I DID IT! Now what?! {Two $50 Visa Gift Card Giveaways!}

Y’all, I did it!!  I wrote a post on my blog 31 days straight!  A first in Beneath My Heart history! :)



I’ll be honest that it wasn’t really as hard as I thought it would be, and I really enjoyed connecting with you on a daily basis. 

I did this challenge to help me be more disciplined as a blogger, and I definitely accomplished that.  There were so many times that I wouldn’t have posted this past month if it weren’t for this challenge.  And it pushed me to be more business-like (aka: grown up) about my job as a blogger. 

I began to get in a rhythm of posting again, and I liked it!

So now what?!

I have ideas about how to continue being more disciplined in my blog writing, but I would love to hear from YOU!  

What did you like or not like about the #write31days challenge?


Is posting every day too much?  Or did you like it?  

Which posts did you like best?  Faith posts?  Family posts?  Home Decor posts?

What type of posts would you like to see more of?

Did you like my new “Get the Look” feature at the bottom of some posts to help you shop for your own home?

Other thoughts and ideas?


Would you be ever so kind to leave a comment letting me know your thoughts/ideas?  

Everyone who leaves a comment will be entered to win ONE of TWO $50 Visa Gift Cards!


Giveaway will end Friday, Nov. 4th. 

Have a blessed day, and I will see you tomorrow!  



  1. I just signed up for your posts. I found you on your sis’s posts. I really have enjoyed both. Thank you.

  2. I will never be tired of your blog posts. You are just a breath of fresh air and so talented. You have wonderful taste and your huge heart is evident in all that you post!!!!

  3. I like all of your posts and really enjoyed reading everyday. My favorites are décor posts or your “favorites” types of posts that can introduce us to a new product. They can even be simple – hey this was my day. Makes us all able to relate :-)

    1. Traci, I love all your posts! You blog is on my short list of absolute favs! Faith and family is the center of my world so I love hearing bout your family and have so enjoyed hearing your adoption experience. We are in the process of adopting our second sweet addition and although it has been so difficult at a times we know as well as you in sure in the end it is SO worth it! So my favorite posts would be family and home decor!!

  4. Well, I enjoyed ALL the posts. It is hard to say which I liked more of. I guess faith post (really enjoy those), family post (love seeing what is happening in you family Jonathan singing and our little girl). Love seeing the home decor (construction on your own home and your favorite pins). I love it when I see something and then know how to make it myself or where to purchase it. Thanks for all the inspiration!!!!

  5. Hello ! It was a blessing~ each day was a treat to see what would pop up! I do love your journey of ups and downs with adoption, and adjustments. Your faith walk is encouraging and not “syrupy”
    If something is crazy you call it! Feels like we have life story conversations and know you~
    Thankyou for your heart toward your family ~
    Your balance is fantastic! Put your feet up!
    Love & laughter, Nancy

  6. It must be very hard to do your writing everyday. I commend you for that. I enjoy the variety, the family, the home, the faith – it’s been a good variety. You and your sister both are awesome writers and share your lives for the world to see. I love reading both blogs. To tell you the truth, I’m a city girl and the farmhouse stuff does not interest me because it is not my thing but I know it is for many people out there. You offer a great variety and it comes across as being very real and open and always striving to let God be seen in your home and life. Thank you for what you do and keep up the great work you do.
    (If you need a break, just do it once a week, we will totally understand with your family obligations!)
    In Christ,
    S. Dyess

  7. I enjoy your family and decor posts. I read most of your 31 days posts. I personally may not have the time to read one everyday but I do love your posts.

  8. Congratulations!!
    I’m so glad you did it too, It was great seeing everything you had to tell us and show us.
    You post as often as you want. Everyday, twice a week what ever you can and want. We will be here no matter how often you do it or how little you do it. We love you!!
    How can you go wrong with Faith, Family and hot to post. They are all great! You can never tell when someone might just need that little something.
    Keep up the great work and have a wonderful week!!
    Looking forward to the next post.

