Exterior Makeover Reveal!!! {Notes from Home}

*This post is sponsored by Lowe’s.  All design, project, and content ideas are 100% mine.


Happy Friday, friends!

I am SO EXCITED to finally share our Exterior Makeover Reveal with y’all!

(Be sure to read through to the end of this post to see our latest episode of Notes from Home!  Luke worked extra hard on this week’s video and used his drone to take video of our home.  I think you will like it!)

It has taken us several months to complete it, but it’s finally finished, and we are thrilled with the results!

Do you remember what it looked like when we bought it?

Here’s a reminder…

Large stone columns on a small dark porch, yellow siding, brown brick, and green shutters and doors.  WOW!

Now our house is white, making it feel much more light and airy, plus we now have a large front porch to enjoy!

I sure do wish we had beautiful green grass and lots of flowers in our landscaping right now, but sadly we do not.  But I still think our house looks good with the dead grass and bare trees. haha!

We knew as soon as we saw the house that those stone columns HAD to go!  But we didn’t know right off that we would be extending the roof line on our porch, but I am so glad we did!


It doesn’t even look like the same house, but I swear it is!  haha!  We extended the roof line so that the double windows would be a part of the front porch as well. 


The front porch used to feel so small and dark.  But one thing I did like was the lights in the stone columns.  It got me thinking that I would like to have lights on our new columns as well. 


So we decided to put new lights by the front doors and on the columns!  

Speaking of doors….

I was so happy the day we got rid of the old green doors with mismatched handles.

The Pella doors from Lowe’s turned out beautiful!  You can see how Cy stained these doors in our NEW Notes from Home video at the bottom of this post. 


The original porch was made of brown brick and brown aggregate concrete.  It was dirty and moldy and needed a change. 

The herringbone brick pavers that we used to create our new porch is one of my favorite parts of this whole makeover.  It turned out even better than I expected!


The porch before didn’t really have any definite landscaping. 

I’m so glad that we now have some landscaping started around our front porch, and I look forward to adding some beautiful, colorful flowers to it this spring!

When we bought the house, it had green shutters on every window.  My first thought was that I would paint those shutters black or replace them with new ones.  


But when we took them off, I like how much bigger the front of our house look without them that I didn’t want to put them back on.  I decided to leave them off and to paint our windows black.

Many of you have asked if we got new windows, but we did not, except for the three on our garage.  (One is on the right side of the house.)


The rest of the windows are the original wood windows that we painted Valspar’s Ebony Fields like the trim and gutters.  

We did, however, add one piece of painted wood trim to the top half of the window for extra detail.  I love the uniqueness of our windows, even though one day, we will probably have them all replaced with new ones.  

The left side of the house was very covered up by the large magnolia tree.  We did trim that tree quite a bit, and the white paint on the house helps to make that side stand out a little more.   


Can y’all just picture how pretty this home will look with green grass this spring?!!  I can’t wait!

Here is one more before picture of our house when we bought it…

And the after…


On Monday, I will be sharing a post with all the details of the products I used to decorate my front porch, like the planters, chairs, rug, etc.  So stay tuned for that!

If you have any questions about this makeover at all, feel free to ask!

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Here are some fun gifs I made of our makeover!  And be sure to scroll down to watch the newest episode of Notes from Home!






Notes from Home

Exterior Makeover Reveal



    1. i really thought that you replaced the windows, damn good idea and it fooled me. you should be so proud, fantastic job.

  1. Your son did SUCH a great job on this video!! The music was upbeat and whole thing was captivating!! All of you did a great job!! Well done! 🙂

  2. It’s hard to believe it’s the same house! I knew you and Cy did good work, but this is amazing.

    Two things: 1. Keeping Cy in my thoughts and prayers for full recovery without too much trauma. I also had the detached retina surgery with a scleral buckle, so he has been in my mind all along.

    2. I don’t seem to be getting your blog posts in my email, but when I tried to subscribe again, it said I was already subscribed. I follow you on Instagram, so that has kept me updated, but I wonder if there is a problem and that is why your clicks are down.

  3. I just commented using Safari and it did not appear – neither did anything about comment awaiting moderation. I know that Safari has issues and on other blogs I have to use Firefox, so I’m trying again. Also, I’m not getting your blog in my Yahoo email though when I tried to re-subscribe it told me I was already subscribed. That may be why your blog clicks have been lower. I follow you on Instagram, so I’ve been able to keep up to date on your progress.

    The exterior makeover is amazing – it’s hard to believe it’s the same house! I also had detached retina surgery with a scleral buckle, so I’ve been keeping Cy in my thoughts and prayers. I hope they are able to correct the problem with minimal trauma to the eye.

  4. It’s absolutely amazing! I love following along. Although not as diy handy it is encouraging me and motivating me with ideas for our 1979 boxy, bland split level. In case I missed it, did you explain how y’all added the extra trim piece to you windows to create extra detail? Thank you for your inspiration 😊

  5. Wow! I’ve got to admit I wasn’t seeing your vision for the porch reno but now that I see it…… just WOW. It’s so gorgeous. Love it! You guys did a great job. Cant6wait to see the inside reveal.

