Our New Home Tour! “Still Waters”

Well, we have been in our new home since the middle of July, and it has been a complete whirlwind!  We have been doing all kinds of work around our property, “Still Waters,” including the RV renovation and work on Jonathan’s small cottage house.  I’m hoping to share more about those spaces soon. 

In case you missed the reel I created on instagram with a song that Jonathan wrote about our move, you can see it here…


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And if you missed our Farewell Home Tour of our Nashville home, you can find it HERE.


In today’s post, I want to share with you what our house looked like when we bought it!

Why am I not sharing photos of what our house looks like right now?  Well….because we basically have all of mattresses still on the floor with only a couch and kitchen table in the main room.  

Why is that?  Because we knew that one of the main things we wanted to do first in the home is to replace the flooring throughout the house, (I’ll share more about this later.)

So we didn’t want to move all of our furniture in the house and get it all decorated and styled just to move it all around again to put in new flooring.   

But I wanted to go ahead and give you a tour of the basic layout of the home, so here are the photos from the Zillow listing when we bought the house:

You can see our pond behind the house on the left.  We LOVE having the pond in our back yard!  We hope to someday soon replace the vinyl siding with white Hardie board siding and board & batten.  We are also wanting to reconfigure the front porch to make it bigger.

If you look at the far telephone on the left side of the picture below, that is basically where the drive way is the property we originally bought.  Remember that we bought 8.25 acres with a pond with the hopes to build a house up on the hill?

Yep. That was our plans until 3 weeks before we were to move out of our Nashville home, and this little house came up for sale!  We KNEW that we wanted to buy this house if it ever went for sale because it just “belongs” with the rest of our property.  So when it went up for sale, we jumped on it!!!  WE ARE SO GRATEFUL that it worked out for us to get this house!

This house is less than two years old, which is weird for us. haha!  We are always use to buying old fixer-uppers to renovate.  But since this past year and move has been so crazy for us, it has been really peaceful to move into a new home where everything works and nothing technically needs to be renovated.  :)

When you walk in the front door, you land in the main area which includes the den and kitchen.  


We do have plans to add a large family room to the back of this house, so the front area will only be for the kitchen and dining table.  It would mean that we would tear down the wall where the sink is and change the layout of the kitchen. 

The master bedroom is on the left side of the house…

I would love to renovate the master bath, but I’m going to enjoy it as it is for now.  It’s new and clean and roomy, so it is perfect!


There are two bedrooms on the other side of the house.  The one below is Sania’s room, and I just bought her a pink trundle bed that is so cute, so her room looks a little more roomy than this picture…

I love having a laundry room inside the house!  In our Nashville home, it was in the garage.  #ugh.  

This is the hall bathroom, and we do not plan to renovate it anytime soon either…

The former home owners were a lady in her 60’s and her older son.  Her husband passed away a few years ago, and she loves crafting.  She makes adorable Mickey Mouse ears and sells them online.  She’s the sweetest lady!

Her bedroom is now Adam and Eli’s room.  When we add the family room on the back of the house, we are hoping to create a “master bedroom retreat” on the bottom floor so that Adam can have our old master bedroom. 

This is what the back of the house currently looks like…

When we add on to the back, it will be a two-story A-frame addition with lots of windows and glass doors to view our pond in the back.

My favorite part of this house is the view from the back.  I sit on our back deck daily and just take in all the sights and sounds of God’s beautiful creation.  It has seriously “restored my soul.”

Everyone wants to know if we will still build a new home on the top of the hill across the pond, and we are not sure.  We love the location of this house so much, we may just add on and enjoy it!

Or maybe one of our kids will want to buy this house one day, and Cy and I would still build something on top of the hill.  Who knows?!

I’m good either way.  I’m just thankful for our property, “Still Waters.”  It truly is a gift from God, and I want to soak up every moment we are there.  We have already made so many amazing memories, and I know we are going to make many more!

I mentioned that we are planning on replacing our flooring in this house.   We loved working with Twenty & Oak for the flooring in our Nashville home, so I reached out to work with them again in our new home.   I’m so excited to share that process with y’all too!

If you have any questions or comments about our new home, drop them below!

And THANK YOU for following along with us on this new journey! 




  1. It’s darling!! I just love your property and imagine the peace it must bring you with the sounds of God’s creation.
    Does your house have a finished basement?

  2. Traci…I don’t think the Lord could’ve given you all anything more perfect than this property, which now includes this cute house! It’s situated perfectly for lake-viewing. and I know you and Cy will do a stellar job on building your new addition at some point to meet the needs of your family. What a testimony to Gold’s faithfulness! He is always and only good, and He has done above and beyond…exceedingly abundantly more than you could’ve asked or thought! I’m just so thrilled for you all and can’t wait to watch your life unfold here on ‘Still Waters’! We serve an awesome God!

  3. I think y’all have found your forever home at Still Waters! I love the house and look forward to see the changes y’all make so that it will better suit your family. Being out where you can fully absorb Gods creation does so much for your soul.

  4. I think your house looks great as is. You could just take a break and relax some. I know that must be hard for you with your creative juices. I like the flooring in the house now. At least from the pictures. If only 2 yrs old why are you redoing it all? The view to the pond is so pretty. God’s creation is so beautiful. Your kids are going to never want to leave home. Lol. You might have to build the house on the hill to build a compound for all your kids and their spouses and kids. Lol. Have fun and thanks for sharing. By the way…… loving my DIME skin care. Thank you for sharing it. So happy to finally find CLEAN skin care as I wouldn’t use the chemical ones.

  5. It is beautiful and I’m happy your soul is restored when you see your beautiful land! A special gift from God!

    1. Congratulations!
      It looks wonderful! I am looking forward to your future projects
      By the way do you know where the Gray sofa came from in the relator pictures.?

  6. So happy for y’all Tracy!!!! I love your little house and property. I will enjoy watching your plans for the house. I know it will beautiful like every thing y’all do.

  7. Dear Traci… May only Good Health, Good Friends, Good Times & lots of Good Fortune cross your newest doorstep…Wishing you & all of your beautiful family the abundant blessings of our God…. As ever, Pat

  8. Congratulations!!! This new house is beautiful!! I love it! The property is spectacular and views are studding!! Wishing all of you many blessings , good health and happiness in this new home!!!!

  9. I saw something that made me wonder if you are in or near Dickson. I knew when you showed the Amish/Mennonite(?) store I had been there a few times. My husband used to pastor a church in Dickson.

  10. I am so happy for you and your family Traci, this is a beautiful home.
    Whatever you and Cy do in the coming months to this house will make it even more beautiful and you will put your special touch on it.
    Wishing all of you much happiness in this next adventure.


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