  9. I enjoyed knowing that there would be a post from you each day! I especially like the farmhouse decorating posts since we are remodeling a farm house right now for our son and his wife. I also enjoy hearing about your boys and Sania Louise!

  10. I think you did a wonderful job! There was a lot of variety and many interesting’s posts. I especially love the posts about your new ‘girl’ as I have followed your adoption story.

  11. Posting every day is not too much for me. I enjoy the Home Decor posts the best. I would like to see more

    Before and After posts. It helps me to visually see how changes make such a big difference.

    The Get the Look feature is fabulous. Great to know where to buy a product and not have to hunt all over the internet for it.

  12. I loved all your post. My favorite was the video of your daughter. Just knowing your struggle to get her, it was such a blessing to see your answered prayer! Although, I love seeing the farmhouse post, I would vote to see more faith related post. You have a beautiful gift to express your love for the Lord through words and inspire others! I know you have inspired me!

    Thank you!

  13. I’ve enjoyed ALL the changes and have mostly enjoyed your posts on Faith! Daily posts that are this good are welcome in my world! Thank you kindly for sharing your meaningful journey!

  14. I love all the posts about your family and your garage/laundry room project. Would love to see more of those!

  15. I really like both parts of “It Matters”. I have only been following your blog for a short time. I found you through following your sister’s blog. Two more blessings that I look forward to in my e-mail! 💕

  16. I enjoyed the Variety of your Posts and love hearing about your lovely family. Its like my treat after my morning reports to look and see what you posted about.
    I would love to continue seeing something everyday.

  17. I really enjoyed all your posts! I didn’t get to read every single one but I liked the home decor posts best. I love that you list similar items and where to purchase them. I found many of them to be very reasonable which is great for those of us who enjoy decorating on a budget! My very favorite one was your before and after pictures! The progress on your home is amazing! I even watched some of your short videos…wonderful! Keep up the good work, I look forward to it!

  18. No please keep posting everyday. I’ll admit, I look for your blog post, Grace and Beauty’s, and the Small Things Blog posts, everyday in my email! I love them, and absolutely loved seeing a post everyday. Please keep posting! :)

    I’d love to see more pics of the detached garage, is it completed yet?!

    I also think a blog post from Cy would be pretty interesting. I know he’s always knee deep in these projects, does he enjoy it as much as you do?

    Thanks for being you!! :)

  19. I liked all of your posts! I like to hear about your faith, your family and especially your home decor! I didn’t mind the 31 days in a row, but don’t feel that you have to keep it up. You have to have a life besides blogging:)

  20. Though we’ve never met, I feel I know you and your family. I love reading your blog everyday.

    I know that feeling of accomplishment. You want to simply stand back and admire it. AND hope others will admire it, too! Take it in and feel it…. you did something amazing. Congratulations! Job well done!

  21. I really enjoyed reading the updates on the kids and of course, the building of your new garage! I have to say all the daily posts were fun to read and I am sure it took a lot to put together considering all the day to day things you have to do managing four kids on the go!

  22. Posting every day isn’t too much for me, but truly, several times a week is plenty, if that works for you. I love your farmhouse style and the “shop the look” features, BUT, hearing about your family is my favorite part.

  23. I always love seeing more blog posts, but it did feel like you forced it sometimes. So maybe a schedule, but not every day schedule? That being said, I love having my feed full so… :)

  24. Hi Traci! I have loved the daily posts in my inbox! It has not been too much. ;) I really like the balance of your posts as a little of everything. Decor/Faith/Family I love seeing the progress in your own personal projects at your home too! Having followed you for several years now, it is a blessing to see your daughter and how she is being enfolded into your family and how she is becoming more and more secure in the knowledge that you are her “forever” family. The mix is great!

    1. I do wonder how all of you (with the farmhouse style) keep all of your white (fabric)
      furniture, pillows, blankets, so clean!!!!!

