Stamped Deer Burlap Ornament

Hi, y’all!

We are getting a little bit of snow in Kentucky today, and it makin’ me get even more excited about Christmas a comin’ and those geese a gettin’ fat! :)

We are planning on putting our Christmas tree up this coming weekend!  YAY!

So today, I wanted to show you a very simple and inexpensive ornament that I made.

I saw an ornament at a local boutique that I knew I could make for less.



The supplies were simple:


deer stamp {from Hobby Lobby-40% off}DSC_0120

ink pad or black paint

old book pageDSC_0120

silver tinselDSC_0133

jute and/or ribbon




First of all, I stamped the deer print on the book page.


Then I found a cup the right size, drew a circle around the deer and cut it out.


Next, I glued burlap to a piece of cardboard and cut out a larger circle to place the deer circle on.


I glued the deer onto the burlap circle and let it dry.


Then I hot glued the tinsel around the deer circle.


And created a hole with a hole punch…


Lastly, I added some red ribbon to create a bow and give the ornament a punch of color.  I also attached a piece of jute string to hang the ornament on the tree.


So easy!

I think it would be fun to decorate a whole tree with ornaments like these!  Some could be squares and some could be circles.  Some could be stamped with birds or some could be stamped with owls.


I am hoping to make some more of these myself for one of my trees this year. Smile

I have more simple and inexpensive Christmas projects on my blog.  You can click the button below to check them out.


Have a blessed day!


  1. I like it. I think I am most excited about this ornament. the stamp one uses is just about endless. our pets printed on regular copy paper and put on this creative cardboard circle. I am getting in the mood FINALLY. I absolutely love Christmas and always have so it has been concerning me that I haven’t gotten that big rush before now. THANK YOU and Happy Thanksgiving

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! We are to get 2-4 inches of snow tonight. Love the ornament. Take pictures of your tree, would love to see it after it is all decorated. God Bless!

  3. Very cute! I was glad to see that this tutorial didn’t call for any special Silhouette machine/fancy stencil maker thing because I do not have one of those! Yay for regular ol’ stamps from the craft store! =]

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