Affordable Ways to Upgrade Your Front Porch Columns

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Today we are talking about affordable ways to upgrade your front porch columns!

We are almost finished with our front porch decking (DIY coming in a post next week!,) so now it’s time for us to start thinking about what type of columns we want to build.  

We are building new columns from scratch, but if your home has old columns that are outdated or not in good shape, then you may be able to use some of these options as well!

Right now, Cy is supporting our new gable roof with two sturdy cedar posts.  We chose cedar posts because they exhibit better weather resistant properties than pine or poplar.

We have been looking at affordable options to wrap our cedar posts that will boost our home’s curb appeal. 

Here are some affordable products to consider when wrapping your front porch posts…


Faux Stone Veneer

One beautiful way to update your columns is to let them rest on a stone pedestals.  This look can easily be achieved by wrapping your columns in a faux stone veneer.



Faux stone column wraps can add a ton of charm to your home. They are easy to install around your existing porch columns or posts, and are weather resistant.

These type of faux stone veneer pedestals are available in several different colors at Lowe’s.  



Another beautiful choice is to wrap your posts in cedar.   It is an affordable choice of weather resistant wood.  You can also paint or stain cedar.









If you do not want rectangular columns, one option is to wrap your porch posts in fiberglass round columns.  


They are resistant to insects, rot, and decay, are very durable, and easy to maintain.

I found these columns on Lowe’s website.  






Primed pine wood is a very affordable option to wrap your front porch posts.  

We used pine wood when we built the new front porch on our Kentucky home.

Even though pine wood is very affordable, you have to consider that it’s durability has a lot to do with the paint preparation and exposure to natural elements.  These can be a great alternative at a lower price point, but may require more maintenance.



The final option is the one we will be using on our new front porch.  We are going to wrap our cedar posts in PVC board to create a look very similar to the one below.

Blackard Modern Farmhouse

We chose PVC because it does not rot or decay and is resistant to insects.  This option is at a slightly higher price point on the front end than the other two wood options I mentioned earlier, but they will require very little maintenance and last for many more years.  You can leave them white, or paint them the color of your choice. 



Which  is your favorite option to upgrade columns?  What type of columns do you have on your front porch, if any?  And do they need an upgrade?

Next week, we will be sharing with you the DIY Tutorial of how we build our front porch columns, so stay tuned!





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  1. I actually love the cedar the most, but certainly understanding choosing the PVC because of upkeep. I loved your Christmas table option – looks amazing. Have a great day!

  2. I think your porch is going to be stunning with the PVV wrapped columns! I can visualize it, especially after you style the entire porch area@ I think it will have a very clean & upscale look. I hope your fall wounds are healing up- Silly lady..that sounded like something I would do! Have a blessed day!

  3. We are looking to revamp our porch and didn’t even know about PVC boards. That option sounds great! I would LOVE to know what brick you used for the floor area of your porch in the first photo. The thin brick, what is that called? Where did you get it? We have concrete and its just cracking everywhere, so I would love to lay something over it like that. Thanks!

  4. My columns are not on on the porch floor, they are off the porch with footers. What wraps can I use since I don’t have flooring just the yard.

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