  25. Posting every other day, or just several times a week I think is good, because we don’t always have the time to read something everyday, and of course wouldn’t want to miss something haha – besides the fact that you have other things that need tending to! Blogging shouldn’t feel like a “have to,” and it might if you try to stick with the everyday posts. I actually subscribe to a once a week newsletter from Amy Lynn Andrews, where everything is nicely tied up and delivered on Sat morning – and i love that! Lots of great info in one place

    Which posts did you like best? I love a variety and home decor always rocks :)

    What type of posts would you like to see more of? DIY

    Did you like my new “Get the Look” feature at the bottom of some posts to help you shop for your own home? LOVED it.

    Other thoughts and ideas? I am trying to start blogging, since we have moved so far away from family and friends for the first time ever, and I am soaking up information about it. Once of the things I love is hearing from seasoned bloggers about their experiences, tips, processes, etc., so sharing that would be interesting :)

  26. Girl…I loved it all! I looked forward to your posts everyday. How could I possibly choose! Loved seeing, hearing and learning more about your family….loved your posts on Sunday on Faith, always inspired me and gave a lot to think about. And..of course loved your farmhouse decor ideas. I also enjoyed you introducing us to other bloggers. So…as I said, I LOVED IT ALL…PLEASE DON’T STOP!!

  27. I like the variety of posts. I started following for the decorating but love hearing about your family and sharing your faith. The adoption has resonated with me because my nephew has been going through adopting from Haiti for the last FOUR years! Glad yours didn’t take that long.
    I’m ambivalent about the daily posts. Although I read them all, I didn’t read each day. I had to catch up. I felt sorry for you when you had to get it in late to meet your goal but I commend you for reaching your goal. Don’t wear yourself out trying to keep up. You have enough to do as it is. That said it is like a little gift when I see your posts come through.

  28. Love the variety but miss the fashion ones you did before! Favorite is decor ones. Love the videos too!

  29. Congratulations! I really enjoy the family posts. Within those are the kids, your home DIY and your faith. How can it be divided? It’s all you and most enjoyable. Sort of like being with a girlfriend. Getting the look was not a favorite…too much like a commercial/ad. I know You Tube takes lots of time and you gals deserve to be compensated for that but I am so tired of all the blogs being swamped with ads. There are too many! It’s like watching a tv show with too many commercials. Please excuse the rant but maybe it is info you can consider. That said I love your family and enjoy following your journey with all the kids. Hugs!

  30. Tracy,

    I loved everything about your posts. I did not think it was too much. I love the Faith posts for encouragement and getting to know your family. One of my favorite things is decorating my home. I enjoyed all of it.
    Thank you for sharing your Faith, family and home with us.

  31. Hi,
    Remodeling or daughter’s home, had no idea what was farmhouse decor…now we do. Loved the different bloggers’ styles, plus your new construction. Thanks!

  32. I love all your posts and every day I look forward to them! Just like Cyndi’s!! Ya’ll are the best and I feel like I know each of you and your families to well!! I do especially like your “Get the Look” and Home Decor! But we all need to keep Jesus in our lives each and every day so the faith posts are very good too!! :-) I am sure this did not help you much since I like it all! If you need to cut back, we will truly understand! You have a very busy and full life and I am sure you would not want it any other way! Blessings and prayers to you and your family.

  33. Any one who can write a blog 31 days straight deserves a medal!!!! I was so rooting for you as I could really sense you wanted to obtain your goal. I can honestly say I enjoyed all of your daily blogs. I liked the variety and it was a nice surprise to see what you were going to write about each day. Your family, your faith, your décor all were inspirational. Keep up the good work (but I don’t expect a daily blog in the future!) Please keep the variety!

  34. I love all of your posts. But my favorites are definitely the family posts and the home decor posts. You are amazing and it is fun to feel like we are part of your life and your day to day activities.