  6. The porch & front of the house look amazing. Fabulous changes. And yes, I’m sure the spring & summer landscaping will look great – but the changes are just beautiful. Great work!!

  7. WOW!!!! Just love the new look. What amazing curb appeal, looks like a brand new build. Can’t wait to see what you do inside

  8. Mark and I love what you and Cy have done to your new home. We have enjoyed following you all each step of the way! Please consider The Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins near us in Baltimore Maryland for a second opinion. We know you have Vanderbilt close by too. If you need a place to stay you all would be welcome to stay here. We live about 30 min from Hopkins. We pray that he will get the proper treatment.
    Sincerely, Mary and Mark

  9. Oh Traci! You’ve all done a fantastic job! Your house looks so pretty. I love how you’ve styled the front porch with those seats and the miniature trees. Well done you!!

  10. Traci, I absolutely love the transformation! I, too, am remodeling my house. I asked my contractor about adding trim to my windows at the top to divide them. He hasn’t been able to make any suggestions as to what he could use or how it could be done. Can you give me some insight as to how you guys accomplished that? I would really appreciate it.

  11. I love the front doors! They look like clear glass, but I feel like you can’t see through them. Is that accurate? If so how is that possible?

  12. Wow!!! Your house is beautiful!!! It’s an amazing transformation!!! You and Cy have a real talent for seeing the beauty in an older home and executing it to perfection.

  13. Hi Tracy
    That is SUPER amazing!!!
    Absolutely beautiful!!! I love it!!!
    I’m still praying for cy and his eye!!!
    Hope things are well also with his new job!!!
    Donna from PA

  14. I’ve come along on this journey with you but to see the before and after together…..oh my! What a beautiful job y’all have done! And you have the most wonderful family to boot! Hoping Cy’s eye will respond well to his upcoming surgeries.

  15. A stunning transformation and you have such vision!! It’s an updated, fresh, new look…the best looking house on the block! :)

    Continuing to pray for Cy’s eye and future surgery.

  16. The site said I’d already made that comment but I had not. Don’t know what’s going on.

    Love the transformation and your’s and Cy’s vision for the exterior. Now to move on to the inside :) I look forward to seeing it transform!

  17. So so impressed with this makeover! I’ve already said it, but will again, GREAT JOB!
    I’m in awe at how bright and clean and sleek it now looks. Simply beautiful!
    I’m thinking either your neighbors love you for this, or hate you because now their houses look sad with this beauty next door.
    I was going to ask about the planters but see that’s coming Monday. I may have to get some of those.

  18. One word….STUNNING! Did you and Cy come up with the design, or did you have an architect draw it up for you? Either way, it is lovely.
    What a transformation!

  19. Traci, you two are makeover champs!! That turned out absolutely stunning!! What a transformation!! You should both be so proud! It doesn’t even look like the same house!

  20. Hi Traci,
    I love your post about your beautiful daughter. What a blessing!

    I had asked before if you could tell me what type of trim you used to divide your windows. Can you point me in the right direction?


  21. LOVE your makeover! Looks amazing and am anxious to try the herringbone pavers and painted windows. What type of Valspar paint did you use on the windows? Are your windows vinyl clad or aluminum? I hate my cream colored cladding on our windows and hope to replace one day, but for now am researching painting them. Thank you for sharing and for any window painting tips!

  22. That is a stunning transformation. I love how the gutters and downspouts fade from view in this color. Did you guys replace or just paint the gutters and downspout to match the trim?

    Thank you!

  23. Its beautiful! How can I find out what color you used on the outside? we are remodeling as well and i really want to do a white exterior.

  24. Hi, I absolutely love your choice of patio chairs on your front porch. The touch of wicker with the black and white is so attractive. Please share with me where you got them. Thank you.

    1. Thank you, Marilyn. The Chairs are from Lowe’s. They are sold out online, but may have them in your local store? They are the allen + roth Rothenbee Set of 2 Texture Black Wicker Metal Stationary Conversation Chairs

  25. I am SO glad I found this! Your house is very similar to ours even down to the front windows and magnolia tree on the right side! I’ve really been struggling with how to add a front porch without making it look like it was built in the 70’s! LOL! What you’ve done gives me so many ideas! Thank you for the detailed pictures! Now I can’t wait to get started!

  26. Hello! Can you tell me where you purchased those outdoor chairs? We are building a home in those chairs would be perfect for our porch! Thanks so much.

  27. Beautiful make over! What paint did you use on the body of the house? There are so many whites to choose from?1

  28. Hi—this is a job well done….absolutely fantastic. I wonder how you electrified the columns….I checked out the link at the bottom for constructing the posts but didn’t see mention of it. Are the column light fixtures hard wired or wireless?
    Thank you, Monica

  29. Hi – Beautiful home! We will be using the same paint for the exterior — can’t wait! Quick question, can you let me know where you bought the house address numbers from? We love the design…

  30. Hi there! your front porch is gorgeous! I’m curious how it’s looking after 2 years?

    We’re planning to add on a porch and I’m curious what size your’s ended up becoming? Thanks!

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