New Spring Shoes I’m Loving!

I’m sharing my Spring Shoe Haul with you today!

spring shoe haul

So, y’all know I’m not a fashion blogger, but when I find things I love, I like to share them with you. I haven’t bought new shoes in a couple of years. I’m not a big shopper, and I wear things until they fall apart. 😂

When we were getting ready to go to hear Jonathan open for Little Big Town at the Fox Theater in Atlanta, I knew I was going to have to go shopping to get some new spring shoes. I mainly shopped at Target and Walmart for my finds, but I loved all of them.

Here is a reel I made with one of Jonathan’s songs, Speak of the Angel, on instagram.
Below the reel, I will share individual links to each of pair of Spring shoes.

Let’s talk tennis shoes, because of all the shoes in the picture above, tennis shoes are what I wear most.

My favorite pair that I wear almost every day is my Adidas. I love the super thick soul and how comfortable they are inside. They are extra “cushy” inside. When I tried them on at the store, I was surprised at how comfortable they were inside compared to other shoes I had tried on. I said, “Oh my gosh, these feel so good inside!” and the sales person helping me said, “Yeah, everyone who tries these on says that.” 😂

Adidas shoes

I’ve had my Adidas several months now, but I just got these neutral tennis shoes from Target a few weeks ago. I love the color in these shoes, and how they can be worn with almost anything. They look good with shorts and pants, but they also look cute with a summer sundress. They are not a “cushy” as my Adidas, but they are very comfortable and true to size. I love them!

spring shoe haul

The next shoe that I have worn the most are these slides from Walmart. I love a good sandal/slide that goes with everything, and I can just put on and walk out the door. I’m a casual dresser. You won’t find me dressed up often, especially since we moved out to Still Waters!😂 So these slides are perfect for me. They are not as comfortable as my tennis shoes, but I love how they are easier to get on and off.

spring shoe haul

Now for the heels that I got to dress up my outfits. These mule heels are a best seller at Target and so on trend. I love them. They have several different colors, but I went with the beige color.

spring shoe haul

This colors goes with any outfit, and I like that the heel is thick and sturdy. I like a sturdy base as I get older. 😉😂

I also grabbed these mule heels, and they are my fav. You can see them in the video above. They look so pretty on your feet! They are a creamy white and beige that also goes well with any outfit. And the heel is even thicker than the heels above, which I like even more. I wore these last night to Jonathan’s show here in Lexington.

spring shoe haul

I have two more pairs to show you. These heels are more dressy and go so well with so many dresses.

sling back mules

The heel is a little higher, and these are not heels that I could wear all day long. But they are comfortable, and I would wear these at church or on special occasions. These are a very popular look as well, and the neutral color elongates the look of your leg. Great buy!

The last pair I got at Nordstrom Rack. I LOVE these shoes, and even though they have a tall wedge hill, they are very comfortable to me. I wore these for HOURS when we went to see Jonathan sing at Fox Theatre in Atlanta. They felt good on my felt all night. Even though the heel is tall, because it is a wedge, it gives me a sturdy base to walk on.

espadrille angle strap wedges

I will be wearing these espadrille angle strap wedges all summer long!

So that’s it! Lots of great Spring shoes to choose from!

What type of shoe do you wear the most? For me, it’s tennis shoes.

Have a blessed day, friends!



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  1. I’m a wedge girl at heart and I LOVE those wedges… if I can just keep from getting the backs dirty when driving (guess that’s where driving shoes came from huh?)`

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