My Kitchen Window Dilemma

Hey friends!

I hope you had a great weekend!  The weather is going to be beautiful here in Kentucky this week, and I am loving it!  I really like Easter being later in the month, and I am excited to experience our first Easter with Sania Louise.  :)

Today, I wanted to share with you my kitchen window dilemma. If you follow me on Instagram and saw my Insta-stories last week, you would have seen me share videos of the “former” window above my kitchen sink.  That window used to look outside to our front yard BEFORE we built our new entry way.

Since we built our entry way, our kitchen window has still been over our sink, but you could see the wood planks on the other side of the wall through the window.  Last week, when I was doing a MAJOR cleaning of my kitchen, I took the window sashes out of the window and posted a video on insta-stories.  I asked my readers to help me find a temporary fix for this dilemma. 

It’s temporary because we will be building a new kitchen in a couple of years, and I don’t want to spend a lot of money on this project when I know we will be tearing it down in a couple of years. 

My sweet friend, Layla, from The Lettered Cottage, texted me and asked me if she could do a “presto-change” post with some possible ideas for this space.  I believe my answer was, “Heck yeah!”  :)

So today, Layla posted some options on her blog of possible solutions to my problem. 

Here is one of them….adding white shiplap inside the window opening.



She came up with 3 or 4 more that you can check out on her blog and even vote for your favorite!  I would love to know your opinion!  THANK YOU!









  1. I saw her blog and voted this morning. Can’t understand why I never saw yours. Anyway, I liked the chalkboard.

  2. I voted for the mirror, but I don’t like the brown wood frame. I would head right to HomeGoods and get a large mirror with a white frame to fit over the opening. It reflects light and would brighten your kitchen, and is “simple”.

  3. I really liked the white shutters. I want to have those for my kitchen! You have great taste by what I have seen. You will make the best choice for you.

  4. I have a similar situation with a blank wall area above my kitchen sink (in between wall cabinets on either side). Years ago I took a piece of old ceiling tile, cut it to size and painted it the wall color. I stuck some criss-crossed straight pins on the backside, stretched a piece of cord between them, and then hung it on the wall in that empty space above the sink. It became a bulletin board that blends into the wall. Over the years it has become a great spot for pinning photos, small souvenirs, pretty things I like to look at while at the sink, etc. So instead of a framed chalkboard I’m suggesting a framed bulletin board.

  5. I agree! If you’re going to renovate the kitchen in a couple years, a large, framed chalkboard not only looks great but is quite useful!

  6. I voted for the Chalkboard, but I liked a few of the ideas. Didn’t you recently renovate you kitchen? Where will you be moving it to?

  7. I also voted for the chalkboard. I liked the contrast between the black and white and I thought you could have fun with different quotes or sketches, or even a weekly menu; but all the options were great! Good luck.

  8. If the glass is still in the window you cud put up one of those decorative window films that looks like Tiffany glass or a mission style window. I voted for the shutters cuz i know you can re-purpose Them when u reno the kitchen

  9. I loved the idea of the shutters – especially if you ran a strip of led lights behind them to make it look like light coming through a window!

  10. We also had an issue with our kitchen window over our sink as last fall we added a beautiful four season “sunporch”. Thus, the window to nowhere. My granddaughter would regularly walk up to the open window and “order” an ice cream cone, so i used my Silhouette to make signs that say “order here” and a list of ice cream flavors. She loves it!
    I like your idea of a message board.

  11. Had similar issue, we covered the window with lovely wall paper and then we put glass shelves up, and showed my prettiest cups and saucer sets. Good luck

  12. Oh Girl! The chalkboard with the wreath is soooo you! Didn’t you have a red wreath hung in that window when you first removed the cabinets and installed the shelves? I can still see that picture in my mind it was just before Christmas. Just Beautiful! Yes my vote is for the chalkboard!

  13. I’d install a mirror the size of the opening inside the window frame, then hang some curtains, shade, or blind, etc. at the window as usual.
    The mirror will open up the space and make it look bigger as a window would. You wouldn’t feel like you were standing in front of a “dead space” as a non reflective surface might. A mirror would throw light around the room, AND add some extra energy to the space. And perhaps best of all, when standing at the sink, you’d be able to glance up and see what’s going on behind you – an added bonus when the kids are in the room.

  14. If you still have the glass in the window, you could cover the backside of the glass and make it “white board”
    Cover windows with black or burlap(could even choose a color)/ paint the trim around the window black or washed grey stain? (Leaving the actual window wood white. Mimicking the black signs that say Welcome Home). Does that make sense?

    Write fun inspirations on the window. Wipe it off and add another inspiration to it. (white chalk markers)

    LOVE the chalkboard. Love the shutters.


  15. I think her ideas are so cute, but I know that if they were in my kitchen, the chalkboard would be ruined in next to no time and the mess that happens at my sink would make the shutters a cleaning nightmare. Unless you never allow your kids at the sink, and are the world’s cleanest dishwasher/food scrubber, I’d have to vote for the most mess-friendly solution.

  16. I tried to vote but apparently I was doing something wrong. Anyway, I like the chalkboard. They’re ALL great ideas but the mirror was my least favorite. It’ll be interesting to see what you do. I’m happy for you and the changes that you are enjoying. May you and your family have a wonderful Easter together!

  17. Love the framed chalk board, but you could also do the shiplap with narrow glass shelves for decorative items. spices, small plants, etc.

  18. I like the chalkboard idea but I think it would be difficult in the long run with water, dish splatters, etc. Overall, I like the planks the best.

  19. Hi Traci. California shutter with mirror behind …. they work wonders in a basement as well to make a small window larger..Happy Easter to your beautiful family from Canada

  20. Traci,I commented on Layla’s blog also. I think you should plank the entire my humble opinion,this would look good with your home.

  21. Hi Traci…love your blog and your honesty. Why don’t you just drywall the area in and make it just your “wall” Then you can hang/do whatever you want there. I would opt for a mirror…reflection is everything. You could also hang a wreath inside the mirror for texture and interest. But take off the molding, put in some 2x4s and drywall it up. Easy peasy and will look fantastic!!

    Thanks again for your honesty…so refreshing!

    1. Hi Sally! thank you for your input. :). I bought some “mirror” spray paint today and I am going to spray the back of my window to see what that looks like before I do anything else. If I don’t like it, I’ll try another option. We’ll see! haha! Have a blessed weekend!

  22. Well, all these coices are adorable, but a mirror might be best as you can decorate in front of it and it’s easy to clean. Wu are you building a new kitchen. This one is so great and functional and you worked so hard on it

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