Bathroom Makeover with Dark Wood Vanities

Today I wanted to share another makeover Cy did with Hutcherson Home remodel that included using dark wood vanities.

I thought this was a beautiful makeover because it included dark wood vanities. Over the past few years, all we have seen in bathroom makeovers is white or light wood cabinetry. However, darker woods are making a HUGE comeback, and I love it! (I’d like to incorporate darker, warmer woods in my new home.)

The original bathroom was large and spacious, but the homeowners wanted to update the look. When you would walk in the bathroom you would see the built in tub in the middle, toilet closet on the left, and shower on the right. The flooring was mostly carpet 🥴 except right in front of the tub area. The homeowners wanted to get rid of the paint color on the walls and make the shower feel more open, instead of like a cave.

If you turned around and faced the other wall, you would see two vanities on each side of the doorway. The homeowners wanted to get freestanding vanities, new mirrors, and new lighting for this area.

In the picture above, you can see that the first doorway leads to another doorway. In that hall area are his/her closets on both sides, and the second doorway with the double door leads into their bedroom. The homeowners wanted Cy to move the double doors up to the first doorway for more privacy.

Cy removed the old vanities, lights and mirrors, and replaced them with free standing vanities the homeowner found at Floor and Decor. I was REALLY impressed with the beauty and quality of these vanities. I don’t believe that Floor and Decor is carrying these vanities anymore, but I found them at Home Depot HERE.

Here are what the vanities look like in the new space!…

Bathroom Makeover with Dark Wood Vanities
Bathroom Makeover with Dark Wood Vanities

The link to the chrome sconces are HERE.

We finished this makeover last fall, but I hadn’t been able to go back and take “after” photos. I was finally able to coordinate a time with the homeowner to stop by and take photos a couple weeks ago. It was fun seeing how she made the space her own and hear how she is enjoying her new bathroom. ❤️

Here are a few more before and after photos...isn’t it amazing how much lighter and brighter the bathroom looks with a lighter paint color on the walls?

Bathroom Makeover with Dark Wood Vanities

I think the lighter paint color makes the window look even larger, but that is the same window! Cy added a wood planked wall with a ledge behind the freestanding tub for the new tub faucet. It is also a great place to add some decor or toiletries when bathing.

The biggest change in the bathroom was tearing out two sides of the shower to create a more open look. By leaving just the wall on the left to keep the space balanced, and then tearing out the header wall and right side wall, the shower looks so much bigger!

The homeowner said they use to feel like they were in a cave when taking a shower, but now it feels so much larger and brighter!

Bathroom Makeover with Dark Wood Vanities

Cy created niches on each wall and used the same pebble tile that was installed on the shower floor. He also created a corner seat for the homeowner to enjoy.

You can find the wall tile HERE. You can find the floor and niche tile HERE.

Bathroom Makeover with Dark Wood Vanities
Bathroom Makeover with Dark Wood Vanities

Changing out the vanities definitely gave the bathroom a more updated look. I love when a bathroom vanity looks like a piece of furniture. The curves of the round mirror added some softness to the space that was needed.

Bathroom Makeover with Dark Wood Vanities

You can find the mirror HERE.

Bathroom Makeover with Dark Wood Vanities

Taking out the carpet was definitely necessary, (Personally, I’ll still never understand why carpet in a bathroom is a good idea,🥴) and replacing it with this tile in a herringbone pattern looks stunning! The floor tile is the same as the shower wall tile, but in matte. You can find it HERE.

Bathroom Makeover with Dark Wood Vanities

I just love this bathroom now, and so does the homeowner! Here is a video of the before and after to take it all in! I hope you enjoyed this makeover too!

Have a blessed day!

xoxo, Traci

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