Simple and Beautiful Front Porch Decor

*This post is sponsored by Lowe’s.  All designs, ideas, and opinions are 100% mine.

THANK YOU for all the love on our Exterior Makeover Reveal post!!!

All of our hard work is such much more sweeter when we share it with you!

When we were finished building our new front porch, we were thrilled with the results….

But it didn’t really come to life until we added the decor!…

When I decorated the front porch, it was then that I was like….“Wow!”  Even Cy and the kids thought the porch looked so much more homey and welcoming when we added the decor.

(*links to decor items listed at the bottom of this post.)

And the truth is, we didn’t really add that much!  It doesn’t take much to make a big impact.  

I didn’t want the porch to look “busy” or feel cluttered, so we simply added some chairs, some planters with flowers and greenery, and a rug.  That’s it!

But that is all it took to make it come to life!

Instead of using a door mat, I chose this indoor jute rug.  I wanted something warm and neutral because I didn’t want it to take away from the beautiful herringbone tile pattern.  Since the porch is covered, this indoor rug will do fine. And since we use our back door for entering and leaving our home, this rug won’t see much action, so it’s all good. :)

I fell in love with the grey “faux cement” planters on the porch.  I put some colorful pansies in the smaller ones, and then added some ficus plants in the taller ones.  I know that my ficus plants are actually meant for indoors, but for now, I am just going to bring them in at night and see how long they last.  :)  

Some other more permanent “decor”  items on our porch are the lights, door handle, and house numbers.   To me, these items are like jewelry for our front porch.

Originally, I didn’t have plans to put our house numbers on the beam, but it just felt like we needed a little punch of color on that white beam, so we did it, and I love them there! These can be “floating” numbers, but I wanted our to lay flat on the wood.  

And I love the contrast of the modern black door handle against our warm, wooden traditional doors.  It really ties together well with the black lantern lights.

These lights were exactly what I was looking for, and I was so glad when I saw them on Lowe’s website!

They added the “modern” feel that I was going for in this home. 

We installed the large lights on each side of our new doors, and then we added the smaller matching lights to the columns.

Our house kind of sits down off the road and can be very dark at night, so I love how these lights just brighten up the front of our home.

And these chairs, y’all!!  I love them so much!

The black accents go perfectly with our front porch, and they will be the perfect spot to sit and relax when the weather starts warming up.  They are so comfortable!  

Now I am ready for spring, when our grass starts to turn green, and I can add some more plants and flowers to our landscaping!  

I put together a collage of the items I used to decorate our front porch, and you can find the links below the picture.  Just click on each link to view each item at Lowe’

1. Quoizel Westover Outdoor Wall Light

2.  Hillman 5 inch House Numbers

3.  Schlage Century Matte Black Entry Door Handleset 

Schlage Century Matte Black Deadbolt Lighted Keypad

4. Allen + Roth Rothenbee Set of 2 Wicker Metal Conversation Chair(s) with Sunbrella Cushioned Seat

5. Multicolor Pansies

6.  Allen + Roth Grey Resin Planter (large)

Grey Resin Planter (small)

7.  NuLoom Natural Rug


Thanks again for all of your love on our exterior makeover!  If you have any questions at all about this part of our renovation, just let me know!

What decor items do you like to put on your front porch?


  1. That looks so beautiful Traci.. You guys have done an amazing job. I read your blog, when I am work first thing in the morning (5:30am) with my coffee, and some days, you make me tired, listening to everything you have going on. :) Can’t wait to see more updates..

  2. Just love your front porch! So much so, I’m going to copy it 😀❤️ You’re not far from my daughter in FL. Enjoy the Emerald Coast 😎

  3. It looks warm and welcoming, Traci.
    I also have double front doors with two porch lights. About a year ago an electrician was able to install some photocell gizmos to the top of the porch lights (after the lights were already in place) and now they come on automatically at dusk and stay on until sometime in the morning. I don’t know what he used but you can’t even see the photocell unit. I love the fact that the lights brighten the house at night but I never have to remember to turn them on or off. I bet you could do that with the smaller lights on the porch posts since they get the daytime light.

  4. It’s all so beautiful, Traci! And I agree with you family, the decor was the final touch to say welcome. Very well done.

  5. Your front porch is just beautiful, Traci! I’ve clicked through your links and ordered the Rothenbee chairs and also added the love seat. These items are just what I was looking for for the front porch. I didn’t want “modular furniture” and my husband wasn’t crazy about a traditional looking wicker set. This Allen and Roth set combines the best of all styles…a little wicker, a little modern, with a nod to craftsman. Thank you!

  6. Outstanding job, it is beautiful and all your hard work paid off in a big way. Thanks for sharing with all of us!

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