Choosing our Hardwood Flooring

Welcome to Episode Two of our Notes from Home series!

(If you missed the tour of our new Tennessee home in the first episode, CLICK HERE to check it out!)

In today’s episode, Cy is going to start demo-ing the kitchen, while I begin to look at hardwood flooring options!

Picking out hardwood flooring for our home is a BIG decision, so I am so happy to be partnering with Twenty & Oak for this part of our renovation!


When we purchased our home, it had a very inexpensive laminate wood flooring in every single room that we knew we were going to have to replace.


hardwood flooring

We had a guy that wanted to come take up the flooring and buy it from us for a few hundred bucks, but the flooring was so cheap that it literally broke apart when taking it up.  Cy called the guy and told him not to come because the flooring was not worth trying to save.  Luke and Adam literally had the whole floor up in no time!

hardwood flooring

I was so excited that we were ripping up all the old laminate flooring and couldn’t wait to start looking for new hardwood flooring.  But before I did, I wanted to create a mood board that brought to life the look and feel that I wanted in our new home, specifically the kitchen and den.

Modern Ranch mood board

As you can see, I want to incorporate a lot of black and white in our new home.  I love the clean, crisp feel that those colors create in a space.  But I also want to add warmth to our home with some wood tones in our kitchen cabinets, furniture, and definitely our hardwood flooring.

Since I knew that we would be needing new hardwood flooring throughout the home, I wanted something durable, kid friendly, and pet friendly.  BUT, I also wanted something beautiful and stylish.  

I found all of these things at Twenty & Oak. 

Twenty & Oak is an online resource for finding stylish, high quality flooring.  They are also connected to the best flooring retailers in the Southeast!  I was looking for engineered hardwood flooring for our home, but they also carry laminate, waterproof flooring, engineered stone, and luxury vinyl plank, tiles, and sheet.  They have something for every style and every budget!

When I went to the website, I browsed through all of the different brands that were available from Twenty & Oak.  This took some time, but boy was it fun!  I loved looking at all of the beautiful choices.  

hardwood flooring

As I was searching for my favorite stain colors, I noticed that I kept coming back to two different collections in the Palmetto Road brand… Tuscany and Chalmers.

What I LOVE about the Palmetto Road brand is that the hardwood flooring is crafted by hand!  Like REAL people with REAL hands, no machines.  They individually apply surface treatments like “wire brushed” or “hand scraped” by hand, which gives you a unique, authentic flooring.  It’s a custom look without the custom price!  LOVE THAT! 

In the Tuscany and Chalmers collections, I loved these hardwood flooring samples the most…

hardwood flooring samples

Since flooring can look differently online than in person, I couldn’t wait to order some samples of my favorite colors.  The cool thing is that at Twenty & Oak, you can always order three samples for FREE!  YAY!

But guess what?!!!!  

Since I am partnering with Twenty & Oak for this part of our renovation, that have created a special offer


How cool is that?!

You guys will be able to CLICK HERE and check out all of the beautiful flooring options at Twenty & Oak, and they will ship you SIX FLOORING SAMPLES for free!

That’s awesome!

I am SO GLAD I ordered free samples of my favorite hardwood flooring because some of them looked different that I expected.  Seeing and touching the flooring in person made a huge difference in my decision.

Here are two of my favorites…

hardwood flooring samples

BISCUIT (left) &  NOLA (right)


To help me make my decision though, I wanted to see a larger sample of my hardwood flooring choices.  I knew I could do that by visiting one of Twenty & Oak’s retailers.  I put my zip code in the store locator box on their site and found three retailers in my area. 

You can do the same thing too!  Just CLICK HERE to find a Twenty & Oak retailer near you. 

I will be visiting the retailer I chose and sharing all of the details in a future episode of Notes from Home, so stay tuned!!!

Now are you ready for this week’s episode?!

I have to give major props to my son, Luke, for helping me create this video series!  I COULD NOT do it without him!

I hope you enjoy watching this episode, and be sure to head over to Twenty & Oak when you are finished watching and order some FREE flooring samples for your next project!







*This post is sponsored by Twenty and Oak.  All opinions and ideas are 100% mine!



    1. haha! He has been warned! :) He really does wear them a lot, He just lays them down and can’t find them sometimes. I am going to buy back ups!

  1. This is going to be so interesting and fun to watch the progress! Cy, wear those safety glasses all the time!

  2. Another episode in the books!! Loved it!! Nice job and the house is coming along. Love your family Traci, looks like everyone pitches in.
    A family that works together……stays together😘

  3. I really enjoyed watching the video! Luke is doing an amazing job! I love the styles that you are looking at! So excited to watch you guys renovate this house!😀

  4. Love your mood board! Can’t wait until next weeks episode. Cy, please, please, PLEASE wear safety goggles!! Making me so nervous!!!

    1. I sure will, Tracy! He really does wear them a lot. Luke just caught him without them on when he first started tearing down the wall.
      I have told them that our online friends are NOT happy with him! haha!

  5. Oh so I need your family to come to my house and redo. I have no talent for what you all are doing. Its going to be great, after looking at your mood boards. What a great idea to keep you focused. Enjoy!!! Too much stress for me. :) LOL I don’t know how you have time to do the videos and all this too. Please share how the kids did in their first day of school. Also, could you share what Cy is doing for new employment? He must work 24-7 at his job and the house too.

    1. Thanks for following along, Kathy! So thankful to share it with y’all online.
      The kids are doing well. Yesterday was a little rough, but I know it will get better. :)
      Cy is going to be pursuing a new career down here! I’ll be sharing more soon!


  6. Exciting! Just wondering, though, can some of the cabinets and things be donated to Habitat for Humanity, or the drapes to Goodwill?
    Your trash may be someone else’s treasure ;)

    1. Hi Bobbi!
      Unfortunately, no one would have wanted the kitchen cabinets. The tracks were broken and the wood was not in good shape. We did donate some of the appliances. And we could have maybe donated the drapes, but they were very outdated and smelled. haha! There had been a “skunk issue” before we bought the house, and most of the stuff in it had a bad stench. :(

  7. Cy and the kids should wear safety glasses! He makes me nervous :-). Love watching Notes from Home though.

  8. Enjoying “Notes from home”. Question “did y’all finish your fixer upper /flip house in Kentucky”?


  9. LOVE the updates! I would love to learn how to make a mood board. Do you use a specific program for that? Any tips? Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hi Mandy! There are many programs out there, but I just use Picmonky. It’s easiest for me. I just start with a blank template and find images I like online to cut and past on it. :)

  10. Absolutely love watching this exciting journey with your sweet talented family! And I just ordered my 6 samples with your code. Thank you very much.

  11. Wow, you all are making such great progress! I love both Nola and Busquit, but wonder if the warmer looking biscuit might be the best bet to soften and warm out the new colour scheme…
    Also, I have to ask…I think I must have missed a post along the way (vacation out of town so off-line) but what has happened to the flip house?

  12. i love absolutely everything you all do. Such a great close family. Down to earth which i admire. I will follow you as long as you blog. Ha Ha! Love Carla

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