Makeover Monday ~ Mini Kitchen Facelift

Today, I want to share with you a mini kitchen facelift that Cy did for one of his Hutcherson Home Remodel clients. 

Our client reached out to us to see if we could update her kitchen with a new backsplash and countertop.  Her current kitchen had a green glass backsplash and a speckled granite countertop.

Her kitchen also had this two-tiered, bar height countertop behind her sink that she wanted to get rid of…

The first thing Cy and the boys (Adam and Eli) did was to remove the backsplash and the bar height countertop behind the sink…

The picture below is a (blurry) screenshot of a video I shared on instagram after the countertop was installed and Adam had put the backsplash up but hadn’t grouted it yet…

`Here it is after he grouted and cleaned it!  Doesn’t it look so good?!!  Much lighter and brighter!

Here is the link to the backsplash from Lowe’s

Just those two changes made such a huge difference in this kitchen and brought it up to date.  The homeowner is thrilled with how it turned out and so are we! :)

I shared this kitchen refresh in the stories of our Hutcherson Home Remodel instagram account last week, and today, I save them in a video on our feed.  Wanted to share that with you here too!


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I hope you enjoyed this week’s makeover!  Let me know your thoughts or any questions you may have in the comments below!


  1. It looks great! Just goes to,show you don’t always have to remodel the entire kitchen to get a fresh and updated look.🙂

  2. PS. We’ve been sick too. Seems like we just lost two weeks. I’m just getting
    back into walking. Feel so out of shape.

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