Who Needs Some Good News?! Jonathan’s EP is Out Now!!

Friends!  Who needs some good news?!

I know that there is a lot going on in the world, and things are really heavy right now.  So I hope this good news brings a smile to your face and some happy to your heart. :)

Many of you have followed Jonathan’s music journey since 2009 when I started my blog.  He was only 10 years old.

You remember how he bravely sang “Amazing Grace” at my mom’s funeral, how he developed his musical talents despite his 50% hearing loss, how he lead Sunday morning worship music at age 13, how he learned to perform on stage at the Kentucky Opry and other events, how he made it on to Season 19 of The Voice at age 16, and how he moved to Nashville at ago 18 to purse his music dreams!

Well, he has reached another milestone in his music journey…

after a couple of years in the making,

Jonathan’s first self-titled EP came out on Friday!!!!!  



On Thursday night, his publishing company, Creative Nation, hosted a “release party,” and it was so much fun!  (Unfortunately, Luke is in LA and couldn’t be there with us.) :(

They had these adorable cookies made for the party!  Jonathan’s first release off the EP last month was called “Young,” and the lyrics start with “Cherry Coke and Sonic ice…”


So the lady that made the cookies created the cutest Cherry Coke bottles and Sonic cups with actual read straws in them.  How cool is that?!


And they were as delicious as they were adorable!

His EP is available on all music platforms.  You can click HERE to stream all five songs. 


The songs on his EP are:


Kentucky Blues

Love Takes Time

Speak of the Angel

Sky without Stars

All of the songs are SO good, but “Love Takes Time” is doing the best on Apple Music right now!

It’s ranked #17 out of ALL new country songs and made it onto four big playlists last week (which is a big deal.)

And it is ranked #68 out of ALL new songs in ALL genres!   Say what?!

It’s a dream come true for Jonathan and our family.  His goal has never been to be rich or famous as a singer/musician.  He just wants to do what he loves and hopes others love it too!

And even though he has literally been singing since he came out of my womb, haha!…to have music that he has written and put his heart and soul into now out for the public to listen to is just an amazing feeling.

Thank you for always supporting Jonathan and encouraging him along the way!  We look forward to many more songs in the future!!


I pray this news put some happy in your day!

Love you bunches,






  1. That is fantastic news, Traci! Congrats, Jonathan! Here’s to many more years of making music and making your dreams come true!


  2. That is wonderful news and YES!!!! I need some GOOD News for sure. Life has been hard and so heavy lately as family members with covid and friend died of it today. I know God is in control. But, still sooo hard. I’m soooo happy for Jonathan and your family. Such a neat party for him and the cookies look too good to eat. :) LOL Its hard when you are missing one child in at a family event. The older they get it happens for sure. I’m looking forward to listening to his songs. Thanks for sharing. We all need to hear this type of Happy news.

  3. I am so happy for Jonathan and your family! The music sounds great! I hope he goes far in his love of music .


  5. Been following for a few years, have liked his work, this IS amazing, but not surprising! Congratulations to him and all of you! Such a proud Mama you must be!

  6. WONDERFUL NEWS!! Congratulations to Jonathan!!! I remember coming to the Kentucky Opry just to listen to Jonathan. So proud of him!!!

  7. What a wonderful blessing and such a gift that Jonathan has! Congratulations! Love following your family journey!

  8. Congratulations to Jonathan!! I’m so very excited and happy for him! He is such a handsome and talented young man. I can tell that he has a sweet heart, but that doesn’t surprise me. You and Cy are such great Christian parents. Thank you for sharing your happy news, and you are so right; we all need some happy news. Blessing to your family. 😃

  9. What a bright spot! Congratulations all around. Good, happy listening music to drown out so much of the daily noise.

  10. This truly IS such happy news! Congrats to Jonathan, and to you and his dad. There is nothing like seeing our children fulfill their dreams! Thanks for sharing!

  11. “Heavy” is definitely the right word. Things are heavy in the world; things are heavy for my family. I’m glad you’re fam and Jonathan are experiencing some “happy” right now too in the midst of life. I’ve enjoyed seeing his journey through your blog. Congrats!

  12. This is the best news ever!! So happy for Jonathan! I’ve enjoyed watching his journey through your blog. One happy momma, you have to be!

  13. This is exciting news!! Congratulations to Jonathan! It makes my heart happy to see your son’s dream come true! I believe Jonathan’s music career will exceed his expectations and be greater than he can imagine (Ephesians 3:20). May God continue to use your son in many wonderful ways.

  14. OMG! Jonathan is wonderful. You can hear the passion in his music. You and Cy did something magical raising your family. They are all wonderful and talented. Jonathan is so grown now and really Cy’s clone. Lol. What an achievement, some kids only dream. It is because of your love and support that he has been able to fulfill his dream and I am confident this is only the beginning. I know we will be hearing him on the radio and on TV in the future. What a handsome kid, you all should be so proud.

  15. Congratulations to Jonathan and your family!! What a beautiful voice!! I know you must be very proud of him!! Blessings to him in his music!!

  16. One of my dearest sisters in Christ has a son whose band became fifth in the UK and very popular here in the U.S., their music had been featured on Jeep commercials, they are quite gifted musically. The reason that I mentioned this is because I observed how exceedingly difficult it was for these young folks over the years and how the record labels “handled and treated” the talent, badly! It seems to me (been following you since before your mom passed, mine did in 2008) that the Lord has been leading Jonathan and as long as your son seeks the Kingdom of God first, the sky will be the limit. The music industry has a lot of hidden tar pits, as does so many other career choices these days. All that being said, I feel an exciting change coming to the people that share our old fashioned faith and values and I believe it will be soon so, “hold the fort”! May the Lord richly bless all of the Hutchison lives, including the kitty and doggies!

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