  35. Congratulations!!! You reap what you sow..well, in this case, we were the ones who reaped the benefits! i love your blog, and loved having your inspiration daily! Best ones are the ones on faith and family, but i loved all of them! i dont see how you could make it any better!

  36. Your decorating posts are what drew me to your blog in the first place, but I’ve come to love your family posts, and especially the adoption posts. I usually take a break from blogs on the weekend, so I’d be happy with 5 days a week, but you could post decorating stuff twice a day 7 days a week and I’d read it all. :)

  37. I think you have a good mix of all topics…but especially have enjoyed hearing about your adoption story.

  38. You and Cyndi are two of my favorite bloggers. Faith, family and either decor/fashion. I love how you both mix it up and keep them short and sweet. The bloggers with long posts I find I don’t read all of it. Thank you for sharing you all that you do. You both would make your momma proud! ;-)

  39. I love hearing about your family. I would also love to hear more about how you use your Essential Oils (I am a YL distributor, too, but only buy for myself). Also love seeing progress on your house. Keep it up, you are awesome!

  40. I did like all the posts, but I know that is hard to do on a daily basis. I loved everything you post about. I love hearing about your family as I feel like I “know” you, I do like the “get the look” section as we live on a farm and I have a lot of the same tastes as you and I like having the work done in trying to find certain items. I am also a sister in Christ, so am encouraged and blessed by your faith posts as well.

    I am a baby when it comes to the oils (I own 4 LOL) and would also love to learn more about what they can be used for.

    Thank you for a chance to win the gift card too. You are so very generous with your time, ideas, and this gift.

  41. I love ALL of your posts, but my favorites are your family and faith posts. I loved the “Make God Great” post! I loved your 31 posts this month and could continue to read you every day! You are so inspiring! Keep up the Great work. May God continue to Bless you and your family every day!

  42. Loved all the posting…you are such a talent lady. Your blog is very inspiring. I didn’t know that you had a sister, until I read the comments. Could you share her blog link? Keep up the awesome work on the blog.

  43. I enjoyed all the posts. Faith and family seem to take a backseat in today’s busy lifestyles, so your posts were very refreshing. Thanks for sharing.

  44. I loved seeing posts in my mailbox everyday. My faves were probably your family posts and the farmhouse posts, but I love the faith posts every Sunday, too. Great job! :D

  45. Really enjoyed your decorating posts the most! Look forward to reading your blogs every day! You are a super mom, decorator and fun! Keep up the good work. By the way, I bought your pumpkin print last year and have it proudly displayed on my mantle. Just love it! Helen

  46. CONGRATULATIONS!! You should be very proud of yourself, I’m sure it wasn’t easy. I don’t think every day is too much on my end. I think my favorite posts are watching the transformation of your home and DIY projects, but they’re all good.

  47. Congrats on meeting your goal! I love it all. I enjoy the videos and pics of your family and the journey with your precious Sania Louise. It was such a blessing to be able to see how God worked in that situation. Your home is beautiful and I love seeing the transformation. Also, the links after the posts are great idea.

  48. I really enjoy the chance to read new content everyday, but I understand it’s not always easy to find time/subjects for daily posts, so a skip here and there is understandable. I like the home decor posts and I really enjoy your writing style – so light and fun!

  49. Hi Traci….. I loved all the post!! I especially enjoyed the Wayfair videos and the ” get the look” at the end of some of the posts. Keep up the great work but give yourself a break every once in a while!!

  50. I was pulling for you because I can only imagine how hard it is to have something to post every day in a month! Let alone posting something interesting and/or helpful to your readers! I personally like the faith and family posts, but the farmhouse theme did draw me in. You are a good writer with much to share on multiple fronts, and that makes your posts a delight, even if it’s only once a week or so. :)

  51. I love your blog. My favorite are faith/family posts and decorating you do in your actual home. I don’t care too much for the “get the look” posts.

