Honeywell WiFi Programmable Thermostat Giveaway! ($149 Value!)

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I have a great money-saving giveaway for you today!

Check this out…

Honeywell Wi-Fi Programmable Touchscreen Thermostat

• Offers energy savings of up to 33% when used as directed
• Wi-Fi enabled thermostat allows for remote access via smartphone or computer
• Free smartphone app for iPhone, iPad and Android operating systems


• Pre-programmed with energy savings schedule

and many MORE features!


How cool is that?!  I am very excited about using this programmable thermostat.  I think it will be nice in the winter to turn our heat on from my phone when returning from a trip.  Or if I forget to turn down the air before leaving the house for a few days, I can do it from my smartphone.  Love that!


This product was one of the many that I was introduced to during my trip with Home Depot and Stiggy’s Dogs last week.

We found out a lot of great ways to save money in our homes.

One being to change out our light bulbs with more energy efficient light bulbs.



We can also replace the old filters in our heating and cooling system.



And caulk our windows with sealant.


We live in an older home, so I know a lot of these money saving tips will really help us out.

For more energy efficient tips and information, visit Home Depot’s Eco Options Program.

So would you like to win a new

Honeywell WiFi

Programmable Thermostat?!

($149 Value!)

All you have to do is leave me a comment telling me one way you are planning to “winterize” your home this year.  (Be sure to use Rafflecopter to enter.”)
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This giveaway will run from now until September 30 at 9:00pm EST.  I will randomly pick a winner and announce it on Monday, Oct. 1st.

You must be 18 years old or older to enter and a US resident.

The Home Depot partnered with bloggers such as me for their Celebration of Service Blog Network. As part of this program, I received compensation for my time. They did not tell me what to purchase or what to say about any product mentioned in these posts. The Home Depot believes that consumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. The Home Depot’s policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, FTC guidelines and social media engagement recommendations.


  1. We plan to have our unit serviced and our gas logs checked. This thermostat would be a great thing to have

  2. We plan to have our unit serviced and our gas logs checked. This thermostat would be a great thing to have

  3. We plan to have our unit serviced and our gas logs checked. This thermostat would be a great thing to have

  4. I am already starting the winterizing process. Just had my furnace serviced and was thinking of changing my thermostat! This would be a great help!

  5. We live in a very mild winter climate–but you can always save energy. New weather strips, caulk replaced, shades open during day to help warm from the sun, and when we need to use it turn down the thermostat…

  6. Last week I replaced the last 105-year-old window that was in my house. I did gut that wall to the studs to relocate the window so it’s a great time to have spray foam insulation done. I am also replacing my drafty back door.

  7. We are in progress on our energy efficiency. A new thermostat and new windows are on the to do list.

  8. We just had our furnace serviced this morning! And the repair man told me my current thermostat was junk and that I should get another brand. This is good timing! We just moved, so need to check seals around all windows. Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. We recently put new double pane windows throughout the house. It already has made a big difference. I think this thermostat would be great. Especially because you can adjust the thermostat with your smart phone; after forgetting forget to raise or lower it before leaving home.

  10. We are going to put new weatherstripping on all our doors. We’ve been thinking about getting a new thermostat so to win one would be great!

  11. I already added waterproofing to the doors. Next up – the windows. This would be an awesome item to add to my “save money” list

  12. I will be having my furnace serviced in a couple weeks, appointment is made. And putting plastic on the windows. My windows aren’t in the best of shape. Leak alot of air, so we put plastic on the inside to keep the cold out.

  13. We just changed our filters and are currently looking for a programmable thermostat to help cut costs and save energy.

  14. I will be much more cognizant of how warm I keep the house when I’m away . The WIFI capability of the new thermostat you spoke about in today’s blog would be a great way to make that happen.

  15. My winterizing plans include cleaning out the gutters and possibly insulating the attic. Insulating the attic is going to be a paint because of the good old 1920’s form of insulation SAWDUST! I will have to remove it before anything new can be added.

  16. Replaced the whole house windows a few years ago and that was wonderful. I’m replacing all my heat ducts next week. And a new thermostat is in the works as I’m having to baby mine now. Already looked at a Honeywell to replace my programmable one I have now. This would be wonderful.

  17. Using insulated curtains (I need to make some more!), using insulating plastic over the windows (did this last year and it made a HUGE difference with the heat bleedoff!)…and installing a new thermostat! If we win this one, that would be fantastic! We take a lot of trips to our family’s cabin in the winter, being able to turn off/on the thermostat from the road would be such a blessing :) We’re really lucky that our furnace is practically brand new (our house was built in 2008) and we have MEGA insulation upstairs…we’ll be nice and toasty this winter, which will be refreshing since the last few places we’ve lived in have been seriously lacking in that regard (one place my TUB PIPES actually froze because the contractors who built the apartment were too cheap to put in good insulation in an area that gets into the negative teens every winter…)

  18. We will be adding weather stripping around doors and windows. And, we really need to add a new thermostat, but we have not been able to afford one. To win a programmable thermostat would be huge. Thanks

  19. We are slowly changing to energy efficient lights inside and out and getting our gas logs ready for the winter. We need a programmable thermostat too!! This would be perfect!

