Makeover Monday ~ Elegant Bathroom Makeover

Happy Monday! I’m excited to share this elegant bathroom makeover that Cy just completed with Hutcherson Home Remodel. (*Video and sources are at the bottom of the post.)

Elegant Bathroom Makeover

Last October, Cy worked with homeowners to redo their master bathroom. When we first went to look at the project, we knew that it would be a beautiful makeover. The original bathroom was very dated with brown square tiles and dark grout on the floor and walls. The shower was very small and felt like a cave.

Here are some snapshots of the bathroom before we started….

In the first picture above, you can see a black trashcan in the bathroom. That is where the original vanity use to be. It is the one thing that the homeowner wanted to keep in her new bathroom. Cy took it out before I could take my “before” pictures of the bathroom 🤦🏻‍♀️, but here it is in the master bedroom…(I had to take a screen shot on my phone of a video so it’s a little blurry…)

This project took Cy about a month and a half to complete. He actually remodeled a small upstairs bathroom for the homeowner at the same time, so he was working at their home for about 3 months total.

The cool thing about this project is the homeowner had an architect make drawings of the new layout for Cy to follow. Usually homeowners just tell Cy their vision, and then he has to bring it to life. Having architectural plans really helped this project go more smoothly. The homeowner also hired an interior designer to help pick out all the finishes like tile, paint, lighting, etc, and I think she knocked it out of the park!

It’s been fun to watch Cy transform this space! The lighting choices made this bathroom are so elegant! I had a hard time getting pictures of the new shower, but the walls are three giant slabs of porcelain that go all the way up to the 10 foot ceiling. 😳 It’s gorgeous!

Here are some side by side before and afters of the completed makeover…

bathroom before
Elegant Bathroom Makeover

You can see that the knee wall was removed, and a bathtub was installed where the toilet used to be.

Elegant Bathroom Makeover

I am absolutely in LOVE with the picture molding that my son, Adam, did all around the room, especially behind the tub. That definitely made the bathroom feel more elegant.

bathroom before
Elegant Bathroom Makeover

The original vanity looks stunning back in the newly renovated bathroom. I’ve gotten a lot of questions on instagram about where the homeowner got the vanity, and I’m not sure. I need to ask her. I’m not sure if she purchased it like that, or if it was originally a piece of furniture that she turned into a vanity.

Elegant Bathroom Makeover

To make the room look bigger, the homeowner opted to take the vanity mirror all the way to the ceiling. Cy was sooo nervous the day the glass company was installing it. 😬 One wrong move, and YIKES! Thankfully they installed it perfectly, and it looks beautiful. They pre-cut holes in the mirror so Cy could install the vanity sconces on top of it.

Elegant Bathroom Makeover

Like I said before, the old shower was like a cave. It was small and dark and had to be changed! Cy removed the entire front wall to create an open space for the new shower. He installed a wall mount system with a matching rain head in the shower.

Elegant Bathroom Makeover

When I went to take. pictures of the shower, the homeowner already had her toiletries in the niche, so I did my best to photoshop them out of the picture. 😂 It was really hard to get good pictures of this shower because of space, but you can see more of it in the YouTube video at the bottom of this post.

Elegant Bathroom Makeover

Where the old bathtub used to be, Cy built a wall and Adam added more picture molding to it. Doesn’t it look beautiful?

bathroom before
Elegant Bathroom Makeover

They added two brass towel holders on that wall, and see that box in the middle that looks like a thermostat? That is for the heated tile floor!! Cy and Adam installed a heating system on the floor before laying the tile to keep the homeowner’s feet toasty year round.

bathroom makeover
bathroom makeover

When Cy built that wall, he created a toilet closet behind it with extra storage and a pocket door. I couldn’t get it all in the picture, but the storage cabinets he built on the left in the toilet closet go all the way up to the 10 foot ceiling. There are three separate cabinets with brass hardware creating LOTS of extra storage for the homeowners.

bathroom before
Elegant Bathroom Makeover

Getting rid of the dated and small square floor tile and replacing it with these beautiful 18″ x 18″ checkerboard tile definitely creates a “wow” statement in the bathroom. The flooring is absolutely gorgeous and really elongates the space.

We are THRILLED with how this makeover turned out and so are the homeowners! I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. 😊

Elegant Bathroom Makeover

One last thing that I would like to share with you is the Youtube short I made with videos of the bathroom…

Thanks for letting me share this remodel with you!

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Have a blessed day!

XOXO, Traci


Bonnington Chandelier

Vivian Sconces

Newport Brass Sink Faucet (antique brass)

Checkerboard Field Tile from Ann Sacks (Ballard and Calcutta in Honed)

Ballard Mosaic Shower Floor Tile


  1. I’m curious – what kind of window treatment did they use? I can’t tell if there are shades pulled up or not. Also, LOVE Jonathan’s new video and song! Hope to hear it on The Highway soon!

  2. Beautiful work!! It’s absolutely timeless and classic, but also modern. Love it! Do you happen to have the source for the tile on the floor and shower? I can’t seem to get them to work. Thank you, Traci! I’m sorry you are in pain with your scoliosis.🫤
    I have that too and sometimes I can feel twisted up like a screw! Consistent exercise, stretching, and the right shoes has helped me. I can’t sit too long or stand too long. It’s a delicate balance. 🫤
    Praying right now for you to feel better.
    Thanks for the inspiration for this soa like bathroom! I’m excited to see the source on those tiles as I may use them for our spalike bathroom.

  3. This bathroom is stunning!! What a transformation! Also, Lexi and I have been listening to Jonathan’s new release, Outta Here. We LOVE it! The video is SO good too! What a wonderful and talented family you have ❤️

  4. The homeowners went for quality all the way through starting with drawings and design and ending with very hard workers who are meticulous in carrying those out. Congratulations on a beautifully fulfilled job!

    1. Thank you! Yes, they certainly did. They have lived in this home for a while and have been renovating it one room at a time. I just love all of their choice for this bathroom!

  5. Well done to your husband and sons. This is exquisite. Thank you for sharing such a lovely project. Loved seeing the snow outside the window too.

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