The Gift of Gathering! {plus a giveaway!}

Happy Hump Day!

I am so thrilled to share with you a new book and a great giveaway!

My sweet friend, Bre, from Rooms for Rent, just release her first book yesterday!!!  I’ve been waiting for this one to come out because I need it desperately! haha!

It’s all about “tablescapes,” and Bre is a master of them!

The funny thing is, when I first started blogging, I don’t think the word “tablescape” even existed!  But as the years have gone by, and more and more bloggers were sharing their beautiful holiday tables, the word “tablescape” began to emerge.  

There are a few bloggers out in “blogworld” that I think stand out as great “tablescapers.”  haha!  Bre is certainly one of them that always comes to mind, and I’ve always wanted her to write a book about how she creates them. 

Thankfully, I wasn’t the only one wishing she would write a book!  So when she told me last year that she was writing one, I just about died!  This was a book I knew I would love and USE!


Funny side note:  I feel like a proud parent right now.  I had been blogging about 5 years when I found Bre’s beautiful new blog.  I instantly saw how much talent she had and asked her to be a guest contributor on my blog.  I was thrilled when she said yes, and for over a year, (2014-ish) she would write a monthly post for my blog.  

And then she blew up and because famous in blogworld and left me in her dust.  haha!  #kidding #notkidding #soproudofher

I got her new book in the mail last week, and LOVE IT!

It is full of tablescape inspiration but also celebrates the gift of gathering.  


This book made me think of my sweet mama.  She loved to host gatherings, and she was always trying to make them extra special.  She would work herself to death to get everything ready…not to impress others, but to make them feel extra special when they entered our home.  

She would get out her cloth napkins, use her good china, and light all the candles!  I always loved having others over because it always felt like such a special occasion!

As much fun as it is to make things extra special when gathering with friends and family, I also think it is important to keep things simple.  Sometimes I let the “I can’t get it all together!” mentally keep me from experiencing simple get togethers.  

I want to serve more like Jesus did, “humble and without fanfare,” as Bre says in her book. 


Bre’s book takes you through all four seasons and shares simple decor ideas and recipes to use for your gatherings!  I seriously love it!


And be sure to enter the GIVEAWAY  to win Bre’s favorite tablescape items below!  Check out all these goodies you could win…

Inspired from the Summer Elegant gathering in the book you could win ~

4 piece setting of  antique silverware from Anthropologie

A marble cake stand

Weathered wood bread board

4 blue goblets

Set of 6 mercury glass votives

4 blue linen napkins

Farmhouse pitcher

16 piece dinnerware set

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Here is the list of other bloggers celebrating Bre’s new book with a BOOK LAUNCH TOUR!

You can visit each of their blogs on the assigned days and enter for the giveaway there as well!


Next up on the book launch tour is my sweet friends, Melissa from The Inspired Room!  I’ve known Melissa for about a decade now, and her blog is full of beautiful home inspiration.  Be sure to visit her blog on Friday and enter the giveaway there as well!

Have a blessed day friends!



    1. Favorite memories include anything with family. From growing up to raising kids and now holidays with the grands.

  1. Thank you for introducing us to Bre! I look forward to reading her book! My favorite memory of gathering was always at my Grandmama’s kitchen table!

  2. My favorite memories are those of my grandmothers – both have been gone for so many years so these memories are what I hold on to.

  3. My favorite memory is of all the big family gatherings we used to have at my Grandma’s for friends and family. There was always fun times.

  4. My favorite memory of family gathering is our big Italian family that gathered around the table every Sunday. I cherish those memories. Can’t wait to read this beautiful book.

  5. My favorite gatherings have been when we host the 4th of July party. We have a small house, so hosting in the summer allows many friends and family to join in. You can see it walk to the fireworks from our house so it’s the perfect finale to a festive gathering!

  6. I adore Thanksgiving every year. Young and old, remembering the past, looking toward the season ahead and the love that is palpable. My favorite!

  7. Thank you for introducing Bre and her blog, I’ve already found a project i want to tackle. I can’t wait to check out her book.

  8. Thank you for offering this give away. I love remembering the holiday gatherings at my grandparents home. I inherited her crystal goblets that were always on the adults only table. Every time I use them happy memories flood my heart.