  52. An everyday post would be so awesome. A mix of your topics keeps it interesting and I love all of them. Please keep them coming. I love your family posts!!

  53. I enjoyed your posts and have been following you for quite sometime. I’m so glad the adoption worked out well for your family. I enjoy the varity of what you post. As far as everyday I think fewer days a week would be better. Phyllis from primitivesand dust@live.com

  54. I loved the everyday posts. I especially love weekend posts because most bloggers don’t post on weekends but I understand about family time and church I personally loved the variety of posts. I will read your blog regardless of what you decide because I love it.

  55. I am happy that you accomplished what you set out to do. I love your blog but truthfully I don’t want to see you do that again because I think it is too much work. I love the blogs about all of your boys and your brand spanking new daughter. I love when you talk about your Mom (mine was 55 when we lost her) and I love reading about your Dad, your home, your fashions, etc. etc. etc. Take a breath and relax.

  56. I love all your posts especially the family posts and decor posts. I really love the “get the look” – please keep this feature.

  57. Congratulations!! Doesn’ it feel great to accomplish what you planned??!! Although I did not read every post this month, I do enjoy all your posts specially about family, home decor and your DIY projects!! As for frequency of posts, do what you can… once or twice a week is perfect!! Time is precious for us al!!

  58. Way to go! Personally I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog every day. I especially like the stories about your family and the home decorating ideas. Would not hurt my feelings if you write every day! 😊

  59. I love the mix of your posts – family activities and design. There are some blogs that I let go unread for weeks, but yours I catch up on whenever I have time – thank you for the effort you put in for a post a day!

  60. I loved the “everyday” posts and I loved the variety! I’m working on a farmhouse look right now so I’m probably partial to those but honestly I enjoyed the faith and family posts equally as much! My vote.. post as many times as you can. I’m sure that daily is probably not doable 100% of the time but when you do it makes my day!

  61. I enjoyed the daily posts and the variety. the info for being able to shop for items we liked was a really nice help rather than having to do all the searching for ourselves. The faith and family are always the favorite things, of course.

  62. Traci, I especially enjoy seeing updates on your building projects and how you decorate your farmhouse. But, having said that, I also love hearing about your family & faith. It encourages me to hear how important your relationship with the Lord is.

  63. I love the daily posts and being able to watch as you and your husband transform your home into a beautiful farm house. Your tastes in decorating are very pretty. I also really enjoy posts about your family, especially since your daughter has come home. I have been reading your blog for a long time…loved Wednesdays with Wanda.

  64. I read every post but mostly enjoyed the family and home décor posts. I sit down in the evening after chores are done to catch up on blogs and so I thoroughly enjoyed the every day postings, but not sure how you do it with your busy life! Even a few times a week would be great, don’t wear yourself out! I especially like reading about your busy family and seeing the new construction/makeovers on your own home and am looking forward to seeing the bathroom makeover you recently did through Lowes. You’re very ambitious!

  65. Traci, I love all your posts! You’re so darling, and it’s always a joy to see peeks of your life. I have followed you for years now and proof of that has been seeing your boys grow into young men. :-) Since I raised three sons, it’s fun to see a new generation. I’m so grateful how things worked out for you to adopt your daughter; I prayed for you and Cy often during that process.

    And you know I appreciate your faith posts. (I still feel honored how you featured my devotional book, The Listening Heart. Bless you!) I pray for you and your sister, Cyndi of Grace & Beauty, as you continue to shine God’s light in this oft-dark world. Hugs!

  66. I love all of your posts and look forward to seeing them. I especially liked reading about your beautiful daughter and how she is so excited about her new family. What a blessing! Keep it coming!

  67. I loved the everyday posts! And sure was interesting seeing your family..looks like u have a good one! I like all the posts tho! Especially the ‘Make God Great Again’ one. That is oh so true!