  20. I can’t say I will do anything extra to winterize my home although my husband may have another idea :) But we don’t use our heater at all in the winter. We use our fireplace to heat our house. Our house takes propane and it’s expensive to heat a 2700 sq ft house with that!

  21. Weatherstrip around all of the doors, change filters and caulk around the windows. I really want to win as we are all the time adjusting our thermostat on our manual one. I sure would like to win this as it will save us money and peace of mind.

  22. We just build a new shop and have just installed new weather stripping guards under the garage doors to keep the outdoor pest and rain from coming in under the doors, caulking the windows and around the floor so it will be nice and dry for winter use..we just finished up with spray foam that expands around the pipe holes to keep the weather out…what a difference so far in my electric bill…..every little cent counts….your programmable thermostat comes in at a perfect time ….Good Luck to everyone….

  23. We will adding new weatherstriping and ta da, we hope to get a new pellet stove for our fireplace, if the good Lord is willing. I have a new Iphone and it would be really, really wonderful to be able to remotely adjust the temperature.

  24. This would be so great when I wake up freezing and want to up my thermostat for a snooze or two just by grabbing my cell. Or for when we are going to be out and forgot to lower/raise the air. I know our electric bill would be so happy!

  25. We are planning for our first winter in our new home. We are huge wifi tech junkies so this would be the perfect touch to our new home. Plus, we live in Houston, Tx so this would be a definite must for those looooong hooooot summers:)

  26. Winters in AZ are a breeze! It’s the summer months here that I could really use this! We hopefully will be moving into our new home this year and this would be a great way to start out! Thanks for the opportunity!
    Phyllis Johnston
    PS – I looked below at the dedication to your mom. She is beautiful and I am sure she is smiling on you from her place in Heaven!

  27. We got our hvac unit repaired last month and our bill went down $60 already! Unreal! We are also planning on weather stripping our doors.

  28. We are in need of a new thermostat…..and one that could be used from iPhone….perfect. Please pick me.

  29. I am cleaning out my filter (washable) on my furnace/ac to make it work as efficient as it can. I am also going to clean my attic out enough to get more insulation put in.

  30. No plans for winterizing yet but we will definitely change furnace filters before the season starts.

  31. i live in an old house that is super drafty – i will be weatherstripping and possibly putting up plastic over all my windows this winter! Love your blog!! :)

  32. Actually I live in a new house in the south so our winters are mild BUT I do need to add 3 of these programmable thermostats which I know will make a huge difference in our energy costs! I’d love to try this one…looks awesome and I love the remote features!

  33. I live in Texas and I’m tired of playing thermostat tag with my husband! A programmable thermostat will keep up both in line!

  34. Even though I live in Florida I plan to ‘ winterize’ my home by cleaning out my gutters and downspouts

  35. I need to have my vents all cleaned out and I have cleaned my filters.. but my thermostat is wacky and desperatley need a new one!

  36. Would love to be able to adjust the thermostat with a phone. Living in Texas we winterize by not using A/C or heat as longs as we can!

  37. We have just finished replacing all of our windows, patio doors & entry door. I am hoping for a lower gas bill this winter, so I can afford to turn the fireplace on :).

  38. Our winterization consists of turning the thermostat done and wearing an extra blanket or sweater! We also open all the blinds to let the sun shine in during the day and keep things toasty warm! Even if it’s cold outside – it great to see the sun!

  39. We will use a window coating or winter coating to keep the air or current from the windows coming in. Also will have a supply of afghans on our first floor.

  40. To winterize we normally have the HVAC people come out to look at our units and make sure they are in good repair plus change our filters. Thanks for this awesome chance to win a new Thermostat!!!

  41. I plan to put some plastic up on our large front window. We also check air filters this time of year.

  42. We already started the “winterizing” process…new central ac/heat that is energy efficient, new insulation in the attic and having windows replaced next month!!! Bring it on winter!

  43. We are in the process of building a home right now and decided to use spray foam insulation and lots of LED lighting to save on energy costs.

  44. Husband plans to add more “blown in” insulation in our attic. We would LOVE this WiFi programmable thermostat!!!

  45. I don’t plan to winterize beyond the routine furnace maintenance But, winning this thermostat would greatly assist in managing our utility consumption!!

  46. During winter break, I think we’ll try to reseal all of the windows in our condo to keep the cold air out and warm air in!

  47. Our winterizing will include making sure are doors are sealed properly. We are in Southern California, and don’t get as much winter as other parts of the country. But we do have some chilly days.

  48. We live in South Florida and don’t have to winterize other than bringing in my orchids when it gets below 40 degrees! If it gets down into the 30s we will lose some tropical plants outside as they can’t take the cold. We rarely ever turn our heater on!