  9. I love Bree and and I love this book idea. We live in such a busy fast paced world, and that makes gathering so much more important! ❤️

  10. My favorite recent memory of gathering is when I recently visited family in Florida, we all pitched in to make elements of the meal and then sat around the table forever, eating and talking.

  11. Setting a beautiful table — for holidays, birthdays, Mother’s Day, various seasons — is something my mom has done for years and it’s something of a family tradition. I love using items that were made by my grandmother, or belonged to my great-grandmother, or are special to my mom. Tablescapes bring so many generations of women in my family together in spirit. I would love to win this book to get new ideas for ways to showcase the dishes, napkins, glassware and decor that carries so many memories.

  12. How exciting for you and us! I love creating special times for family and friends in our home and really looking forward for some tips and ideas. Love that you dedicated the book to your grandmother. My own grandmother had a big impact in my life.

  13. My favorite memories of gathering are with our whole family together, sitting around sharing and talking. It’s bittersweet now with grandparents and mom passed away but trying to make great memories for the next generations

  14. My favorite memories of gathering are from yearly beach vacations. Everybody had to pitch in to cook and clean and then we’d play cards for hours!

    It so funny because I was just thinking about Bre recently. I somehow had “lost touch” with her blog and then boom you mention her book. Cannot wait to see more!

  15. This book looks so good – many ideas! I love decorating and just recently got into table decorating. I don’t host often, but when I do I can go overboard because I want all the things!

  16. As an empty nester with children scattered all over the country, my favorite gatherings are when all my kids and grands are home together. It doesn’t happen very often, but I love the noise and chaos. This looks like a beautiful book. I’m looking forward to reading it!

  17. My favorite gathering was at my grandparents home. My grandmother always used her prettiest dishes and her table was always decorated as well. The best food you have ever had and she always made special dishes for us. I’m forever grateful for those times at her table. ♥️

  18. I love the precious moments with family and friends spent sitting around the table sharing meals together! Love the giveaway!

  19. I have really been thinking about how important it is to gather together with friends and family more frequently. This book looks absolutely wonderful and I would love to use it as a tool to help me create a beautiful gathering place in my home.

  20. My favorite gatherings were when I was young and the whole family would gather at my grandparents house. It was never fancy, but it was always full. I would love for my home to be a gathering place for meals and memories.

  21. Most of my favorite memories of gathering involve my extended family at my grandparents’ house. They have both passed now, and I am so blessed by my parents continuing the tradition. We have Sunday lunch after church at my parents’ home almost every week. I love watching my kids and my brothers’ kids making memories together!

  22. I too an empty-nester who enjoys the CRAZY home comings…but enjoy getting my girl friend together to make them feel special. I love the comment you made about “not showing” off, but making others feel special…I wasn’t able to put it into words, but that is it exactly. Cant wait to get the book (Ill order one – to gift) it looks beautiful. Thanks for the chance to add to the collection. and my new obsession…
    Mimi to 14

  23. Our family Sunday dinners at my parents’ home after church are the best memories. Nothing like friends and family gathered around the table enjoying delicious food and precious time with each other.

  24. Some of my favorite shared meals are those that take place out of doors. Looking forward to some great outdoor meals in the next few months. This book looks so amazing!

  25. I love the idea of tablescapes and hosting gatherings in my home. My favorite gathering memory is anytime my family gets together at mommas and I am looking forward to hosting them all at my home soon!

  26. My favorite memory is the first Thanksgiving dinner we had at my house when my son was a baby. We had lots of family over and had a great time.

  27. Nice to see you bloggers supporting each other! The book looks beautiful. Thanks for the chance at the give away.

  28. I loved gathering at my grandparent’s house for Easter. My grandfather used to make a cute cake shaped like the Easter bunny. It was a warm and inviting environment.

  29. I enjoyed Family gatherings most when the kids were small and the grandparents were alive. We still enjoy our gatherings it’s just different now :)

  30. Both you and Bre share great inspiration for us all. I am originally from MIssissippi, but moved to SC the summer before my senior year of high school. We have always traveled to Mississippi for Thanksgiving, but one year we were unable to go “home,” but ended up having one of the most memorable Thanksgivings ever. We invited other families from church who did not have local “family” to celebrate Thanksgiving. We about 50 folks who gathered together and had the time of our lives! The Lord showed up in more ways than one!

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