  68. I love your blog. I am trying to do my house in the farmhouse style also. You give so many great ideas. I also live in a ranch built in 1969. I loved that you posted everyday. I love the decorating and remodel post.

  69. I enjoy the decorating and family posts. I follow your blog through Feedly, and the best thing about the past 31 days was knowing there would be posts on Saturday and Sunday. Such a treat, almost no one posts on the weekends. Would you consider making that part of your schedule?

  70. I have really enjoyed your daily posts this month! Your blog has been a favorite of mine for some time, so hearing from you daily was a treat. :-) Thank you for all your posts!
    Following along with your adoption and family story is a joy. Your decor posts are fun and inspiring. Your faith posts are a blessing. I’d love to see you continue all three!
    Blessings on you and yours!

  71. I really enjoyed reading your post daily. Yes, I mean daily. Every morning when I would get online to check my emails I would read your post. I really liked the “Get the look” posted at the end and the pics you were enjoying for the week. Keep them coming!

  72. Thanks for your wonderful posts. I especially love hearing about your precious family and your newest addition, She is so cute and how wonderful for you to have this gift. Keep the posts on faith coming. Very welcome!

  73. I really enjoyed your posts each day…it gave me something to look forward to. I especially enjoyed the posts about your family and the home decorating ones, and I liked the idea of putting the pictures at the end of the posts as to where to get the look. You posts are inspiring and uplifting and I love reading them. Please keep up the great work!!

  74. Congratulations on meeting your challenge! I look forward to your posts and love your family, faith and decor. You are a true inspiration to so many. Please continue – if not daily will look forward to as often as you can.v blessings to you and your family.

  75. Traci, I’ve really loved your 31 days and felt like you had the just the right balance, although I have to admit I can’t get enough of dear Sania Louise. LOL. Seven days would no doubt be too much for you but 3 or 4 days a week would be great.

  76. I love your blog and love reading about your family! You have a great variety and it is fun to read all your thoughts and ideas. So encouraging to everyone!

  77. Congratulations on achieving your goal!

    I loved all of your post. I always read yours, Cyndi’s and Jo-lynne’s blog every time you girls post. Just remember your season of life. You have your hands full with young children where as Cyndi’s children are grown. Don’t set yourself up to be pressured into posting daily for our benefit. Take care of you and your sweet family first.
    Warmest Blessings,

  78. I have enjoyed your 31 blogs for October. I would enjoy seeing Dec blogs of your festive decorations in your house and also your completed remodeling job.
    It’s neat hearing about how Sania Louise is adjusting also.

  79. I always enjoy all of your posts.. especially your patio with your handmade sign…It is well with my Soul.. one of my favorite songs!!!

  80. Thank you for this giveaway. I enjoy most all of the posts but I started following you for decor related ideas-those are my favorite!

  81. I recently came back to your blog, after a couple of years… it’s been fun catching back up and checking in each day!

  82. Love your blog and the added get the look is very nice. Have enjoyed following you on the journey of the house, your daughter and everything you do.

  83. I like reading your posts and I look forward to seeing all the decorating ideas. I am really enjoying the garage addition and laundry room, can’t wait to see the finished products! I also like reading about your family and your new daughter!

  84. I loved reading your daily posts and thought they were a good mix and a great representation of you! Thanks for letting us all enjoy your family, home and life! From one Kentucky girl to another, great job on meeting your goal.

  85. Traci,
    I loved all your posts so its hard to pick a favorite. The month of October was great, in part attributed to you. The care and effort you put into your posts shows. I loved going on your family outings with you and for you sharing your children with us. It brought tears to my eyes to see Sania Louise with her brothers and extended family. I loved the different sources you picked for decorating and the “buy this” look alike products. My very favorite post for the month, however, was yesterday, Traci. It really spoke to my heart. We are a Judeo-Christian nation and its about time for revival! We’ve “lost our first love” as the apostle Paul wrote. When your mom suggested you write a blog she really knew that you wanted to be used by God in a different and unique way. God used her to get you to thinking about taking on this ministry and look how far you’ve come! She would be so thrilled for you, Traci. Thank you again for all you do.

