Our “Farewell Home Tour” of our Nashville Home {Before and Afters}

Hello, friends!

I have a lot of requests for pictures of our Nashville home before we moved out.  So I am adding some before and after pictures of the house.  

We bought this fixer upper 3 years ago, and planned on living there and renovating it until our kids graduated high school.  But when we decided to homeschool the kids last year, that changed things.  We no longer had to stay in that home to be in a good school district, we could home school from wherever we wanted! yay!

So that is why we decided to sell, (plus the market was crazy hot!)

During the three years we lived there, we did a TON of renovations to the house, but it definitely wasn’t finished.  There were still parts of the home that still needed renovating and updated. 

Some of the pictures I am sharing with you are not the best quality because I was just snapping them on my phone to put on Zillow.  We put our house on the market a couple weeks before we discovered Luke’s AVM and found out he needed brain surgery.  So our life was CRAZY during that time, and I just didn’t have the time or energy to worry about getting the best photos. 

But at least these photos give you an idea of all the work we did on the house the past three years. 

Let’s start with our biggest renovation…the front of the house. 

Here are some before and afters…







You can see more pictures, links to DIY projects and decor, and our Notes from Home Video of our exterior makeover by clicking HERE or the picture below…

Now for the inside!

Here is the entry way!  Look at that green toile and those columns!

We knew immediately that we would tear down the wall between the entry and front door to open up the space.

Look how much brighter the room became!

Here is what it looked like as you stepped down into the sunken den…

We got rid of the column, the paneled walls, the flooring, and moved the steps over to the right so they would be centered on the fireplace.

We also painted the fireplace.  You can see how I did that makeover HERE.



The corner kitchen had the same green paneling on the walls and brick steps up to it that we removed. 

We gutted the whole kitchen, and if you see that small kitchen window in the picture below, that is the same wall that we installed the double sliding doors to create access to the back porch and yard. 

I unfortunately do not have good pictures of the kitchen, but the corner in the picture above is the same corner in the picture below. 

This kitchen was a “temporary” kitchen until we could do a full remodel, which we were never able to do.  These cabinets were purchased at Habitat ReStore and I painted them to use for this kitchen. 

I wish I had a better picture of the sliding glass doors that we put in the kitchen, because that was the best part!  I loved waking up and looking out those doors to our backyard every morning. 

Here is a screen shot of a video I took, but I couldn’t get all four doors in the picture.  But you can see how it brought so much light into the kitchen, and created a beautiful scenery to enjoy…


If you want to see the video of how we busted out that wall to make room for doors, you can click below.


Here are a few more pictures of what the kitchen looked like when we moved out…

If we had stayed there longer, we would have added a large island in the middle of the room. 


If you head down the hallway, you will come to the hall bathroom. 

This is what it looked like when we bought the house…


And this is what it looked like after we updated it….

The vanity was original and really needed to be replaced eventually, but in the meantime, we sprayed the counter top with appliance poxy, painted the base black, and added gold hardware.

Here is another before…


We also added a new door, light fixture, and tiled the floor.  Cy also framed out the old mirror to make it look more updated.

We also added a new faucet.  


Here is Sania’s room when we bought it…

Here’s it is when before we left…

Here is the Adam and Eli’s room when we bought the house…

And here it is before we left…

I had so much fun w0rking on this room!  We added board and batten around the room and grasscloth wallpaper above it.

We painted the trim around the windows black, and added a new ceiling fan.

I also added some hooks for Eli’s guitars and painted some old lockers blue for extra storage.




Here is the master bedroom when we bought it…

We did the LEAST in the master bedroom.  We always had thoughts of turning the mother-in-law suite into a grand master suite :) but never had the chance.  

So we basically just painted, installed new flooring, and added a new light. 

This is the bathroom when we bought it…

We didn’t want to spend money on the bathroom either, since we always thought we may relocate it, so we just did the same appliance epoxy treatment on the counter, painted the vanity black, and painted the wall cabinet black.  

We left the toile wallpaper because it’s making a comeback.  haha!

And right before we put the house up for sale, we ripped out the old linoleum and put in LVP flooring. 

Now let’s go outside…

Here is the back of the house when we bought it…

It actually was not as bad as the front of the house.  But we knew we would want to change it.  

Working on the back part of the house as a family was one of my favorite times and we made the best memories!

Oh, the stories our kids will tell their kids about their crazy grandparents one day!!! haha!

