Spray Painting Home Decor to Match

*This project is sponsored by Krylon. All opinions and ideas are 100% mine.


Today, I am going to share with you how I spray painted some home decor items to match during the renovation of our RV’s bunk room. 

I was needing some extra storage in the bunk room because we got rid of the old, brown, built in cabinets.  So I was excited when a friend gave us a dresser for free.  It was lightweight and fit perfectly in the space I needed it. 

The dresser was originally gray with small glass knobs, so I painted it black for this space. 

Then I decided to get new hardware for the dresser.  I wanted some inexpensive cup pulls, but the ones I kept finding were either lightweight and cheap feeling, or the wrong color.  I wanted gold cup pulls, but the less expensive ones were usually silver or black. 

Finally, I found these heavy, expensive-feeling cup pulls at a local craft store and got them for half off.  YAY!  However, I needed 10 cup pulls, but they didn’t have 10 of the same color.  #ugh

I bought them anyway because I knew I could just spray paint them to match! 

So I grabbed my favorite Metallic Gold paint from Krylon and painted all the hardware to match.I love Krylon’s Fusion All-in-One because it’s a paint and a primer in one. I don’t have to worry
about this paint rubbing off even when using the dresser hardware daily.


  • Krylon FUSION ALL-IN-ONE Metallic Gold offers superior adhesion to difficult surfaces and a paint + primer in one
  • The metallic finish accents any indoor or outdoor project
  • Ideal for ready-to-assemble furniture, metal, wood, plastic, PVC, ceramic, glass, masonry and more
  • Provides maximum rust protection, fade resistance and helps preserve all projects indoor and out with no sanding or priming required
  • Features the easy push big button spray tip that allows you to spray in any direction, even upside down
  • Dries in 25 minutes or less and covers up to 25 square feet

I had Cy come and help me put the hardware on because we had to drill a second hole for each cup pull.  He would mark where the new holes would be, make sure they were level, and then drill the new holes.  


After all the holes were drilled, I added the hardware on each drawer…

I bought a cute picture from Hobby Lobby to go above the dresser, and I was going to use a pink lamp that I already had to add some color to the space.  However, when I put them up and on the dresser, I didn’t like how they were all different colors.   The picture had a really brassy gold frame, and the lamp had a silver base and neck. 

So I decided to paint all of the decor the same Metallic Gold color so they would match.

I wrapped the lamp and the picture with some plastic and electrical tape, (I couldn’t find my painter’s tape. haha!).  Then I sprayed each one with Krylon’s Metallic Gold All-in-One Fusion paint.   

Once everything was dry, I took it back inside and put everything in place.  I absolutely LOVE how my hardware and my decor match now!

Isn’t it sweet?  It just brings the whole space together!

I’m so excited with how it all turned out, and how the spray painted hardware made the dresser look so new and expensive.  

And then how I was able to spray the decor to match the hardware was a bonus!  It took me just a few hours in one afternoon to spray paint everything and completely decorate this space!

Do you have any decor in your home that you would like to spray paint?



  1. Traci…I’m getting ready to spray paint some lanterns. Now I know what to use! The dresser looks great!

  2. I’m so sorry, but did I miss reading about the black paint you used for the dresser? I love that satin finish and I need to paint some dining room chairs! All of this looks so beautiful! Thank you!

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