Wood Plank Walls for the New Butler’s Pantry

So we are finally making progress on our “butler’s pantry.” 

Do you remember this space?  It used to be our old laundry room. 

I literally shutter when I see that space!  We lived with that laundry room for five years before we created our new laundry room (right outside that window you see in the picture above.)

So now my old laundry room is now a “walk through” space to our new laundry room.  You can read more about that process HERE.

We have officially cleared everything out of our old laundry room, and this past week, Cy has begun planking the walls with a budget friendly option called luan from Lowe’s.

Once we finish “planking” the walls, we will put one coat of kilz primer on the walls before we paint it the same color as the laundry room walls, Dove White, by Benjamin Moore.

Then we will be building custom cabinetry for two of the walls and paint them black with brushed brass hardware.  

The cabinetry on the wall right off  the kitchen will serve as a “coffee/tea bar,” and give me extra storage for the dishes I don’t use on a daily basis.  (I’m hoping I can have a little prep sink there, but the plumbing in the wall may not cooperate, so we will see.) :)

The other cabinetry will be on the wall right off  the laundry room and will hold (and hide) our dirty clothes hampers and cleaning supplies.  

I put together some of my Insta-story videos to show you some of the process.  (Which, btw, if you are not following me on insta-stories, I need you to get your cute little tush over there and follow me!  Just follow me on Instagram HERE, and then each day, click on the little circle with my face on it to view my stories.  You used to only be able to view “stories” on your phone, but now you can watch them on your computer too!  So come join me!)

I created a mood board to give you an idea of the “look” I am going for.  It’s not a big space, and I want to keep it super simple, so there will not be a ton of decor.  

We are hoping to start tiling the floor soon, so I will be sure to share that with you too!

Stay tuned!  And have a blessed day, friends!




  1. Looking good, lady! What if you used a cabinet door like what you plan to use on your “butler pantry” and put it on a hinge and put it over your electrical box? Then it’s not so much a focal point anymore. You could also paint a cabinet door with chalk paint and frame it out like it was a chalkboard with hinges so you can move it to get into the electrical panel easily. :)

  2. When I clicked to Lowes to look at luan I only say 4 x 8 sheets. Are you cutting yours into planks?
    A butler’s pantry will be so useful!

  3. Why aren’t the clothes hampers in the laundry room instead of the pantry? I know with your décor and Cy’s skills it will be fabulous!

  4. I love everything you do, so please don’t take this comment as a criticism, but more as one to help raise awareness. Luann wood may be a cheap option, but the true cost is enormous as it it a beautiful wood coming from endangered rainforests in Indonesia. There are other choices for future projects that I hope you’ll consider. This is a topic near to my hear and although HD and Lowe’s said they were discontinuing buying these woods almost 20 years ago, it hasn’t really happened. Here’s a bit of info, but it is readily available. http://www.rainforestrelief.org/What_to_Avoid_and_Alternatives/Rainforest_Wood.html

    Again, I’ve been reading you for YEARS and love all your projects, but couldn’t remain silent on this topic of which so many are unaware.


  6. Wow, the Butler’s Pantry is going to be beautiful! One idea to cover up your electrical box is to hang a picture over it. That is what I did to cover up our thermostat.

  7. Love it Tracie. Its going to be beautiful. Love the cabinet color.

    Keep those good ideas coming.


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