My Pretty Nails (without going to the salon!)

Hey friends!  

Did you have a good weekend?

We sure did!  We got a couple of projects finished in the house, but rested a lot too.  All the boys were gone this weekend, so it was just Sania, Cy, and me at home, and it was SO peaceful!! :) 

(Don’t tell the boys I said that. haha!)

I wanted to share with you a new product that I have tried and loved, and I think you will like them too!

Have you heard of Red Aspen Nails?


I did some Instagram stories about the nails, and I wanted to share them with you here too!  (See the very bottom of this post.)

Basically, I have been getting my nails done at a salon for 15-20 years.  So long that I can’t even remember when I started.  

I’ve never liked going to the salon to get my nails done because it takes “FOREVER,” and it seems like I never have the time or money.  It is always so inconvenient to make an appointment to get my nails done!

But the past few times I have been going, I have been having an allergic reaction to the chemicals they use.  Each time, my reaction is more severe.  The area around my finger has been getting swollen, irritated, red, and itchy.  I knew I was going to eventually stop going.

So I was excited to see a lot of my friends on Instagram talk about Red Aspen nails.  It was the perfect timing!  I wanted something that was less expensive, took less time, wouldn’t irritate the skin around my nails, and was less toxic than salon nails. 


I’m on my third set so far…this weekend, I put the white nails on.  I love the convenience of them.  I love that I save money.  I love that I save time.  And I LOVE that the skin around my nails is healing and not hurting anymore. 

I actually love how easy they are to apply too!  You can watch me apply them in the video below… 


I’ve been impressed with how well hey have stayed on, especially since I am hard on my hands (lots of DIYing over here!)  I have had a couple pop off during that last few weeks that I have worn them, but I just keep the little bottle of glue in my purse, and it takes two seconds to fix.  No problem at all!

I also like how they are sturdy, but not as thick as salon nails.  My salon nails made it hard to pick things up sometimes because they were so chunky, (even when I asked for them to be applied thin.). These Red Aspen nails feel more like my own nails.  

Another fun thing about these nails is all the colors and patterns!  They have lots of seasonal nails, and they also have nails to do a pedicure!  (I haven’t tried those yet.)

If you would like to order some Red Aspen Nails to try, just click HERE.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Have a blessed day!






  1. Those look soooo good. I would love to have pretty nails all the time. I got excited to look into these, but after reading about the ingredients in the glue, I don’t think I should. It sounds toxic and says cancer hazard when I googled it. I’m talking about the ingredient Cyanoacrylate. I don’t want to rain on your parade, but want you to be careful, as they say these are cruelty free and vegan which I notice many companies now put this, but when you look at the ingredients and read about them, they are still toxic. They do list the harmful things not in them, which is good, but there is still harmful ingredients. Just be careful as long term exposure could not be good. Pretty Nails just make a person feel good don’t they? Thanks for this post. I think it would probably be a great idea for a special occasion where you aren’t using daily for years and years. :) I still might try. I like the pink square ones.

  2. I feel for ya. I asked for “thin” nails and they were so thick I asked the guy to please make them thinner. He tried. I saw the person at the station next to me with thinner nails so I pointed at hers. “Can you do them like that?” I asked. I think he got annoyed, but it was a brand new set for the holidays! Mine are paper thin and catch on the tiniest snag. I love fake nails, but I just can’t commit to the time and money. I’ll have to check out the Red Aspen nails. I’ve tried the stick on polishes and they seem to stay on pretty well but my own nails just don’t grow that long. Maybe Red Aspen is what I need. :-) Thanks for this post!

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