We Have New Columns on our Walkway

Happy Good Friday, friends!

I am so excited for Easter weekend!  This is Sania Louise’s first Easter with us which makes it extra special.  I can’t wait to see her hunt Easter eggs!  :)

What do you have planned for Easter weekend?  

Jonathan and I were in Nashville the past two days because he had some songwriting and recording to do.  We had a great time even though it was a quick trip.  

While we were gone, Cy wrapped the posts on our new walkway from the laundry room to the garage to match the ones on our front porch. 

Here is what the walkway looked like when we first framed it up…

adding a walkway to our garage


And this is what it looks like now (please excuse the mess…it’s a work in progress…)

adding a walkway to our garage


Cy wrapped the posts and created columns just like he did when we added our new front porch to our brink ranch a couple of years ago.

adding a walkway to our garage

I can’t wait for all of my hostas to start popping up through our mulch!

You can see in the picture below how the columns match.  

adding a walkway to our garage

I think it will be so pretty when we get the rest of the walkway roof painted white underneath and then paint the wood floor on the walkway the same gray paint color that we used on the front porch.  We should have the rest of the garage painted white this weekend. 

adding a walkway to our garage


We are leaving the roof exposed underneath, and I am hoping to find a black lantern that I like to hang in the middle of the walkway.  adding a walkway to our garage

How pretty is the one below?


We still have to fill in the nail holes on the columns and give them a fresh coat of white paint, but I am really excited about how they are coming along.  :)


We are going to need a little pathway up to the walkway from the driveway (could I say “way” any more times?)

And I would LOVE to do a pathway with rock like below….does anyone where in the world to get rock pavers like that?  Are they crazy expensive?



Anywhoo!  I’ll keep you updated with the progress.  

Have a blessed Easter weekend, friends!


  1. That walkway looks similar to flagstone. I used broken concrete (from a project at home plus sourced free from Craig’s List) to mimic that look for a walkway and patio. The material was free but I likely paid as much in labor as I would have to buy the flagstone and lay it ourselves. It was trickier to level as the concrete pieces are smaller in circumferences (hello puzzle piecing!) but thicker (more digging) and uneven underneath (leveling nightmare). But I recycled used material headed to the dump. And it looks good! I’m sure whatever you do will look great!

    1. Thanks for sharing, Amy! I never thought of concrete. I bet they would be hard to level, but I’m sure it’s beautiful! Have a blessed weekend!

  2. It looks so good! The pathway you posted looks like flagstone pieces to me. You can check at any sand and gravel place to see how much they are. Here in Colorado, Lowes carries them, but they are quite expensive.

  3. When we first moved to our home our front yard had a large hill on both sides of our driveway (it still does for that matter). Anyway my point is that the hills were covered with these kinds of pavers. I guess whoever lived here before we bought the house thought these pavers would cut down on mowing. It didn’t happen. My brother-in-law said these were river rocks and you can get all kinds of them beside the river. I don’t know if you live close to a river but it might be worth your time and money to check it out! You would just have to get a few young strong guys to help lift and make sure they got as flat a rock as possible. It looks like you have a couple of guys like that in your household if you can get them to help. Lol. Good luck!

    1. Thanks, Pam! I’ve been calling them river rock to my husband, and we do have a river not too far from us. I might have a little weekend job for my boys now! ha!

  4. I love the new addition. Your house is truly an inspiration for me to try and make improvements to my own home. Which is why we added a 16 X 16 foot deck with built in seating two years ago to the back of the house. Even though I was against it, my husband and builder decided it would be best to stain it. I live just south of Houston and never wanted a stained anything. Decks, porches , fences and most anything wood outdoors will “bleach out” quickly from the sun. I wanted a painted deck in a gray similar to your front porch or beige/tan color to compliment the brick on our house. I’m originally from Michigan and I can remember sitting out on our front porch year round but especially in the summer and fall. Every year or so, my father would slap another coat of paint onto the porch and that was basically all that was required to keep it looking beautiful. So I wanted to know if you could give an update as to how the front porch is holding up. Its time to refinish the deck and this time I’m going with paint! Thank you so much and have a Blessed day!

    1. Hi Mary!
      Yes, I can give an update on the paint. I’ll probably write a post when we paint the walkway. We painted our front porch a couple of years ago, and it still looks great. Just needs a light power wash. But the front step needs a new coat of paint because the paint has come off just a little bit, but that is because the front step is not covered by the porch roof and is exposed to the elements more. If not, we probably wouldn’t paint it either. I think we will probably paint the front porch every 3 or 4 years?
      Happy Easter!

  5. I agree with Patty above that the walkway is flagstone. We have a quarry near by and because of that the price would be a little less expensive. You could even go pick out your stones. Almost everyone I knew when I was little had a flagstone walkway.
    Before we built our house (24 years ago) we lived in a little house that needed an addition. We talked about a covered walkway like yours from the garage. But decided on building new instead. Your garage and walkway are fabulous. Can’t wait to see the laundry room too.

  6. I just started following your blog, as I follow Cyndi’s and Courtney’s now. We just built a shop like yours and its funny, as some friend just said we should build a covered walkway from our house garage to the shop garage. I couldn’t really picture it and now I can. I’m going to show my husband yours. He was really interested in your new shop and the video where your husband was doing the cedar in your new storage closet area in the shop. :) Great job on the walkway and if you do those paver…wow, how pretty would that be. I’ll be watching for the progress. I have no eye for any of this, so neat to see yours.

  7. It looks beautiful! That walkway is flagstone and it’s not really too expensive for the thinner stones. It’s sold by weight. I get it at a garden center that also has a stone yard that landscapers buy from. Check for a stone yard in your area. Good luck!

  8. Beautiful! I agree those look like flagstone or fieldstone. Not sure if same term for one stone or not! Most of the flagstone up in New England is slate and I think fieldstone (up here) is more flat granite or other stone. Either way it’s going to be gorgeous!

    Easter festivities begin with church, then egg hunt, then off to relatives for dinner! Happy Resurrection Weekend!

  9. We have a mulch/gravel supplier near us that carries all types of rock and gravel. Yep – those look like flagstone. What is being called river rock might be sandstone – and that will crack over time – just a heads up on that. Don’t use sandstone. I have a few we gathered and they have cracked right in half. The landscape supplier near us will let you go pick out whatever stones you want and you pay by weight. We bought some to edge our pond several years ago.. The good part is if you just want a bucketful of something, you can just take a 5 gallon bucket. (I realize you could not do this for this project!) They have some cool stuff!

  10. Look for pavers the same place you’d look for brick or stones for building a house or fireplace. Also, some garden centers will have pavers.

  11. Yes, I’m pretty sure those are flagstone pavers. We have lots of them in our landscape and love them. The columns look so nice, everything is coming together nicely. Happy new week!

  12. My husband purchased a rubber mold that you use when pouring concrete to give it different forms or details. The kind he bought were for pavers to make them look like stone, similar to that. I believe he found them on Amazon. Just an idea if the real thing ends up being out of budget. I’d also love to see someone use them as we had to move our project up earlier than we planned so we could get more projects completed before our twins were born this past year so we had to pour a plain concrete patio.

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