One Leg Hanging Off the “Wellness Train”

Guys!  I have to tell you that I have had a leg dangling off the “Wellness Train” for about a month now. 

Y’all know that I started the “FASTer Way to Fat Loss” program back in February, and I followed it to a ‘t,’ and LOVED it!

Well, I still love the FW2FL, but to be honest, I took a little time off in July.  The first couple of weeks of July, I was still exercising daily, but I was letting bad eating habits (ahem…..large cokes from McDonald’s….ahem) start creeping back in. 

Then the second half of July consisted of the Haven Conference and my anniversary trip with my hubby to Tybee Island.

Who wants to watch what they are eating at times like those?  NOT ME!

I was going to fully jump back on the Wellness Train the first of August, but it has actually been a very stressful couple of weeks, and when I’m stressed, I eat, so I decided to make the first week back to school (next week) the time to hit it hard and get back on track. 

The timing is perfect because on Monday, Amanda is starting a new 6 week round of the FW2FL, and she only has a FEW SPOTS LEFT.  The next group round will not start until September. 

So many women are getting great results, so if you want to join us, NOW IS THE TIME!


I have several friends of mine in real life doing the FW2FL, and they are loving it too!  That makes me VERY happy!

I finally started a Facebook group just people who sign up through me and want some extra accountability.  It is BRAND NEW, and it mainly serves as a place for you to ask me any questions if you need to. :)

You can ask to join HERE.

Ready to get started and have some accountability as the holidays approach?  You can join the next round of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss on August 14th by clicking the link below!



  1. Thanks for being real. It is hard to do exercise and eat right on vacations etc. You will get back into it. :)

  2. I can’t do the August group – BUT, I want to do the one that starts in September!!!!! I’m ready, but I need some prep time :).

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