This past weekend, I drove up to Kentucky to stay at the Wilmore house again.  Every time I walk in that sweet little home, I love it even MORE!

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Today, we are going to focus on the Master Bedroom!

Sadly, I don’t have a lot of  “before” photos of this room. :(

Cy had already done some of the “clean up” in that room before I could get there with my camera.  

Drywall had already been put up on the walls, even though we knew we would eventually replace the windows with new, taller windows.


This is the only room in the home where we could salvage the original hardwood flooring.  The flooring in the rest of the home had to be replaced.  

In the picture below, you can see the closet are on the right, behind the stacks of drywall.

I did find these videos, which help you see the room better.  However, these videos were taken after a lot of work had already been done.  The room actually looks “good” in these videos!  haha!!   These videos were from my Instagram stories, so they are short, but that allows me to upload them like a photo.  (If I put them together, I would have to create a youtube video to share them with you.)


This room actually required the least amount of work in the house.  

We basically added new drywall on the walls and ceiling, new windows and trim, and refinished the old 100 year old flooring.  We also reconfigured and built the closet on the right wall.

Here is the after!…


This room is SO SIMPLE, and I love it!!

I brought my black four poster bed back to Kentucky to put in this room.  (That bed was just a cherry bed we got on Craigslist and painted black.)

We painted all the baseboard and trim my favorite gray, Dorian Gray by SW.  Cy still has to fix some of the drywall by the baseboard, but he will get to that eventually. haha!

The curtains are from Home Goods.  (I don’t have a link for them.). And the armoire is from Cy’s parents.  They gave it to us over 10 years ago, and we have mostly kept it in storage.  But it works perfectly in this house because it has drawers on the left and a place to hang clothes on the right…great for extra storage!

The chair is from Wayfair, but they don’t sell that same one anymore.  It’s not in the best shape, so I hope to get a new chair to put there eventually, but it works for now. :)
Here is a similar chair…

You can see the closet on the right in the picture below.  It’s a shallow closet, but if gives me a place to store extra blankets, the vacuum, and of course, a place to hang our clothes!

The cow hide rug is from Amazon. 


The ceiling fan is Kichler, and I found it on Amazon as well…





Again, I love how simple this room is.  The best thing about our Wilmore House is how little we have there.  We have just what we need for it to feel cozy.  And just what we need to stay there…blankets, pillows, towels, etc.  No excess.  

When I am there, I feel like I can BREATHE!  And it makes me want to de-clutter my Tennessee home in the worse way!

I’m sure these rooms will evolve a little the longer we have it, but I truly love it just the way it is!

Thanks for letting me share it with you!

We will be looking at more before and afters as we continue on the tour in future posts!



Have a blessed week friends!





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  1. Love it! You guys have the magic touch. What a gift to have and use. I enjoy popping in and seeing what you are up to.

  2. Looks great. You are so talented. I need you at my house to update. I know what you mean. We have so much stuff I want to purge. We don’t use so much and our attic is full too. Clutter is noise to me. It’s my husband that is the saver 🤪

  3. Beautiful! I hope you realize how blessed to are that Cy can do so much himself or with your help. My dad was that way but not my husband! It’s amazing when you don’t fill a place how serene it can be. I’m in the process but so many memories. Hope you are able to keep it simple. I so love your taste.

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