My Asbury Revival Experience and Testimony

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Last weekend, I had the wonderful opportunity to go back to my hometown and stay at our Wilmore house to attend the Asbury Revival.  My husband and I both graduated from Asbury, and Wilmore is where my kids grew up, so I wanted to share my perspective about the revival since I was hearing so many different opinions, some good and some bad, online. 

I share my experience and thoughts about the revival and the people involved, and what I feel we should do in response to this revival.  For those of you that do not follow me on Instagram, I wanted to share my testimony here on my blog as well.  Just click the video below to view. 


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  1. Thank you thank you for this message. I no longer watch tv because of all of the evil in our time. I have watched you, your husband and precious children growing for the past several years. I have been hearing about this revival and have been praying that it was real for this young generation. My mid 30 children are both prodigals and I pray for them daily, this started in their state university experiences to our horror.
    God obviously filled you with his message. Praise the Lord for this movement for our children and for this generation around the world. Thank you for you clarity and message here today. I completely agree that we had too much entertainment in church and activities for our children’s church growing years and I take responsibility for not making their time more focused on sticky His word.
    God bless you and your family and the testimony you share with the world.

  2. Traci,
    I can’t thank you enough for sharing this beautiful story! I wondered how close your Wilmore house was to the University. 😊 These young people give me hope! So much evil in our world right now and yes, we must keep praying! Jesus is our Savior! 🙏

  3. Just watched this Traci……so beautiful. I love when people are touched and share, as it gets us all excited and mindful of what we are do be doing in the name of Jesus. I sooooo agree that we’ve gotten away from discipleship and sharing the gospel with the lost world. I see where people have just given up since the pandemic and feeling defeated. That is exactly what Satan wants and we have to fight the enemy and how we do that is with our armor of God. Thank you for sharing this. It was wonderful to listen to and see how you were connected back in the day to this college and it touched me how touched Jonathan was and that your sons went with you. You have a lovely family. I haven’t been following you very long……found you from following Cyndi. (since 2015).Bless you and your day. PS God is so good to give you such a wonderful mother who was willing to do anything to get you to that college and God knew you’d meet your husband there.

  4. Such a blessing for you to share the truth! God’s word is exactly what we all need ! All I can say is amen and amen to what you shared.

  5. I loved your most heartfelt testimony of the revival. I am so glad that you shared and my heart loves your heart for telling TRUTH. It is truly all about King Jesus! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

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