Cozy DIY Sweater Vases

Hello friends!

We have a little wintry weather possibly coming our way this afternoon.  Mostly rain, but it may turn into a little snow. 

I will definitely be putting some logs on the fire in our den.  Nothing more cozy than a fire!

Speaking of cozy….how fun are these vases covered with old sweaters?!



I was just taking some old sweaters out of my closet yesterday.  The ones that I haven’t worn for about three winters in a row.  haha!  I keep thinking I will wear them, but I never do.  

So why not re-purpose them?!  I looked on Pinterest to find some ideas, and I might give some of these a try!

How pretty is this vignette?  I love those wooden beads too.


You could use these sweater vases on a kitchen table, and bedside table, or even on your bathroom countertop.




It may even be a fun project to do with your kids?  Maybe use sweaters they have outgrown or ones that are their favorite colors?




I found this picture of a large glass container that can be used on the floor.  I wondered if they wrapped it with one of those infinity scarfs?





Sweaters with patterns or designs can work too!



Here is a picture of how you can use a sweater sleeve on a vase.  I would use hot glue to attach the cut edges on the bottom of the vase. 

If you used a part of a sweater that wasn’t a sleeve, you could also use hot glue to attach the cut sides together, or even stitch them up with some needed and thread, like below.



You could also wrap a glass candle jar with a sweater…



Or make a sweater cover for your favorite coffee mug?…


And if you don’t have any old sweaters in your closet that you could use, just take a quick trip to your local thrift shop and grab some…they have an amazing supply!


So what do you think?  Do you like this idea?

Have you ever made a sweater vase?  



  1. These are just SOOO cute! This would totally go with our casual decor. I’m thinking the one on the floor is the sleeve from a large man’s sweater. I can’t wait to show my daughter. She loves to bring in cuttings from the backyard and she could really make this work. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ famous mittens that he wore to the Biden inauguration were made of repurposed sweater yarn. You can find Bernie Sanders memes online of him wearing those mittens in all kinds of places. The teacher who made the mittens has been flooded with thousands of requests for mittens, but she says she’s done making mittens. I suppose the sweaters could be used to make stuffed animals or pet toys. A tightly woven sachet bag or herb bag full of catnip could be covered with a stitched sweater bag. The cat would shred the sweater wool to pieces, but it would LOVE playing with it. Or you could make Christmas stockings out of them with a fleece top. Hmm….I wonder if they’d hold up more than one Christmas!

  3. We found that a wool sweater’s sleeve makes the perfect “jacket” for a newborn kid (as in, goat). One Christmas, we had a kid that struggled to stabilize at birth, but we had a family Christmas gathering to get to. We pulled the sleeve over the baby’s body and took her with us. She was able to maintain her body temperature nicely and was the hit of the party. We named her…Noelle, of course!

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