DIY {Undermount} Spice Rack

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I wanted to share with you a project that we completed in our kitchen a while back ago. Smile

We created a place underneath my kitchen cabinets for me to store my spices.

DIY spice rack

This project has been a long time coming.  Over a year and a half ago, we created a cookbook holder on the other side of the microwave.

Cook Book holder

Just for fun, do you remember what our kitchen looked like when we bought this house two and a half years ago?

kitchen makeover before

As you can see, we had a soffit above our cabinets that we tore down during our kitchen renovation.

Cy tore down the small pantry to the left of the oven, and raised the cabinets to the top of the ceiling when we installed the microwave.

DIY kitchen shelves

When we finished the kitchen makeover, this side of the kitchen looked like this…

DIY kitchen makeover

We had extra space under the cabinets on each side of the microwave that I knew I would fill up someday.

under cabinet shelves

I am happy to announce that we finally have both sides finished!

On the left is our cookbook holder…

cook book holder

And now on the right is our spice rack…

diy spice rack

Here’s how we made it:

Cy used his jigsaw to cut out two matching pieces of birch plywood from Lowe’s for the sides of the spice holder.

{I would give you the exact measurements, but everyone’s kitchen cabinets can be different sizes.  If you created this, you would need to measure your cabinets to figure out how big to make your spice rack holder.}

diy spice rack

Then he used wood glue and a nail gun to glue and nail the sides of the holder to the bottom piece.

diy spice rack

Next, he glued and nailed a piece of trim to the bottom of the spice holder.

diy spice rack


diy spice rack


He glued and nailed a matching piece of trim to the top of the holder.

diy spice rack

And then one more piece of trim to the back.

diy spice rack

Next, he glued and nailed the spice rack to the bottom of our kitchen cabinet.

diy spice rack

I filled the seams in with wood filler, sanded them smooth, and then painted them white.

diy spice rack

Next, we began creating the shelves for our spice rack.

diy spice rack

We basically created them like stair steps, gluing and nailing one board on top of the other.

diy spice rack

Don’t forget to check and make sure each board is level.

diy spice rack

Here are the shelves half way through…

diy spice rack

After we had finished each shelf, I used wood filler to fill in the seams.

diy spice rack

Then I sanded and painted the shelves, and they were ready to be used! Smile

diy spice rack

I bought some glass jars at Hobby Lobby {50% off, of course!} and used some chalk board labels to label each jar.

diy spice rack

I love how I have easy access to my spices now when I cook.  I’ve added a few more spice jars since taking these pictures.

diy spice rack

This project only took a couple hours from start to finish and was very inexpensive to create.

Do you have a special way that you store your spices?



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  1. I love it! I also love how your kitchen continues to evolve. My spices are all store in a huge draw just below my stove, it’s convenient but not always practical. My all time favorite part of your kitchen reno is your pantry. It’s dreamy!

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