At look back at 2020 – What a year!

Hey sweet friends!

I hope you are doing well.  I hope you know how THANKFUL I am that you follow me and my family here on my blog!  You are my “online” family, and you are very special to me!  So many of you commented on my previous post with Krylon, and your comments blessed my heart.  I am TRULY GRATEFUL that you took the time to leave a comment, and I will never take your encouragement for granted.  Just needed to say that.  xoxo

Today, we are going to take a little look back at 2020.  Even though it was a rough year, it was a good one too. 

I am going to share some highlights from 2020 with you in this post.  Sometimes, I will just link to posts in my sentences, and sometimes, I will link to posts through pictures!

At the beginning of 2020, we had only been living in our new Tennessee home for about 6 months.  We were still in a full on renovation, and dealing with all of the surgeries with Cy’s eye.  Cy also started a new banking job in January as well!

The last day of January, we revealed our front porch makeover!  This was a project that completely changed the look of our home. 



I am so glad we tackled that project and were able to document it all in our Youtube series, Notes from Home.

If you missed any episode, you can click the pic below to watch them…

In February, I shared info about our front porch decor…

And took a trip to Mirimar Beach with my Young Living business…

In March, Nashville was hit with a devastating tornado, just days before the Covid outbreak.   While quarantined, we decided to do a lot of projects inside our home, including the “knee wall” to our sunken den.  You can see that post HERE.


In April, still being stuck inside, we decided to give the hallway bathroom a makeover, (which truthfully we still haven’t fully finished.  #yikes.). But the makeover started with using appliance epoxy on our countertop…


As the weather started to warm up, we decided to tackle some projects outside which included tearing down the old deck to the studio suite…

(Have I mentioned lately how much I love my crazy crew?!!!)


May was a busy month!

We continued our bathroom renovation, and started building a new shed.

We also drove up to our Kentucky house at the end of the month to do some landscaping…

And celebrate Luke graduating High School (remotely) “Covid Style…”

If by chance, you missed our “Notes from Home” video about his graduation, I encourage you to watch it.  It was a really special time, and God was so good. 

In June, we continued our bathroom renovation by painting the vanity black  and adding new hardware…

We also removed the siding from the Studio Suite, added board and batten to the exterior, and painted it black, but for some reason, I didn’t write a post about that.  #oops.  I know it was in one of my Notes from Home episodes, but I didn’t document it with pictures in a blog post.  Sorry about that!  It was hard keeping up with all that was going on at times. haha!


Also in June, we snuck away to Destin for a family vacation!  First family vacation in almost 8 years, and it was amazing!!


In July, we painted the patio on the back of our house…


If you missed it, in THIS POST, I share with you how I finally came up with a plan for our new back deck by “marrying” my house with my good friend, Allie’s from Proverbs 31 Girl’s back patio/deck, and they had a baby.

The picture below is a rough photo of the back of my house with Alli’s deck/patio photoshopped on top…


In August, we added new sliding doors to the back of the kitchen….

And we finished our shed and painted it black to match the studio suite.

September was a slower month for us, but I did share about painting our shed lights…

Back inside the house, in October, we painted the wall in our den black.   (Yes, I like the color black right now. haha!)


I also partnered with Krylon for our mailbox makeover…


And lastly, we installed and painted some used cabinets that we purchased from the Habitat Restore for $400…

In November, I started a post about DIY gold handles for my cabinets, but never finished it. haha! 

I went home to Kentucky for my birthday to spend a special weekend with my dad. 

But I didn’t really have any projects to share in November. 

And lastly, in December, I did a couple of fun projects in Sania’s room!

I stenciled a wall in Sania’s room…

And painted a side table for her as well…


So many fun projects completed, and so many more to go!  haha!

(The picture below is from a campaign I did on Instagram, but didn’t have to write a blog post about it.  So I’m sharing it now.)

You guys are truly family to me!  I so wish we lived closer, so we could sit around and sip coffee or sweet tea together, and laugh for hours. 

I’ve been sharing my life online for over a decade now.  The highs and the lows and all the in betweens. 

I’ve loved sharing all of the projects we have completed over the years, but I have loved sharing my heart with you the most. 

Because let’s be honest, its OUR HEARTS that matter most in this life.  And after 2020, I realized it even more.  My heart is super tender toward others, including all of you who read my blog. 

My deepest desire in this life is for everyone to KNOW and EXPERIENCE the love of God.

God and His Word are more real to me now than any other time in my life.  And my heart is full. 

I believe there’s a good chance that the overflow of my heart will spill on to the pages of this blog in 2021.  

And as always, thank you for letting me do so. 

All my love!



  1. Whew! What a busy year!
    Thankful that Cy’s eye is better ( I assume it is?). I love being ‘a part’ of your family! I’m also glad you share your heart!

    Blessing for a calm , productive and spirit filled year!

  2. I love reading your blog. You all had quite a first year in Tennessee! I agree it would be fun to meet you and many other bloggers in person. I love connecting with so many Christian bloggers especially now since I can’t attend church. Some days after reading my email and Instagram I feel like I’ve been in a Sunday School Class. Although I’m much older than all of you.(I’m almost 75! ). But I still can paint and spray paint.😂
    Thanks for all you share.

  3. That was fun to read about your 2020 year. I can’t believe all you accomplished during that time. I so wish I was a DIY/project person. I don’t have the talent for it and so it doesn’t happen. I could have used it during 2020. I feel like life went on hold during that year. I know God worked then and is still working toward our good through all this virus stuff. I pray we get back to some type of normalcy in this new year. Thanks for the fun blog to read as its been a good distraction from all the virus stuff.

  4. We are so glad you share your family and home with us. You do feel like family to many of us, I started reading your blog about the time your Mom got sick. It is so nice to see how your family grows and changes through the years. We live in Texas but I am an East Tennessee gal. Can’t wait to see what you all do this year!

  5. Awe Traci, it has been quite a year. You have done SO MUCH work on your Tennessee home and I love it all. I love hearing about your family and how you are growing in your faith. 2020 has been a really difficult year for me but following you and your sweet sister has been a nice escape when my mind needed a break. Thank you!

  6. Please know how thankful I am to be a part of your on-line family! Thank you for sharing your life experiences with us, your children, your beautiful home, but most especially your faith. I look forward to every post! Love and hugs to all of you!

  7. You have a beautiful family! I have to say that I haven’t been on in a while, but I’m back and I love to see what’s going on. Your son Johnathon is so blessed with a beautiful voice. I love the Strangers video. Your daughter is beautiful. I love to see the video’s with her bc she seems so happy that she is about to burst…Precious! You had a lot going on in 2020. I absolutely LOVE your house. Johnathon is not the only one with talent.
    Hope you have a great 2021. God’s Blessings!

  8. Love reading about your lovely family and all your 2020 projects. Keep up the good work and God Bless you and your family!q

  9. Traci and Family,
    I love reading your blog, watching Lukes videos, sweating along with Cy working himself to death, (Lol! Having worked in the banking industry, I know how much of you that requires, and I feel his pain) All of your children are talented hardworking and supportive of both you and Cy. A credit to your parenting skills. We don’t see a lot of this these days so I applaud you. I wait for you emails so I can see what’s new and maybe learn some new skills ;) You house is looking absolutely amazing and I like what you’ve done with the black. It looks great! Keep up the good work and thank you so much for sharing with all of us. I’ve followed you for so long I think of you as family as well. Thanks for the update!
    XO, Deb

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