Come See the RV We Bought!

Hey friends!

Sooooo, I know I’m a little late with sharing this, but I wanted to show you the “before” pictures of the RV we bought back in May.  We have already renovated the whole RV, and y’all are going to die when you see what it looks like now! But I need to show you all the “before” photos so you can really appreciate how far it has come.  haha!

Here she is!  Isn’t she a beaut, Clark?  (name that movie…)


She’s a Jayco Eagle

We bought this RV to live in while we built our house on our new property, but y’all know our plans changed when the house at the front of our property went for sale, and we bought it.  We no longer needed to live in the RV, but we needed to finish the renovation if we wanted to sell it and get our money back.  

Then Luke decided to move back home from LA permanently (YAY!!!) and he need a place to live.  He has always wanted to live in an RV or tiny home, so this was the perfect situation.   

Now feast your eyes on the interior of our RV….

When you walk in the front door, you see the den and kitchen area…RV RENOVATION

Our plans were to put all new flooring throughout the RV and basically remove all the furniture.  We also planned to paint all of the walls and get rid of the decorative molding and window treatments.RV RENOVATION

I wanted to get new dining furniture, but wasn’t sure if I was going to re-use the table and benches, renovate them, or replace them.  I’ll show you in a future post what I decided to do. :)RV RENOVATION

The kitchen is on the other side of this space and was in pretty good shape.  My plans were just to paint the cabinets, but we ended up doing a little more than I planned.  (Which happens on most of my DIY projects! haha!) RV RENOVATION

I can’t wait for you to see it now!  EEK!

Down the hall is the bathroom.  It’s small, but a decent size.  I had plans to re-do the whole cabinet, but I didn’t.  (shocker!)  But I love how it turned out, and it looks so much bigger now. 


At the end of the hall is the bunk room.  It was so dark, and dingy, and crowded.  I knew I wanted to get rid of some of these bunk beds and make it bright and spacious!  The bunk room is now one of my favorite rooms in the whole RV!


On the other side of the RV, to the right of the kitchen, is the main bedroom.  This room mostly required a lot of paint, but it looks so cute now.  


And don’t worry…I burned that mattress. haha!!  It was musty smelling, and I just could NOT sleep on a mattress that was who knows how old, and who knows what it’s been through, to put it nicely.  ;)

We put a new mattress in this room, and it looks so good now.  This is where Luke sleeps now.  His favorite part of the room is the old, original tv that plays VHS tapes.  We’ve bought a ton of old classic movies on VHS from Goodwill to watch on this tv, and it is so nostalgic.

So that’s it!  What do you think?

Do you think we can make it beautiful?  

Do you have an RV or camper?  Where’s your favorite place to visit in your RV?

Stay tuned for renovation updates on the RV!

Have a blessed day, friends!




  1. Hi! This RV had so much potential and your remodel is an inspiration My husband and I intend to do this exact thing as soon as we locate the RV that meets our needs. What year is it? How long is it? Does it have 2 slide outs? 2 season or 4 season? Thanks for sharing the before, during and after.

    1. Thank you! I wasn’t trying to be a tease. haha! I just wanted to show the RV as it was when we bought it before I start sharing all the posts of each room’s renovation. I think you will like it! :)

  2. First….The name of the movie is “Christmas Vacation” I love the RV, it’s a great size. Our best ends have one and we’ve traveled and stayed with them some. It’s a lot of fun and i can only image how awesome your renovation will be! I’m so happy for you and your family! God Bless!

  3. No fair. I thought you were going to show us the finished project in this post. I couldn’t wait to get to the end. Please share soon.

    1. I’m sorry! I said in the newsletter and at the beginning of my post that I was just sharing the “before” photos. I am setting the stage for the next couple weeks of posts as I show each renovation we did in each space. :)

  4. I can’t wait to see the progress of the reno! I would love to buy an older 5th wheel, renovate it and make it our own. I’m guessing we’d come out ahead financially but it would also be something to our taste. I don’t care for the “RV” look. My concern is getting into something that wouldn’t be structurally sound. Aesthetics are one thing but I don’t want a money pit and spending all of our money that was intended to update and make things pretty on repairing rot, mold issues, etc. Tips on how to find one that just needs pretty updating versus structural repairs would be wonderful.

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