Makeover Monday ~ Kitchen Makeover!

Welcome to my second Makeover Monday of 2023!

Last week, I shared with you one of Cy’s client’s fireplace makeover, and today, I am going to share with you that same client’s kitchen makeover!

This is a very typical kitchen that we see in a lot of our client’s homes in need of an update.  The orangey wood colored cabinets and the double level island definitely give the home a 90’s feel.

Our client was wanting to change the shape of the island to a solid rectangle with a level countertop and no stove top.

To save money, and because the cabinets were still in pretty good shape, the homeowners wanted to just paint the cabinet boxes and have Cy install new shaker style doors to match, vs. getting all new cabinetry.  

The basic footprint of the kitchen would be the same, except the homeowner wanted the stove top to be over on the wall by the refrigerator instead of being in the island.

Our clients also wanted to get rid of the desk in the kitchen area and turn it into a cabinet/coffee bar area.

The area where the oven is would stay mostly the same, except they wanted Cy to retro fit it to be even depths across the front and to create an area for the homeowner’s mixer.  

You can see just how much the large island blocked the view of the kitchen.  

Some other changes would be new appliances, new backsplash, new fixtures, and lighting.  (They also had new flooring installed through out the kitchen and the connecting living area before Cy started working on the kitchen renovation.)

And here is what our client’s kitchen looks like now!!….

It’s hard to believe it’s the same kitchen!

The color of paint we used on the cabinets was Benjamin Moore’s White Dove.  The paint we used was Sherwin William’s “Emerald” line.  It is extremely durable and great to use on cabinetry.

I absolutely LOVE the backsplash the homeowner picked out.  It is from Lowe’s, and it looks amazing in this kitchen.

American Olean Genuine Stone Sterling White 11-in x 14-in 

The homeowner showed Cy a picture of a type of vent hood she wanted over her stove top, and Cy replicated it perfectly!  Here is how he trimmed it out before painting it the same color as the cabinets…

I think it was a great idea to move the stove top over to the wall.  It makes so much more sense to be there.

I also love how Cy was able to put a filler piece above all the cabinets to give them a more custom, finished look…

It doesn’t look very good during the process, but the final result is beautiful!

Can you believe how much bigger and brighter the kitchen looks?!

For the countertop on the island and cabinets, the homeowner chose Quartz countertops.

The island and the new cabinet doors are both from Nashville’s Wholesale Cabinet Warehouse.

Cy rebuilt the cabinet boxes around the double oven area so that the left side was even with the right, and turned the wine rack area into a pull out shelf for the mixer.  He also used a filler piece above the cabinets to take them to the ceiling and make them look larger.

I love how it turned out.  Looks like it was always meant to be that way!  

And the homeowner loves the little space for her mixer.  It is plugged in the wall, but the pull out shelf Cy installed makes it easy to access and use. She sent us a picture one day when she was baking!..

This area turned out so nice and really looks beautiful now. The homeowner is a wonderful cook/baker, and she is really enjoying this space. 


Where the desk used to be, we also added the same backsplash, extended the cabinets to the ceiling, and painted them white.  

Adam added a trim piece to the top of the desk to make it level with the other cabinets in the kitchen, and he and Cy also boxed out the right side of the desk to look more like a regular cabinet.  Then they just added cabinet doors to match the rest of the kitchen as well. 

I LOVE this little space!  How beautiful!  It’s great for the coffee area, and it also adds extra counter space for entertaining. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed today’s makeover!  The homeowners are thrilled with their new kitchen, and we had a blast working on it!

Let’s take one more look at the before and afters…

Thanks for joining me!

Let me know if you have any questions about this makeover.  

Talk soon!




  1. This is, without a doubt, one of the best kitchen area makeovers I have seen anywhere in a long time… and it’s timeless in its design. Give Cy a really big hug for that one. 👍😊

  2. Wow!!! I need you guys at my house. We have similiar 90’s look and just don’t know where to start. We also hate to have to buy all new cabinets. They are fortunate to have the white window sills and doors. We have the wood so ALOT to do. Wish we knew someone we trusted to help us. Cy does great work and I know you help. This project came out great. He must love making a living at what he loves to do. Does it make it harder to get your projects done at your house now that he is so busy at other homes?

    1. Thank you, Kathy! He is truly grateful to be able to do this for living. And yes, it is harder to get work done at our house now. haha! But we are trying to teach all our boys the trades so they can help around the house too.

  3. Stunning! I am not on instagram and “fun” emails lately. I am so glad I came across this blog post. The creativity and craftsmanship in all of your work is so beautiful. Love all the updates on your work and family. You are a bright light in your work and life. I am so happy you share it. I need it and love it.
    Thank you, Mary

  4. Amazing reno!!
    When did your husband quit his banking job to do this full time? I must have missed that.
    Congratulations on beautiful work!!

  5. Beautiful makeover … love everything about it great job! Would you share where the rug and the flooring could be purchased? Thx! 😍

  6. This makeover is amazing! So clean and timeless! I’m sure the homeowners were happy to have chosen Cy!
    Thank you so much for sharing this!

  7. What beautiful work your very talented husband Cy does, along with Adam as assistant, in providing home improvement from one of the best. His clients must be thrilled to show off the finished product to others. Well done!

  8. You said the flooring had been replaced before you guys did the renovation. How did that affect the flooring when the island shape was changed?

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