    P.S.- The only “suggestion” would be recipes, maybe some tried & true southern (KY) cooking? or family recipes.

  86. I love all your posts but I love most how strong your faith is. My sisters and I this summer brought my brother home to take care of him in is last days of sickness. It was a labor of love and God saw us through it. We were able to bless our brother and show him how much we love him. God has bless your family with the adoption of your daughter and you kept strong in his faith. She is a blessing to your family and you are a blessing to her.

  87. I looked forward to seeing your posts everyday this past month! I love the variety of your posts! Your blog is inspirational to me!
    Thank you for such a wonderful blog!

  88. I really enjoyed getting your postings every day. It is not much at all. I like all the subjects but my least favourites are the inspiration posts. I loved reading about your boys and watching the video about your girl. I love seeing the changes in your home. I don’t know how you do it all.
    Please keep posting daily.

  89. I love your family and decor posts. An occasional recipe post would be appreciated. Your blog is just whole some goodness.

  90. I like all your posts but love hearing about your family best!
    Congrats on meeting your personal challenge.

  91. I just recently started reading your blog but I enjoy your faith posts and the home decor. I like that you talk about your family. Makes a more interesting blog!
    Keep up the great work!

  92. That is wonderful. I loved everyone you posted. I would looked forward every night coming into my den and getting my Way Fair throw , and relax reading your blog. I loved looking at the farm house’s dec. I am changing my home into that kind of decor. My parents r going through having some dementia. So it was very relaxing for me to sat down at night and read your blog. Thank you so much. I appreciated it more than you know.

  93. Oh my word! I am sad your 31 day challenge is over. :( I have loved your post each day. I truly love everything you post, but the element I love most about your blog is the post of you and Cy’s DIY’s and your family post which will always have your faith intertwined because that is who the Hutcheson family is. You are followers of the Lord Jesus Christ and He is stamped on everything that you do. :) I love when you give step by step instructions when you post your DIY’s. It gives us other Mama’s hope that we can make our cottages are own castles too. Thank you for your faithfulness and sharing with all of us!

  94. Oh my word! I am sad your 31 day challenge is over. :( I have loved your post each day. I truly love everything you post, but the element I love most about your blog is the post of you and Cy’s DIY’s and your family post which will always have your faith intertwined because that is who the Hutcheson family is. You are followers of the Lord Jesus Christ and He is stamped on everything that you do. :) I love when you give step by step instructions when you post your DIY’s. It gives us other Mama’s hope that we can make our cottages our own castles too. Thank you for your faithfulness and sharing with all of us!

  95. Congrats on reaching your goal, Traci! With all that you have going on in your life, I’m sure it wasn’t easy to post each day, but thanks for hanging in there! I know I appreciated it and I bet a lot of other readers did, too!

    As far as frequency and subject matter, I like a variety of posts and with some regularity – October was a great example of that! (I sure don’t expect you to post every day though!) If you only want to post say three times a week, then try and stick to that schedule. It’s amazing how close a reader can get to a blog and its writer and as with any relationship you want to stay in contact.

    Hope that helps! God bless!


  96. Congratulations on you accomplishment! I found every day a bit too much. My fav posts are home decor and your family.

  97. I enjoyed All your posts! I especially enjoyed your “faith” posts! I am also a sister in Christ and glad to see your are not ashamed of the gospel! We need to be a light in this dark world! I love your style too! Keep it up!

  98. Traci…I love all of your posts because they are from your ❤️. Thank you for always being so honest in sharing your life, both the good times and the difficult times. Your faith is an inspiration to me…thank you!

  99. I like it all. Whenever I get your email, I will click and read; so, it doesn’t matter to me how many days you post:)

  100. I really like the “Get the Look” posts. I like seeing all the little details. Love hearing about the way you and your family live with Christ as your center. Your posts are a great reminder to me to make sure we do the same every day.

