What about our Wilmore House in Kentucky?

Hey friends!

Just wanted to jump on here today and answer the top question I am getting right now on social media. 

What in the world are we going to do with our flip house?!!!

If you are new around here, you may not know that we purchased a flip house around this time last year.  Truthfully, most people would have probably tried to tear it down and build a new home on this lot, but we wanted to save it.

And it needed a LOT of saving. haha!

This was the front room when you walked in through the front door… (You can see the yellow kitchen cabinets through the doorway on the left.)

And here is a picture of the kitchen when we bought it…

We tore down the wall between the two rooms and vaulted the ceilings to make the space feel larger.

And we turned that small kitchen window above the sink into an opening for french doors to the back patio (The patio that we will build someday.) haha.


We also added a new bathroom to this space with the help of Wayfair!

The bathroom used to look like this…


And now looks like this….

You can see all the details about my Wayfair One Room Reno by clicking HERE.

This is what the back of the flip house used to look like…


We tore that small room off the back that used to be a laundry room, and we added a second bedroom.

I am SO GLAD we added the second bedroom to the back of the house!

The back bedroom is now dried in, and we have actually started applying siding.


We also completed some work on the front porch, but have more to do there as well…





























That is where we left off before we moved to Tennessee. 

So….now what are we doing with the flip house?

Well, we are not flipping it anymore! haha!

We have decided to keep it as our Kentucky “home base,” so we have a place to stay when we go home to visit.  When we are not staying there, we are going to rent it as an Airbnb. 

It’s located in Wilmore, Kentucky which is the home of Asbury University and Asbury Seminary.  (Cy and I both graduated from Asbury University.)



Because of the university and seminary, there are a lot of transient people and visitors to our small town, making it a perfect place for an Airbnb!

Our goal is to have the flip house finished by the first of the year so we can begin renting it out. 

That is why Cy is headed up there next week to work on the exterior of the flip house.  (I need to stop calling it the flip house, but that’s what I’ve always referred to it as here on the blog.  Maybe when we finish it, I will start calling it our Airbnb?)

He is hoping to get the exterior mostly finished before he heads back down to Tennessee.  We will be taking a lot of trips back to Kentucky this fall to get this house finished!

I am going to tell Cy to take pictures and video of the flip house when he is up there next week, and I will be sure to share them with you!  Be sure to follow me on my Instagram stories to keep up with all we have going on on a daily basis!

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FYI, the second most asked question I have gotten since we moved is, “Is Cy getting a banking job in Tennessee?  What is he doing for work?”  haha!

Well, that’s a whole other story that I will save for another post.  {wink}

That’s it for now!

Have a blessed day, friends!






  1. WOW WOW, do y’all ever slow down? You have a lot on your plates right now! All very exciting, but I don’t know how you’re not feeling just a tiny bit overwhelmed. Imma pray for ya :)! On a serious note, I do hope all your kiddos adjust to their new schools – moving is emotional and can be hard. You haven’t said, and I feel like nosey Nellie asking…but, is Cy now only house working? In other words, has he left his banking job? I guess I assumed he transferred or something, but it sounds like houses are now full time.
    I have all the faith in the world that both houses will be beautiful!!

  2. Praying for a better day for your kiddos. That Mamma’s heart never stops hurting for your kiddos.
    Lots of change for all of you.

  3. Thank you for answering the question that was burning a hole in my pocket! 😉. Keeping the used to be KY flip house is smart since y’all know that you will be going back to KY to visit your family. I hope that y’all are making good progress on your new home. I pray that today was a much better day for one of the kids! God bless!

  4. Technically, you’ll still be flippin the house with Airbnb after each person leaves. LOL
    I hope Cy will wear his protective eyewear!

  5. Absolutely love your blog, you are so inspiring! Wish you all the best for your family, your new home, your flip house and all your projects.
    Greetings from Europe

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