Our Master Closet Makeover Begins! {with EasyClosets}


I am so thrilled that we are beginning to start our master closet renovation!


We have lived in this house for 22 months, and the first 6 of those months, our master bedroom was a small 11×11 room.

I tried to find pictures of our queen bed in this small room, but I couldn’t.  I know they are somewhere, but it would take me forever to find them!

But after we finally moved our bed out of this “closet” and into our new master bedroom,  our closet looked like this…

fireplace 024

It was a make-shift computer/piano/closet room.

Then we moved the computer to my new office room, and gave this space a fresh coat of paint.  It has been our closet/piano room since then.  {Remember the piano is “stuck” in this room.}

door 004

Those drawers and baskets along the wall hold Cy’s clothes.  And yes, that is a mic stand and amp in our closet for when Jonathan practices singing.  Smile


BUT FINALLY!!!!  We are ready to turn this space into our master closet!


And I am thrilled to be working with Easy Closets to get this accomplished!



easy closet

When I saw some of these pictures of beautifully organized closets on their site, I began salivating.


I really, really, really wanted a large, organized closet!

Doesn’t it just make you go, “Aaaaahhhh….”

Being organized makes me happy.  Which explains why I have been unhappy since we moved into this house. {I kid. I kid.} Smile


I haven’t been unhappy, but being unorganized definitely has added to my stress level.

That’s why I am so excited to create our master closet with Easy Closets.

They have designs to organize a reach-in closet…




And they also have designs to create amazing walk-in closets!…



I love how much storage space is created with their designs.  I definitely need more storage space!  Who doesn’t, right?




And they are now featuring closet designs in different colors.  Instead of just the traditional white, cherry, or light maple cabinets, their closets now come in more current colors like Driftwood, Chateau, Cocoa, and French Roast.



I am loving these new colors.




However, I chose to go with a traditional white closet for our master bedroom closet.

My closet supplies arrived today!



When I pulled in my driveway and saw all these boxes, I screamed, “Oh my word!”


We have carried all the boxes into our master bedroom, and we will be sharing with you soon the progress we are making in installing them.



Do you have an organized closet,

or are you dreaming of one like me?


*Disclosure:  Products for this post were provided by Easy Closets for me to review and share on my blog.  They did not tell me how or what to write about their products.  All of the opinions shared are 100% mine, and I promise they will be honest and unbiased.


  1. We have a small walk-in closet that is fairly well organized except for the huge pile of clothes and toys that need to be given away that have been sitting there for months. While I like my closet, it could use more shoe storage. I look forward to seeing what you do with your space. Is the piano a permanent fixture? LOL

  2. It is going to fabulous when you are finished! We installed the system in our last house and it was quite a process…….hopefully it will go fast since your hubby is quite handy. I was also wondering about the piano ~ lol

  3. My last house had a dream walk in closet, this house (which I love more) has a small, very organized walk in closet. We will be building a big addition that will have the master bedroom of my dreams…sooo looking forward to that. Can’t wait to see how you like this closet system. :) have fun!

    1. Marsha, I told him that if he would help me put up the brackets and make sure it is level, that I would do the rest. He has so much on his plate right now that I am going to have to do a lot of it.

      But that’s okay. I’m so excited about it, I think I might enjoy it. :)

  4. Closet will be very nice. I’ve had a few walkins but the custom upgrade on one was the best, the designer measured all my jackets and blazer lengths so that section would fit perfectly and not waste space….just something to think about. Also from personal experience I had a small 5′ patio door pulled out to move a too large to fit piece of furniture into and out of that room….easy and solved that problem…..maybe that will work for the piano and that window. Looks like it will fit from the photo.

  5. Dreaming over here. We have a nice-sized walk-in closet, but it’s not as functional as I’d like it to be. I have no idea where to start with the design….

  6. I am sooooooo jealous of your new closet. My master bedroom closet is quite large and has your basic builder white wire shelves. Ugh. Hate those things. I have clothes and stuff piled up on the floor, because the one shelf runs all around the entire closet. Not a great use of space. I dont even like to go in there to get my clothes. Not pretty at all. Enjoy your new closet. Cant wait to see the final project! Lucky gal.

  7. I’m wondering about that piano too!! You’re just making us wait til the reveal!!! But yes this is your blessing today. Your gift from The Lord. He is saying, “Yes, it’s been really hard lately yet you continue to praise Me. I know closets are not taking the place of your hard times, but I am providing them so you will know that I care deeply for you. And though others may not realize how special ,We know that free closets were never expected but I worked it for you to have. Just a reminder that I’m here always. I provide your needs and so much more even now when you are not gone when your boys get home–busy teaching. So Traci. This is a little way to remind you The Lord Provides from His Riches in glory. For I know the plans I have for you. Plans for good and not for evil…” Love, Your Heavenly Father

    That is what I see when I see your boxes. A gift from God especially now.

  8. When I first saw the picture of the boxes my first response was on my word. That must have been some surprise when you came home. I can’t wait to see what you do with everything in those boxes.
    When my husband and I were waiting for our house to be built, the first thing we purchased for our new home was closet organizers. I love them. Our mater closet although its small is one of my favorite rooms in our house. I love how everything has a place and its organized. You are going to love yours.

  9. What a dream that would be – our “master bedroom” is smaller than your 11×11 room. Our master bedroom closet is a very small reach in, so we can only keep one season of clothes in there (if that!) and all of my dress clothes have to go upstairs in one of the kids’ rooms! Guess in 1981 the builders didn’t think a cape cod house needed big bedrooms or closets. So I’ll live vicariously through you.

    1. Kim, I totally feel your pain. All of the closets in our home, except for the new addition, are small reach in closets. Makes me wonder how people used to live with such little closets. Also makes me wonder if we live with too much stuff nowadays. :)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  10. I’m dreaming too – I have a “sort -of” walk in, I can open the door and turn left for two steps, but everything is right up against my nose! lol I think we have alot of stuff nowadays. Would love to do something like this – if I ever win the lottery! lol

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