Decorate with Color: White?!

Hey friends!  Happy Wednesday!

My sister and I are teaming up again to share with you ways you can use color in your home and your wardrobe!  Last week, we share the color blush pink, and this week we are going to talk about the color WHITE!

Is that a color?  haha!

I sure hope so because it is probably one of my favorite colors to decorate my home with!  White is so fresh and classic!  To me, it just never goes out of style.

I have painted so many pieces of furniture (many thrift store finds) white, and it immediate looks like I have a brand new piece of furniture!

(Click on each image below to see each DIY project.)














But I also love white on my walls.  My favorite color is Benjamin Moore, Dove White.  It looks great on my wood planked walls in my entry way and throughout the house. 

I loved this color so much, I even painted the entire exterior of my house Dove White!  Painting the brick on our home completely changed the look!  You can read about how we added a front porch to our basic brick ranch HERE.

Lastly, you can find my love of white in my kitchen!  We tore out our upper cabinets, and built some open shelving to display my white dishes, and we also painted the lower cabinets white as well.  It made a HUGE difference in our little farmhouse kitchen.  You would not believe what it looked like BEFORE!  Check it out HERE.



So enough about my home, let’s look at these beautiful inspiration pictures I found online for you to enjoy!

There has definitely been a rise in love for white slipcovered furniture over the past few years.  I have them in our own den, and I love them!  Some people think I am crazy because I have five children, (four of them boys!) but I wouldn’t trade my white couches for nothing. :) When my slipcovers get dirty, I just toss them in the washer with some detergent and bleach, and they come out like brand new! 


I have white or off white curtains throughout my house.  They look great paired with a bamboo shade. 



In the kitchen, white dishes add a touch of farmhouse charm.  The best part about white dishes is that you can mix and match all types of patterns, and they still look great!


If you have stained wood cabinets in your kitchen, and you want to lighten them up without spending the money to paint them white, consider adding white dishes to brighten up your space?   


Cyndi has brown wood cabinets in her kitchen, and we added white dishes to every open space or shelf to help lighten up her kitchen, and I think it looks great! 

Here is a beautiful picture of how pretty white painted furniture can be!… 


 White furniture makes a room look bright and cheery and makes all other decor pieces really stand out like the curtains and greenery in the picture below.  

the 36th Avenue


The picture below got it all right…white walls, white floors, white curtain, white flowers, white clock, and white furniture.  Love it!



I do not have a lot of white pillows on my couch, but if I did, I would buy this one!  How adorable is this?!  Click HERE to shop this pillow.



Again, if you have a darker sofa that you want to lighten up in your home, add some white/lighter pillows and throw blankets to get it done.


 Lastly, I wanted to share this beautiful white kitchen with you…classic….timeless… 


 So, do you have a lot of white decor in your home? 

I would love to hear how you incorporate it in your home!  Feel free to share in the comments below. 

And be sure to hop on over to my sister’s blog to see how she adds white to her wardrobe!


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  1. Love your den! Did you paint your window trim and molding too? If so, any helpful hints on type of paint to use?
    I’d like to paint our very worn oak 80s trim but a little nervous about dust,etc being more apparent.

  2. Traci, love the white ideas today! We are building a new house right now and it’s almost finished. We chose Sherwin Williams Eider White for the walls which is bright and beautiful with the slightest gray undertones. The trim is Sherwin Williams Super White. One of my friends commented that it sure is light and I told her she just might need to wear her sunglasses. Of course, when the furniture, rugs, and other things go in the house it will tone down a lot but I love this clean and neutral color scheme. By the way, we added open shelves to one long wall and I can’t wait to style them. I’ve been studying yours. :)

  3. Love the ideas of how to lighten and brighten things up with white. How do you manage white furniture with 4 sons and a daughter? We bought good leather furniture for our family room and it is in great shape. I have added white pillows/throws to brighten up the area and am planning on purchasing 2 lighter (light tan or white) club chairs. Any insight as how to make this work are appreciated! Love your home!

  4. I’m looking for white slipcovers for a wingback chair. Where did you get your couch slipcovers in white? They are hard to find in white! Thanks

  5. I have dark wood and a brown leather sofa. I use white/cream throws, lamps, and other decor.
    I would love some white/cream club chairs. Anyone have suggestions on where to find comfy chairs with washable covers?

  6. All beautiful! I too love white painted furniture, white lamps, dishes and white picture frames. For furniture with stained wood tops, Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee is great; off white but no yellow tones.

  7. I love white and use it a ton in my decorating.

    On another note…I used to work with mischievous kids…a reward and level board worked so well. We had 5 levels, the highest level had the greatest rewards…later bedtime, more tv time….whatever the kid was in to. My favorite was 1st time asked. When the child did something the first time asked he got a reward…maybe a popsicle stick. X amt of sticks and he could move up a level….anyway, good luck with your motivational board…you are doing so well with your daughter, she seems incredibly happy!

  8. YES! I love decorating with white. I have white cabinets in my recently redone kitchen. My guest room is white bedding with blush pink and shiny gold looking pillows. My dishes and accessories are white – ha! I even drive a white car. :)

  9. Well it’s fun to see you use White Dove also as I have used it for wood trim since 2002 and now I am using it on my walls right up to the trim and is it ever fresh looking. Adding gray instead of tan with it and saw on your blog inspiration to paint a little side board gray.
    I enjoy you and your sister living life together. I have three of the best sisters everywhere and I am so thankful for them. Great blog- I’m so glad you and Cindi are joining together blogging.

  10. I had active boys and my best advice is to keep children so busy they don’t have time to get into trouble. I feel your pain…

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