I’m Moving to Tennessee!

Well, I’ve been a little busy this week.  On Monday, we loaded up our cars, truck, and wagon and headed down to Franklin, Tennessee to move Jonathan (and me) into a new apartment.   

Say what?

I know.  I know.  It sounds totally crazy, but let me try to explain a little.

I’m not actually moving in FULLY, but kind of PART TIME.

This is something that Cy and I have spent HOURS of prayer over, and we have decided that this next year is going to look a little different for us as a family.  I’m going to be spending a little more time in Nashville this coming year.

BUT LET ME BE VERY CLEAR….CY AND I ARE NOT SEPARATING!!!!  Good gravy, NO!   We just celebrated 21 years together last week, and we love each other more than ever!  Our marriage continues to grow and get deeper, and there is no one on earth I would rather do life with!  But just like any parents, we seek to do what is best for each of our kids and our family as a whole.  

Y’all know that our oldest son, Jonathan, moved down to Nashville (Antioch, TN,) in February to pursue his music dreams.  We were SO proud of him, and he proved to us over and over again how he could hustle, be responsible, and basically be a man.   It was awesome to watch him grow on his own. 

But unlike going to college and being involved in classes, dorm life, and an college community, Jonathan was hustling on his own trying to make it in the music biz…which is a completely different beast, if you know what I mean.

After much discussion and prayer with Jonathan, we all knew that he needed a little more support on this exciting journey.  We thought about moving the whole family down to the Nashville area and making it our home, but we didn’t have a peace about that.  Moving the whole family would impact a lot more people, and our other four children are in good places up here, and we didn’t want to mess that up. 

So we decided to move Jonathan to a new apartment in Franklin, Tennessee where he knows more peeps and will have a better support system.  And we also agreed that one of us, (me or Cy,) needed to be down there more with Jonathan to help him pursue his music career.  Since I work from home, and Cy works full time at the bank, of course, it made more sense for me to be down there more. 

So this fall, you are going to see me doing a LOT of traveling back and forth to Franklin this fall.  

 We got a two bedroom apartment, so I have a place to stay when I go down.  We were spending SO MUCH money on hotel rooms every time we had to go down to Nashville the past few years, since Jonathan was on The Voice, that we will probably be saving money.  haha!

(You can read about his time on The Voice HERE and HERE.)

A typical week for me would be three days in Franklin and four days back home in Kentucky.  Of course, every week will look differently.  Some weeks I may stay more or fewer days in Franklin, and on the weekends, Cy and the rest of the kiddos may come down and join us.  It really depends on ALL of our schedules…Cy’s banking job, my blog schedule, Jonathan’s music meetings and singing gigs, and Luke, Adam, Eli, and Sania’s school and sports schedules.  

It may get a little cray-cray at times, but it’s all good. :)

Like my kids say all the time…”Mom, our family isn’t normal.”  haha!

One thing I know for sure….I LOVE MY CRAZY FAMILY!!  (Cy took this picture on Mother’s Day this year.)

I am sooooooo looking forward to this year!  

Sania and Eli will be in 5th grade.  It will be there last year in Elementary school, and I think Eli is looking forward to be the oldest in the building.  Sania is looking forward to seeing all of her friends, and I can’t wait to see her grow in all areas.  This will only be her second year of being in the same school for an entire school year.  (In Latvia, she was in and out of several different schools and missed a ton of school the year before we got her.)

Adam will be back in public school this year.  (I home-schooled him last year.)  He is looking forward to running cross country and playing basketball. 

Luke will be a junior in high school.  WHAT?!!  That kid is almost 6 foot 4 inches and has passed up his older brother, Jonathan.  He got his license this summer and has been enjoying the freedom of driving himself to work and hanging out with friends.  

This fall, Jonathan has some music FINALLY coming out, and I can’t wait to share it with you!!  Stay tuned…

Cy and I have some fun stuff coming up too, but we can’t share it yet, so you’ll have to stay tune to that as well.  heehee.

So that’s what life is going to look like for The Hutchersons this coming year!  It should be fun, so I hope you hang around.  









  1. How exciting for your family! Change can be good! I live in Murfreesboro, only about 30 min from Franklin!

  2. WOW!! That sounds amazing Traci!! Best wishes to you and your family~ May Jonathan’s career jump off soon!! Looking forward to more stories of your commuting back and forth.