We ended up doing board and batten on the MIL suite and painted it Valspar’s Ebony Fields.  And we added a large deck across both houses to make them feel more connected.  These pictures are before we added the limestone paver patio…

When we left, we still had the white grid windows on the MIL suite.  We wanted to change those out eventually, but didn’t want to spend the money on them because we needed funds for other projects.  

We had so much fun in our backyard.  The kids would have friends over and roast marshmallows on our fire pit in the back yard all the time.  Since we were only 15 minutes from Nashville, a lot of students from Lipscomb and Belmont would come over and hang out in the back yard.  It became a home away from home for many of them, and being “Mama Hutch” to those sweet souls was one of my favorite memories in this house.

Now, for a quick look at the MIL suite.  This is where Jonathan and Luke lived when we first moved in, but then Luke moved to LA for a couple years, and Jonathan had the place mostly to himself most of the time. 

The only thing we did in that side of the house was to paint the walls and clean. 

Here is a before picture of the kitchen…

Here is how it looked before we moved out…

Very bachelor’s pad-esque.  haha!

This was the MIL suite bedroom…

Here it is as Jonathan’s room…

The previous home owner was some type of massuese, so this was her “work room.”  ahem. 

We turned it into Jonathan’s music studio.  It used to have a ton of stuff on the walls, but we took it down to look less cluttered when we put the house up for sale…

The last main thing that I want to show you that we did to the property, was renovating this old yellow shed…

The above picture shows what it looked like when we bought the house, and the photo on the right is the “during” picture.

We turned this old shed into my office (“She Shed.”)

I loved this little shed, and I am so glad that we got to move it to our new property a couple months ago!

Here are some pics of the inside…

Even though I made a desk area in the middle of the custom cabinets Cy built me, I also wanted a couch to sit on.  Truthfully, I enjoyed sitting on the couch and working on my computer than at a desk.  Plus, it was great for naps. ;)

On the other side of the room, I had a little drink station where I could make coffee and a mini-fridge that I could keep my La Croixs and Young Living Ningxia Red drink.   The kiddos new that mama’s office and fridge were OFF LIMITS to them.  haha!


And that complete the tour of our Nashville home!

WOW!  It’s hard to believe all that we accomplished in the three years we lived there!  So many great memories, but we all know that it was time for us to go on to our next adventure.  

And we absolutely LOVE our new home and property!  Can’t wait to share more adventures with you all over the years. 

If you have any questions about any of the projects in our Nashville home, just let me know in the comments!

And of course, you can watch many of the renovations in our Notes from Home series on YouTube HERE.


I created an instagram reel with a song that Jonathan wrote about our move that I wanted to share with you here….


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  1. Wow!!!!!! You did so much. Would be so hard for me to leave all that, but I know what you have now and all you will do with it, it will be worth the move. With times the way they are and what is being taught in the public school system, I think you have made a good choice to home school right now. Its not easy I’m sure. How will you keep the kids connected with friends, like you said you did at your “old” house? I know you live way out now and with them not in school to connect. I”m asking, as my kids are going to be making some school decisions soon with their little ones and they are praying about it now. I can’t wait to see what you do to your new home and property. You are blessed. Thanks for sharing this post. It was fun to see all you did. You are sooooo talented. If I only had half your talent. PS Could you recommend a good matte black spray paint? I want to spray paint a wood plant stand black. Thanks.

  2. Wow Traci! You and Cy should be so proud of yourselves. You did so much in 3 years time. I know you wanted to do more, but you brought the house into the 21st century, hahaha – It really looks nice. On to your next adventure.

  3. I have been following you for years now and love seeing all the DIY jobs you and Cy do!
    All are amazing!!
    Blessings to you all as the future is yours!

  4. Wow!! You guys are such an inspiration! How you accomplished all of this in 3 years and still lived life is amazing! But, all things happen in the right time and new adventures do await you. Blessings to all of you as you begin life on your new property. God is so good!!

  5. You have mastered the art of remodeling to a T. I have really enjoyed seeing all that you have tackled remodeling as a married woman and momma. Blessings and much more to come.
    ~d on the Kansas prairie

  6. I had followed most of that progress at the time you were doing each makeover but to see it all together is really astounding! Not everyone has the ability to look at something older and see what it could be with some TLC. You and Cy really have a gift. I know your next home will be just as beautiful.

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