Front Porch Makeover {Weekend Project}

I’m partnering with Purdy to share my mini front porch makeover with you! With just some paint and my favorite Purdy paint tools, I was able to give our front porch a fresh new look. Best part is it only took me one day to do it! 👏🏻👏🏻

Y’all know that when we bought our property last year, we had plans to build a house up on the hill. But then, the small house at the front of our property went up for sale, and we decided to buy it. We are so glad we did!

Front Porch Makeover {Weekend Project}

It’s a small, builder’s basic home, but it has been such a blessing to us! We are a little crammed in this home 😂, but we have already made the best memories here!

The front porch had unfinished pressure treated pine columns and railings. (There was railing on the front of the porch as well, but we tore it off because it made the porch feel so “boxed in.)

Someday, we would love to make the front porch bigger, get a new wooden front door, and wrap the house in board and batten, but that is way down the road. Those are all expensive changes, and we wanted to update our front porch for not a lot of money. So we decided to paint our front porch columns, railing, and door!

Of course, I grabbed my favorite Purdy paint tools for the job!

Front Porch Makeover {Weekend Project}

Materials needed:

Step One:

The first thing I did for my front porch makeover was to prime the columns and railing. Priming helps the knots on the wood NOT to bleed through. This is a very important step.

To keep the paint from getting on the porch, I used some painter’s tape at the bottom of each column.

Front Porch Makeover {Weekend Project}

To roll the primer on, I used my Purdy Jumbo Marathon Mini Roller 1/2″ nap.

Step Two:

Next, it was time to paint the columns and railing.  HGTV/Sherwin William’s Weathershield Extra White exterior paint in satin is my favorite paint for exterior projects .  I also used another Purdy Jumbo Marathon Mini Roller with 1/2″ nap (different from the one I primed with,) to paint the columns and railing.

Front Porch Makeover {Weekend Project}

To get into the hard to reach corners and edges of my railing, I used my Purdy Clearcut brush.  It worked perfectly!

Front Porch Makeover {Weekend Project}

At the end of this post, you can see the entire painting process in video. I uploaded the stories I shared on Instagram into a video on YouTube. 👍🏼

Step Three:

Next, it was time to paint the door. It wasn’t very dirty, but I did wipe it clean with a magic eraser.

Because my door was a smooth surface, I used my Purdy Jumbo White Dove roller cover in a 3/8″ nap.  For the paint, I used my favorite Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethane line in Satin.  I had it tinted the color “Urbane Bronze.”  I thought it would go well with our bronze-y brown gutters on the house.

Front Porch Makeover {Weekend Project}

To paint in all the grooves and around the glass, I used my Purdy Clearcut brush.  I always do this BEFORE I use my roller on the smooth surfaces. 

I am thrilled with the way the door turned out! It has a professional looking finish and dresses up our front porch.

Front Porch Makeover {Weekend Project}

When I was finished painting, I put our furniture back on the porch to enjoy these warmer temperatures. I love how much better the porch looks!

Front Porch Makeover {Weekend Project}

Our front porch makeover was a perfect weekend project because it can be completed in just one day! Just think of how much of a difference you can make in the curb appeal of your home on a Saturday afternoon. 😀

Let me know what you think about our front porch makeover!

Front Porch Makeover {Weekend Project}

Do you have any paint projects planned for this Spring or Summer? I would love to hear about them in the comments.

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  1. Looks so much better now that it matches the trim of the house! I ALWAYS love a black front door!

  2. The front porch transformation is AMAZING! I love it. Congratulations to Adam and Happy Birthday to Levi and Sania!

  3. You always do such a good job showing the powerful transformation that a little paint can do! I looks great!

  4. Looks beautiful!!! Question, though. . . . . why the unpainted board at the bottom of the threshold? Are you going to paint it too? Just curious.

    1. Also why not paint the black downspout beige to match the house instead of leaving it black?
      Love the front door painted and the rail and posts too.

  5. So Beautiful!! you always do such a great job an make such beautiful improveents. You are Awesome. Love reading your posts and your faith in God!

  6. Looks so beautiful and welcoming, Traci! Urbane Bronze was the perfect color choice. Awesome weekend warrior-type project that is so inspiring! Thank you for taking us all along on your lifes journey of faith, family and home…. God Bless you and your precious family! =)

  7. Love Love a Black Front door! It really makes it look so modern. Also everything looks so clean…..

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