  3. I absolutely love your crazy life and how you just roll with it. I love reading your posts. I have followed Cyndi for several years and she came and spoke to our church in Indiana a couple years ago. My friend, Pam introduced me to your site and I just love it! My husband and I have prayed about an apartment in TN and me looking to pursue a Christian speaking ministry there. It’s funny how God just leads! We’ll see where He leads me and if happens to be down there, I’ll let you know! hahaha. We will pray for you and this big decision. God knows what’s best and peace among your husband and your family is what is most important. Only your family and God know. Everything will go great…..I’m sure of it! Best wishes to Jonathan as well! God is good and faithful!

    1. Haha! Thank you for appreciating our craziness! It IS the way we roll! :) Praying that God continues to lead you. It’s always an adventure with our Lord, right? Thank you for your sweet comment! xoxo traci

  4. Very excited for you & prayers for your family. FYI – a couple great churches in & near Franklin . The first is Grace Church Nashville with Pasror Lindell Cooley who was part of the Brownsville Revival -very Holy Spirit driven. Located east of downtown Franklin on Hwy 96 & behind Hobby Lobby Another church is Grace Chapel & located between Franklin & Leipers Fork. Worship is incredible here! Worship leader is Jonathan Alelen & Pastor is Steve Berger. Blessings!!

  5. Very exciting! Prayers for you & all your family as you go through this coming school year! This is huge, and I like how you see if something isn’t working out? Let’s get creative and see what we can do…
    listen only to “balcony people” those “basement people” are downers…ha!
    Proud of you!
    Love & laughter!

  6. Life is never dull following you guys! Excited for all of you. Prayers up for a smooth transition to a new normal!

  7. Traci- I so understand what you’re doing for your family. And I’ll be praying for y’all this year. My husband was relocated from CO to IN a few years ago. He moved and I stayed with the five kids for a year. We did this b/c it was what was best for the kids and that’s the direction we felt the Lord was telling us to take.
    My hubby negotiated flights back home for a long wknd every month as part of his deal. And despite how crazy life got at times, we don’t regret doing life the way that we did.
    May God strengthen and bless each of you in the days/months to come ❤️

    1. Wow, Moriah! You definitely understand! This is just a temporary situation for us as well, so I know the Lord will give us the strength to do it. We have spent many hours in prayer over this and know that God is leading us. xoxo Traci

  8. Lawd! Girl! Ima pray for you! :)
    That’s a lot going on but I totally understand- investing in our children is always worth the cost. If we don’t sacrifice for them, then for whom?
    I wish you all success and love in this new and different chapter.
    Hugs to you all!

  9. Our Deaf Ed group was talking about your sweet boy today. Excited to see what is next! Love from Texas!!!

  10. WOW! What exciting news for y’all. I’m sure it will take a little time for everyone to adjust to the different schedule, but it will all work out. I have no doubt that you and Cy have prayed about this a lot, and know that God will watch over y’all. I can’t wait to learn more about Jonathan’s music. God bless!

    1. Thanks, Ginger! Yes, it will be an adjustment for sure, but I know it will all work out. I look forward to sharing our adventures with all of you! xoxo Traci

  11. How exciting for you all! As long as God is directing your paths (which we know He is) all will work out – experience talking haha. My husband worked 3 months at a time in different states for 2yrs while I stayed at home so I understand. Hang in there!
    We recently moved to Nashville while looking for a house in Franklin/Brentwood. I love Franklin!
    Prayers for you & family

  12. You’re always a parent no matter how old your child.
    Here are some suggestions:
    1. AAA Family Plan –> new young driver in the family, long car trips when you might be driving alone. If you don’t already have it, this could ease one worry for Cy.
    2. Books on CD from your public library for the times you are driving by yourself (if your vehicle has a CD player).
    3. Florida State University has two phenomenal NPR radio stations (88.9 FM for 24/7 news/entertaining programming and 91.5 FM for 24/7 classical music). You can try to find the stations on the car dial or download the app – I think it’s listed as WFSU Public Radio or WFSU-FM). I can access these stations from anywhere in the USA when I’m traveling through the app on my phone or iPad.
    4. If you have an iPad or other tablet, make sure you have the right cord to plug it into your car so you won’t be using the device’s battery (learned that one from experience). Lol.
    5 Make a weekly school days’ clothing chart for Sania that you and she work out together for the days you won’t be at home to help her get ready for school. The two of you can plan this out when you’re home. It will be a fun ‘with Mom’ activity for Sania and she’ll feel more confident about going to school when you’re not at home. Maybe draw stick figures and dress them with the chosen outfits for each day.
    6. Plan a dinner out – with Cy only – at least once a month just because you need time alone without the young ones. Those 2-3 hours together will be a blessing for you both.
    7. Make sure your Skype is up and running.
    8. Breathe. Smile!