  49. I really need to replace the caulk on my windows as well as have our furnace serviced. Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  50. Cleaning out the air conditioner and replacing the furnace filter are just the start of our list up here in Northern Indiana.

  51. We plan to replace our thermostat because one of the buttons on our current one keeps falling out. This would be great!!

  52. I’ve already replaced the weather striping on the font door to reduce draft. Painted it red while I was at it =)

  53. We are all about the caulk this year. If I win this doo-hicky it will be the best birthday present EVER for my HVAC obsessed husband!!!!

  54. We pretty much keep our house climatized all the time. We will change out our furnace filters. Windows and storm doors are caulked as they need to be. We try to stay energy conscious.

  55. I am going to have my energy company do an audit and give us a priority list. We live in a 1920’s house and have very little insulation and certainly need new windows. Just don’t know where to start first!! We have a programable thermostat that looks just like this one, but it does not set from our smart phones. That is a great feature!!!

  56. Lots of things to do to winterize our new home (we’re moving in November!), and installing a programmable thermostat is one of the things on that list. This would definitely help me check it off my list of new home to-do’s! :)

  57. I will be starting this weekend, Both inside and out. One needs to winterize in Minnesota. Its a long list but it does pay off in the end.

  58. We will definitely be caulking this year:) I gonna be real with you and let you know we put quilts at the bottom of our french doors because the doors aren’t used very much in the winter. It helps:) Thanks Traci!!!

  59. We are planning to insulate our large garage door to keep our unheated garage better insulated. Having a spare fridge and chest freezer in the garage sometimes creates an issue when there are the occasional sub-freezing temps. I’ve seen kits for the door insulation.

  60. We are going to finish installing new windows in our little old home. We replaced all our old doors and are finishing weather stripping our doors. We try to get a lot of these energy saving projects done before summer instead of winter since we live in the hot valley of California. We try to keep the heat out!!

  61. We always have our furnace inspected and change all the filters prior to the cooler temperatures. Love the idea of the convenience of a programmable thermostat. Thank you for the opportunity!

  62. This will be our first winter in our first house – so I’m still learning. I have to caulk a few windows and I plan on calling MassSave to get a free efficiency consultation!

  63. Well Traci, living in Miami, Florida, “Winter” is when our electric bill is lower! As the rest of the country bundles up and comes indoor, we are finally able to open our windows, plant impatiens, have cookouts and picnics, and enjoy the outdoors! We did install some impact resistant windows and one sliding door and that helped this summer.

    My daughter installed a similar thermostat and has seen an decrease in her A/C bills. This would be a tremendous help now that I’m retired. Thanks1 ……………………. Ana Maria

  64. We plan to caulk our windows and put additional weather stripping around our doors. We are always on the run with our three kids so this thermostat would be an awesome addition to our household! Thanks for the chance to win!

  65. We live in a fairly new home, but we did just replace weather stripping on our back door. My husband is great about replacing filters and such, but I’m going to try and be better about controlling the theromostat ;).

  66. Earlier today I scheduled our furnace to be cleaned, plan to add insulation to the attic and crawl space and caulk. I also plan to purchase a wrap for the water heater, which is located in our garage.

  67. Thermal lined curtains are in order for my bedroom this year. We did the kids rooms last year, but they are pricey per panel for anything that looks decent!

  68. Can we say Peel’n’Seal!!!!The best product ever because you can take it off without any residue or leave it up for a couple of years. Using a caulk gun, it goes on like a dream. This along with interior storms that I diyed drastically cut the drafts a give me an R value exceeding new windows. I live in a very old house and nothing cheapens or ruins the aesthetics more than new windows, but one doesn’t even notice the interior ones. I should have exteriors made, just haven’t. The biggest thing I’ll do this year is put in a high efficiency boiler for my steam system. I could really use this thermostat to help it work better. I can’t wait.

  69. Traci, I have this programmable in my home but it is not the wi-fi model but other than that it looks itentical and I cannot begin to tell you the money we’ve saved by using it. I would love to have the new model that would allow us to save even more money. Thanks for bringing us the best products that are not only beautiful but functional as well. Have a great weekend!!!!

  70. This will be our first full winter in our new house and I bet we’re going to do lots of things we don’t even realize yet! We put winterguard on our lawn already, but my main goal is to get a heavy-duty glass storm door so the snow can’t get up on my actual front door.

  71. Great giveaway! My hubby has been drooling over these for a while now!
    Since we live in central FL, we don’t have to really worry about winterizing our home. One plus to FL! Although, i do miss the northern winters.

  72. We’ve already added some insulation to our attic and some metal and rubber stuff around the doors. (Wish I knew what they were called!) A programmable thermostat is next!

  73. I think we will probably install new weather stripping around our doors. Just replaced one of our thermostats and could really replace the second one :)

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