How to Revive Old Lockers with Spray Paint!

*I partnered with Krylon for this project.  All opinions and ideas are 100% mine.


I’m so excited to show you this DIY project that I completed for our Wilmore house when we were on spring break!

It started with these old lockers that I found on Facebook Marketplace for 80 bucks.  

DIY SPRAY PAINTED LOCKERSI bought them while we were in Tennessee, and then we transported them to Kentucky to give them a brand new makeover. 

They weren’t in great shape, but they weren’t in horrible shape either.  I knew that they would look beautiful with a fresh coat of spray paint!





I used some of my YL lemon essential oil to get off the stickers, and then sanded any bumps on the surface, which was very few, with a 120 grit sanding sponge. 

DIY Spray Painted Lockers

I covered the handles and number plates with painter’s tape.  I didn’t take a picture of how I trimmed the excess tape off the number plates, but I used scissors like an exacto knife and cut around the number plate to remove the excess tape. 

I also enlisted Cy to help me bend the metal top down and secure with a few extra screws.  (Remember…it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful!) *wink*DIY SPRAY PAINTED LOCKERS

Once the lockers were prepped to paint, I had to decide which green shade from Krylon that I wanted to use.  It was between Satin Italian Olive, and Matte Spanish Moss. 


Although both colors were BEAUTIFUL, I decided I wanted to go with the darker color for the space I was going to use the lockers in. 

Because the Krylon Fusion All-in-One is a PAINT + PRIMER, I did not have to do any sanding or priming to prepare the surface to paint.

This paint goes on smooth like butter, and it gives such a creamy, deep finish.  Even my 17 year old commented on how amazing it went on!  I seriously only needed one coat of paint to cover these lockers. 

It took less than 15 minutes to spray paint the entire set of lockers!


Fusion All-In-One offers

  • Superior adhesion and durability
  • Indoor/Outdoor use with maximum rust protection o
  • No sanding or priming required
  • Big button spray tip with spray anyway capabilities (LOVE THIS FEATURE!)


This color of green is very on trend.  Kyrlon is awesome about making sure they keep up with the color trends and provides them in so many shades and sheens! :)





When I removed the tape from the handles and number plates, there were a couple spots I needed to “touch up.”  The best way to do this is spray some of your paint on a plate, and use a small paint brush to apply the paint to those spots.  







I also used Krylon’s Fusion All in One Satin Black paint to give the inside of the lockers a brand new look!



Here is the BEFORE of the laundry room space that I was wanting to use these lockers in…





Isn’t she cute?!!!  

I just love her in this space SO MUCH!!


After I spray painted the inside of the lockers black, I was able to fill them with supplies we need easy access to!
















It’s hard to believe that this is what she used to look like…



She’s come a long way, baby!  haha!


I know I say this EVERY TIME, but even after 20+ years of DIY’ing, it STILL amazes me what a single can of spray paint can do!


Now, I’m looking at the next project I can tackle with a can of Krylon Spray Paint, which you can find here! :)


What do you think?  Do you like it?  

What is your favorite spray paint project you have every completed?


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  1. What a great use of the lockers, and I love the color! I’m ready for green to reappear in home decor, it seems everything is blue or gray right now.
    My favorite spray paint makeover was a rattan side table I got on Craigslist for $30. I painted it a burnished gold and it turned out so pretty! I am still using the table almost ten years later. Spray paint keeps so many usable items out of landfills!!

  2. Super cute! Love the green color with the prints hanging next to the lockers. I have an old metal glider, I think I’ll pick up some Krylon and spruce it up. It’s a little rusty, but I bet the paint/primer will work pretty well.

  3. I spray painted an old cheap brass headboard and a brass table lamp with their Hammered Metal paint. Loved the finished look. So did the guy buying my house! He asked me to leave them👍🏻

  4. Oh my! Those are beautiful and I LOVE the color! I just love the Krylon paint products-they are the BEST! (Now to find a set of lockers!)

  5. Wow! I have a pair of blue lockers exactly like yours, only it is just the doors. I am asking my husband and son to build a cabinet for those doors and spraying it the Spanish moss color. I love green! I have worked with Krylon before and it is the best! This will be awesome to hang cold weather coats and store boots in the garage. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. I love your projects because it give me hope. I still have all my fingers and I can spray some paint friend! Yahoo!

  7. WOW! The lockers look fabulous and what a great idea. Will people that stay in the Wilmore House have access to the lockers or is it just for y’all and whomever cleans the house for you?

    1. I think most of the supplies will be accessible to guests, but we may put a lock on one of them for things we don’t want others to use. And we have decided not to list our house as an Airbnb, but just let family and friends stay there. :)

  8. What a great DIY project! The color and finish look wonderful. And I love that piece in its new home.

  9. They came out beautiful! I think my favorite spray paint project was creating a solar garden fountain. I had a set of antique nesting mixing pans that were used to make soupie (similar to salami). I used the middle sized one – about 20-22 inches n diameter and about 8 inches deep. Sprayed metallic copper and clear coated! Love the flash of shine in the garden!

  10. Love that green! So happy to see something that isn’t blue…feel like the decor world has gone a little overboard with blue.

  11. Wow!!!! You think of everything. I would never have thought to put lockers in a room like that but it looks great. That must be great paint to only need one coat. I love the pictures hung beside it too. Where are those from? You are sooo talented.

    1. Hi Kathy! Thank you so much! Those pictures were also a Kirklands find several years ago. I just happened to have them at the Wilmore house and they worked perfectly with these lockers. :)

  12. Wow! I follow you on IG and comment over there also! This looks amazing and not an expensive coat that would break the bank. I love it.

    I have spray painted some kitchen handles and knobs to update the look.


  13. I love the space with the newly painted green lockers! You chose a beautiful shade of green and the lockers work beautifully for the extra supplies you need. Way to go!!

    Now, does Krylon have a spray paint I can use on my fireplace insert? It’s dark gold now but I want black. Thanks

    1. Hi Nita! Thank you so much!
      And yes, I believe that have a heat spray paint. I would ask someone at Lowe’s to show you which type to use. :)

  14. They look fabulous! I’ve spray painted a few things and after seeing what I did my 83 yo mom had been painting everything! It’s fairly easy for her because she doesn’t need to drag out tons of equipment. Just a tarp and the paint.

  15. They turned out beautiful! Thanks for always giving us amazing inspiration, and I’ll definitely be giving Krylon a try for my next project!

  16. The lockers look fantastic! And only one coat? That is amazing coverage. I love Krylon – that Paint Anyways feature is SO wonderful.
    Perfect color and I love the botanicals.

  17. Love what you did with the lockers. I used Krylon paint on a metal bakers rack, it’s on my front porch with bird houses and plants.

  18. I wish I had thought of this use with the lockers I had at the other house. I used them for basement storage, but how cute they look in your laundry and very practical! I love Krylon spray paint too and have about 12 cans downstairs to use on my next project. Some of the ingenious ideas of your fans are giving me even more ideas! Great job Traci!

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