  13. There’s nothing like a Mama’s love and support. This will be an extra special time with your son. Enjoy it!

  14. Kudos to you and your family. Praying through those tough decisions for God’s wisdom was, well, wise. Good thing Luke has his license. It will help in so many ways! Praying for you and your family to enjoy this new journey! It’s going to be fun, an adventure!

  15. I love all your power, creativity, your strong believe in marriage and family. Me a German married woman and mother am not like you a deep Christian believer but I believe strongly in all the moral and ethic values our western world established over hundreds of years and they are 100% identical to my buddhist believe and live. The decisions you had to make as parents are not easy, I see your point. Showbizz and shows like this is hardcore and boiling out the bones and brains, your power and heart can be a good guard for your son. I wish you all the best. On the other hand my first thoughts were going to your new daughter and how she will be able to handle the new situation. Her state is still frail, however she adopted her new family, her past will haunt her many future years. No matter how often she will say : It’s ok – she has learned (was teached) in the past to accept any situation and not to protest.
    You as parents are dancing on a silk thread to do it right for all members of the family, I feel with you the power WE HAVE TO DO and the sorrow ARE WE DOING BEST? This thoughts are not connected to any but maybe all religions but for sure to the basic human ethic, morale thinking.
    A huge hug and all my best wishes to you and your family.

  16. WOW!! You live a very crazy and exciting life!! I love following your blog and cyndis. Always something new going on!
    Your faith and strength is very inspiring to me!! It will be fun and these are the best days with your children. Cherish them, they go fast and savor every moment!!
    Blessings and safe travels on your new journey!


  17. Hi Tracey. I’m a Louisvillian who loves Franklin! Such a quaint little town. But let me tell you the next town over is Cool Springs which has everything you could want or need. Very neat, clean, and well kept. A very nice suburb. I mention this bc I think you should consider this area and I think there may be more to choose from at better prices for apartments. Just keep that in the back of your mind and go by and give the area a look. Just wanted you to be aware since it is so close to Franklin. Next exit past Franklin is Cool Springs on I 65.

  18. You gotta do whatever it takes for your family….you are such a good Mom! God’s blessings to each of you as you navigate this new life! ♥️

  19. How exciting! I’m sure your son appreciates all the support you are giving him. I have followed (and loved) your blog for quite a few years now but have never commented before. Safe travels as your journey takes you to new places.

    1. Hi Eileen!
      Thank you for your sweet comment and thank you for following my blog for years. :) I look forward to sharing my “Nashville adventures” with you all.

  20. I’m not going to blow smoke up the wazoo……you will be in for a change. Don’t think I’d do this. Your husband and growing children need you at HOME.

    1. Hi Dee! I totally get it. It sounds crazy, but we have a peace about it. We are a very strong family, and I know the Lord will provide. But if for any reason, we do not have a peace about it in the coming year, we can always change the plan. That’s the best part! We are just trusting God and taking it a day at a time. :)

  21. This sounds very exciting. I feel a bit concerned for your little girl, being that she has been through so much change in her short life. A girl needs her mama. I still look forward to what will happen with y’all and pray for the very best.

    1. Hi Gail! I totally understand your concerns, but we have a peace about this process. Sania is used to me traveling a lot with my job, and she knows I always come back. :) She will also be in school all day while I’m gone, and I will only miss three evenings with her a week. The best part is, nothing is set in stone. If at any point, we feel that it is not best for me to do this, we can totally stop. We are trusting God to show us the way. Thank you for your prayers. xoxo Traci

  22. Well I wrote “God moving his people to Tennessee” in google search and your blog was the first thing to pop up! I see a few people from my area packing up and moving there. They are professing Christians so I was trying to figure out what’s going on?
    How has things turned out for y’all? Are you still in Tennessee? Do you have any thoughts about why professing Christians are moving to Tennessee? I know your reason was different so you may not have a clue!!!

    1. Hi Sandra! I have lived in Kentucky my whole life, but moved to Tn in 2019 for my son’s music career. I did not move here because of my faith, but I am a Christian. Tennessee is know to be in the “Bible Belt” and is predominately know as being a Christian community. It is also known as the core of Christian music in the Nashville area. It’s a great place to raise kids. The people are extremely friendly, and the area is beautiful! It’s an awesome place to live! Good southern values of faith, family, and patriotism.

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