Makeover Monday ~ Boy’s Room Makeover

Hey friends!

I wanted to share the makeover I did on my boys’ room in our previous home.  Two years ago, I had shared a few of the things that I did in that space on the blog and on instagram, but I never shared a full before and after, so I thought it would be fun to share that today!

When we bought our previous house, this is what the room looked like…

The first thing we did when we moved in was to put all new flooring throughout the house and paint all of the walls, “Chantilly Lace” by Benjamin Moore.

Then we put our furniture in the bedrooms and worked for 6 months on gutting & renovating the den and kitchen area.  The house was a wreck, and we were in survival mode for most of the first year of living in that house. 

This was our den….haha!!!


So the boys’ bedroom basically looked like this for a long time…#yikes

They had part of our sectional couch in between their beds!  haha!  And we really did have a bed sheet over one of their windows.  Classy, I know. 

I had painted some lockers blue to create more storage in the room, and hung a couple pictures on the wall in a sad attempt to “decorate” the space.  Oh my!  Looking back at these pictures cracks me up!  

Thankfully, the boys didn’t care one bit, which is why I fixed up Sania’s room first in that house.

Eventually, I finally had time to work on the boys’ room, and this was the result!…

We installed board and batten on the walls and painted the windows black

I also got white blinds for the window that we could push up to let plenty of sunshine in the room.

We installed wallpaper above the board and batten.  It was a Scott Living faux grasscloth print that I got from Lowes and super easy to install.

We left the blue lockers in the same place, but installed some hooks for Eli to hang his guitars.  He loved having them hanging on the walls!

The ceiling fan was from Kichler.  I found it at Walmart HERE.

Although it was nothing flashy, we loved how simple this room turned out.  The boys really loved having their own closet and did a pretty good job keeping the room clean. ;)

Now in our new home, the room Adam and Eli share is even smaller!  So we had to go vertical with their beds to make more room….

Thanks for joining me for another Makeover Monday!

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments!






  1. You and Cy have the magic touch!! The previous house turned out so beautiful!! Your new house for now is (since Cy is going to build in your new property) also turning out beautiful!! I wish you and Cy could come to my house!!! (Haha) I need a new bathroom, laundry room, and update my basement bathroom!!
    May God Blessed you both to continue working your miracle makeovers!!
    Have a fantastic week!!

  2. Traci, do you remember how high Cy installed the board and batten in the boy’s old room? I am planning to do this in my living room and am having trouble deciding on the height. lol I love the way this room turned out, I think your decision on the grass cloth wallpaper was a great one!

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