thermostat so to win one would be great!”

Yay, Becky!  I am so happy for you!  I will be contacting you soon. :)



Have a blessed day, y’all!


  1. DDo you know what Traci?? I actually prefer this mirror to the one you wanted:) I think it is just pperfect for the space above your vanity unit and it looks just fantastic the way you made it! Well done!

  2. the mirror looks great….maybe you just need a couple of sconces on each side to give it the added interest your looking for…

  3. Love how it turned out and that you used “what you had!” I JUST bought a gold mirror off Craigslist and have been staring at it since…will go put my thinking cap on now that I’ve seen yours!

    Looking forward to Cyndi’s series, too! I’m not 40 ;), but I love her fashion posts!!


  4. I almost forgot to say thank you for featuring me on your blog for my faux nailhead letter! I was on vacation and was so honored you chose my project! :) My husband couldn’t figure out why I was so excited by email! lol.

  5. I love this mirror!! I think you did a fantastic job. If you decide you want one like the one from Horchow’s or Lowe’s, you can have one made at a glass shop. Not sure about the cost – you will have to ask. I had one made for our bathroom that is the width of our vanity and tall (we have high ceilings). It has the wide beveled edge. The glass people put it together and installed it. It looks just like your pictures but without the curve on top, although they probably could have done that, too, with a picture to go by. Check your yellow pages for the plate glass people.

  6. I really like this and I wasn’t expecting to as I am partial to gilt frames. Its new finish suits the space well. I, also feel a couple of sconces would help balance out the length of the vanity or you could also go with a couple of tall candlestick lamps. However, I do think the mirror should be hung higher so as not to reflect the faucets and catch too much splashing. I think if you do that it will look less cramped and as if it has always been there. This type of mirror also looks fantastic if it hangs forward a bit, especially when hung vertically. I think it’s a keeper!
    This is the first picture where I’ve seen the vanity in relation to the bath…very spacious!

  7. I love the mirror and the finish that you applied. It looks great and it goes well with the hardware on the vanity. I can’t wait to see how the scones look. Your bathroom is going to look amazing. I can’t wait for the big reveal.

  8. Hi Tracy,

    I was just at thrift store and found a mirror I liked but wasn’t sure about the frame. I love what you did with your vanity mirror and frame. I would like to duplicate that look but do not have the Annie Sloan Dark Wax. Do you know of something else that might achieve a similar aged look? Thanks!


  9. Whoever built our house must have had an uncle in the mirror business, every bathroom was just overwhelmed with them. We took them down an my dear departed DH built frames for some pieces that we could recycle. I needed something in the master bath I could get CLOSE to, so got one on sale at a craft chain. I too sprayed it chrome, but it was too shiny. So I dug out the left over “silver leaf” kit I had, and it came out with just the right amount of “age”.

    Would dark shoe polish work instead of the dark wax, or very watered black paint?

  10. Wow! This looks amazing, Traci! You are so creative. I love the way it works and with scones on each side, it’ll be fantastic. You inspire me every day!! :O)

  11. Actually, girl, I think it looks good! Sometimes the mirrors that are really beautiful just don’t look that practical, I think. Even though you only have one sink, this is still a bathroom for two people–I’m glad you went with a mirror that reflects that fact! Looking forward to seeing your sconces. You’re doing such a great job in this room!

  12. I really like the way this mirror turned out, and for functionality, I think it will be better than the vertical mirror from Horchow. You can still add a decorative something above this one to get the arch. I can’t wait to see the sconces. I hope you paint them to match.

  13. I think it looks beautiful! And can I just say how much I am IN LOVE with your faux wooden beams? I’m scheming about where we can add some to our home as we speak ;-) Have a quick question for you while I’m here (DIY queen that you are!), we are wanting to install a brick floor indoors, and just can’t find a good source. Didn’t know if you’ve come across any in your reno wanderings? Hope your week is off to a great start Traci!

  14. Thank you Traci! I’m so happy to be the winner of the new wifi thermostat. I’ve sent you an email and will be looking forward to getting this baby installed soon!! Thanks to Home Depot too!!

  15. Maybe some kind of shelf on top with a plant, folded towels, something decorative…for the height. Perhaps some old shutters on the sides, but I notice you have outlets or something not too far from the edge of the mirror. Still very pretty.

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