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    God bless you!

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  142. I love reading all your posts. Your adoption process has been most interesting to me because about 12 years ago I was returning from a month mission trip to Russia& was seated next to an orphan (big group on plane) that was coming to America for a “look see”. I befriended her & tried to teach her tick tack toe & help her with the meal. I always wondered what happened to her. Hopefully a loving family like yours took an interest in her. I look forward to hearing how God continues to use you.

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    It’s a breath of fresh air to me that there’s people in todays world that believe that ! Keep up your courage ! Thanks .

  152. Congratulation, you did it! I think you are an inspiration to those of us who want to take on that challenge! I really don’t have an absolute favorite because each one was great in its own way.
    Thank you!

  153. Isn’t setting goals and accomplishing them a lot like marking things off your To-Do list??? Makes me feel SO productive! Enjoy your posts because they are REAL. Real in terms of family, decorating, etc. I do think it’s important to keep in mind that when items are expensive in nature, that we consider “alternatives.” Right now I want a piece for an entranceway that is pretty expensive so I’m trying to come up with a way that I can find some “trash” and turn into a “treasure.”

    Congratulations on your accomplishment and thanks for sharing.

  154. I enjoyed your 31 days of posting very much. But I can’t begin to imagine how much pressure that put you under with all you have going in your family. So….Yes I love reading your posts as often as you can do them, but I certainly understand when you have to skip days \sometimes because you are a wife and mother first.

  155. I have followed you for several years now and it was nice to know at the end of a busy day I could relax and know I would hear something from you! It doesn’t matter what the subject is….I like them all! If I have to pick I suppose the posts about your dear, sweet family are my first choice as I have literally watched them grow up! And now that Sania is a part of your life it’s heartwarming to see her grow and meld right into the mix too!

  156. We’ve actually used the “GET THE LOOK” posts a few times!

    keep up the good work and thanks for the chance to win.

  157. I love to read your blog – decor (taste), family etc… But yeah, you need not post everyday, not at the cost of your time with family.

  158. I enjoyed all your daily posts! I love that your blog is about life! Everything that happens and moves your heart ❤️

  159. Traci,

    Your blog was one of the first I found years ago when I first became aware of home decor blogs. I love everything about your style, your post about decor, your sweet family your recipes, anything! i have even got my family interested! they know who Traci is! i don’t have to explain anymore. lol
    I have enjoyed everyday that you have posted in October! Good for you, but I won’t be disappointed if you don’t continue to post every single day! we understand! In this day and time our family life is much more important! God Bless you all!

  160. Traci, A combination of all three. I love your family post and your big heart for your boys, daughter and Cy. Your journey to adopt has inspired this grandma. Only a Godly woman and man would adventure into this journey. Your farmhouse decoration is wonderful. My husband and I are considering down-sizing so I love seeing the simplicity. The spiritual blogs are amazing and very important to me and as a 65 yr old as still learning in this life. Adding the links to your blogs make it so easy peasy forme. God Bless you and your family sweetheart.
    Joyce from Texas

  161. Traci, A combination of all three. I love your family post and your big heart for your boys, daughter and Cy. Your journey to adopt has inspired this grandma. Only a Godly woman and man would adventure into this journey. Your farmhouse decoration is wonderful. My husband and I are considering down-sizing so I love seeing the simplicity. The spiritual blogs are amazing and very important to me and as a 65 yr old as still learning in this life. Adding the links to your blogs make it so easy peasy forme. God Bless you and your family sweetheart.
    Joyce from Texas

  162. I love all your posts! You were my first blog and still the best….your sis comes in second, though. :) Im happy with whatever you write about, but I most enjoy the projects around your home and stories about your family and Sania Louise. Every post doesn’t have to be DIY; I enjoyed those on your garden a few years ago and the chicken coop.

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