Teenage Boy Room Makeover

I am so blessed to have the best readers in the world!!  #deadserious

I wish so badly that I could meet each of you face to face and just hang out together one day…you know, going thrifting and sipping sweet tea on the back porch.  Wouldn’t that be fun?!

So I get super excited when I get to meet a blog reader, Tonyia, in real life!  I ran into one reader at PetSmart, and she told me about a makeover she was doing at her house.  I asked her to send me some pictures, and she did!  I loved sharing them on my blog. 

Well, Tonyia sent me some more pictures of a great little makeover she did on her teen boy’s room, and I wanted to share it with you.   Here is the email I received…

Hi Traci!

I ran into you in Pet Smart last year, introduced myself as a fan of your blog (feeling like a stalker 😁) & you wound up featuring pictures of my home remodeling project on your blog. Thank you so much:-)

My husband & I just finished another room in our house and I wanted to share it with you because once again I drew inspiration from a project you completed in your home. You posted about building industrial style shelving in your boys bedroom around the same time I was looking for ideas for my son’s bedroom (he’s 16 yrs old). His room at that time was a hodgepodge of sports trophies, UK posters & a monster truck boarder that I attached on top of a different boarder a few years ago as a quick-fix because he had out grown the theme underneath. We knew it was time to upgrade his room to something more age appropriate. . . that’s when I saw the industrial shelving you made & started brainstorming how I could use this style in my son’s new room.


I didn’t want the expense of new furniture, but his was in desperate need of a makeover. It was a “crib-to-college” set that we purchased when he was a baby so it was made well, just outdated.

Here’s the “Before pictures”. .image3








So I painted the dresser & nightstand a dark grey, distressed it a little & then created industrial style handles.





I also created curtain rods with the same material. I spray painted them all black with Rust-oleum Hammered black spray paint.



image5 image7

















So here’s the close-to-being finished project. . .











Ironically building a set of industrial shelves to go on the wall beside his chair still needs to be done:-)

You can probably tell from the before & after pics but we installed new carpet, added crown molding, installed a plank wall as an accent wall behind his bed & everything got a fresh new coat of paint. I love how this turned out & most importantly he loves his new room!!

Thanks again for being such an inspiration for us DIYers. BTW . . . love, love, love reading about the new precious little girl in your life.

Here’s a pic of my little family.

image13One last email & then I’m done, I promise:-)

I told my husband about sending you this story & it must have motivated him to start building the shelves. He grabbed his measuring tape, pencil, paper & the iPad to order the plumbing parts – yeah!image1-2

BTW – he also corrected me on my earlier email to you. We didn’t just add crown molding. . . we installed all new trim work around the windows, the closet, doorframe & baseboards. Gotta give him credit where credit is due ya know:-)



Thank you, Tonyia, for sharing this makeover with us!

I think you did an amazing job, and I know your son must be enjoying his new space!!



  1. Love it! Can you give a source for the chair?

    I’m working on my son’s room slowly … we bought a house with 80’s light fixtures and wallpaper and forest green carpet in his bedroom. We’re slowly moving to grey with neon yellow accents :) I’ve been looking for a chair, and this looks like exactly what I want! (I’m going to copy the plank wall behind his bed, too!)

    1. Thank you Laura for the kind words! I bought the chair and the cute little orange dog butt hooks at IKEA – love this store!

  2. Wow it looks awesome tonyia and her husband! Love the colors you choose and the detail work looks very professional and clean!

  3. I love this transformation…. it should last for a good many years. I do miss the pinball machine as it made the room very unique in a cool way. You can send it my way if you no longer want it! :)

  4. I am totally loving that he’s a Kentucky fan. Love those wildcats!! And great job on the room. Love the industrial handles..

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