30 Days of Gratitude {FREE Printable}

Hey friends!

Thank you SO MUCH for all of the wonderful and helpful comments you left on yesterday’s post about my #write31days challenge!  If you didn’t get a chance to leave a comment yet, and enter to win a $50 Visa gift card, you still have until Friday to do so!  Just click HERE. 

Today we start a new month…NOVEMBER!

It’s my birthday month. YAY!  But it is also the month in which we celebrate Thanksgiving.  Double YAY!

My mom loved Thanksgiving, and I always remember her talking about how it made her sad that people were starting to skip right over Thanksgiving and go straight to Christmas.   :)  She always loved the meaning behind Thanksgiving and wanted to make sure she taught us kids the importance of being grateful for the gifts in our lives, especially our loved ones. 

So in honor of my sweet mama, I thought I would share a FREE printable that I made to help us all think about all of the things we have to be grateful for each day. 

You can do this by yourself or fill out the printable as a family. 

I am going to put one by my desk and fill it out each day when I sit down to work on my computer, but I am also going to make a larger one to fill out together as a family.   




All you have to do is “right click and save” these images to print them on your own computer.  I made two different printables for you to choose from.  





I am looking forward to filling out this whole calendar with all of the things I have to be grateful for, and what a great reminder it will be of all the blessings God has given us to enjoy!



  1. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday too. And it is a big birthday month for our family. Our son is the 10th my Dad was the 19th and my SIL is the 21st. Plus our anniversary on the 22nd!! And a dear friend is the 5th. The printable is a beautiful reminder to be thankful each day! I’ll think of all our loved ones too as I fill this out each day this month.

  2. Happy birthday month Traci! It’s my birthday, my husbands, my mothers and is was also my husbands grandfathers too. Great month. Thx for sharing the printable. Your profile picture holding the flowers is so sweet. You look beautiful! 😘

  3. Happy Birthday month. We have 2 birthday in November. My daughter-in-law and my mother-in-law. We will have Thanksgiving with our 3 granddaughters. The oldest 2 are 4 and the youngest is 4 months. Grateful for family.

  4. Traci, thanks so much for the printable! This is a wonderful idea! But I have a thought or you may call it a request for you….Why don’t you give yourself another challenge and post everyday like you did in October and tell us each day what you wrote on your list!! I know you have so much time on your hands (just kidding), that you would love to do this for your readers! Seriously….I truly would love for you to do that, because I looked forward to your posts every day in October. I am definitely going to print the list and start today! Hope this is a beginning of a Blessed month for you and your family!

  5. Happy Birthday month …. thanks for the printable my list #1 – Jesus and #2 Life I will keep it going :) love to ya!!!!

  6. I LOVE these printables! such a great idea :). My pastor always says, “it’s hard to be grateful and negative in the same mind”, I couldn’t agree more!

  7. This has been my complaint for years. We go right from Halloween into Christmas and totally forget about Thanksgiving. Why are we totally forgetting about a holiday that makes us stop and think about what we are thankful for? I believe this is a great problem with people; they are so unappreciative of all that the Lord has provided us with. Thanksgiving has always been a huge tradition in my family. I was raised to be grateful for all that I had and not take it for granted. Thank you for this post!

  8. That’s a wonderful idea. I’m printing and using this to remind me everyday that I am soooo blessed beyond measure! Thank you!

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