Choosing Flooring for our New Home with Twenty & Oak

Choosing Flooring for our New Home with Twenty & Oak


I shared with you last week the tour of our new home and mentioned that the first project we wanted to do in our new home was to replace the flooring.

That may seem a little crazy to some since our home is not even two years old, but for me personally, replacing the flooring makes the biggest difference in a home, taking it from “builder’s grade” to more of a custom feel.

Plus, all of our bedrooms have an inexpensive shag-like carpet in them that I’m not a fan of, especially since we have several pets (and 5 boys! ha!) around here.  I don’t like how dirt gets hidden in carpet, so I knew I would be replacing the carpet in the bedrooms.  And if I replaced the carpet in the bedrooms, I would want the rest of the house to have the same flooring as well.ter

Choosing Flooring with Twenty & Oak


In our last home, replacing the flooring was also the first project we did there.  Do you remember that?  You can see the flooring in our previous home HERE.

Picking flooring for you home is a very BIG decision and can feel overwhelming, which is why we worked with Twenty & Oak when we chose the flooring for our Nashville home. 

Twenty & Oak is an online flooring showroom where you can find hundreds of styles and designs of the latest flooring fashion.

We were so pleased with the whole process in our last home, that we knew we would want to work with Twenty & Oak again to help us find flooring for our new home. 



The main reason I love working with them is because they really make the whole decision making process a lot easier!  The first way they do this is by providing an online Floor Genius Quiz to help you narrow down choices based on your space, style, and lifestyle.

Choosing Flooring with Twenty & Oak

I already knew that I wanted a similar style to what was in our last house, something light and airy for a very clean and simple look.  So I spent some time browsing their website, and using their Product Search Feature,  until I found several flooring options that I really loved.  The next step was to order samples of each to see how they looked in our home. 

A few days later, I got the samples in the mail, and it felt like Christmas when I opened them up!  

Choosing Flooring with Twenty & Oak

These are the samples I ordered:

Whitefield from Veranda’s Savannah Collection
Maple Hardwood Floors


Rhone from Palmetto Road’s Monet Collection
French Oak Hardwood Floors


Clermont from Palmetto Road’s Monet Collection
French Oak Hardwood Floors


Feather from Azalea Lane’s Cypress Pointe Collection
Hickory Hardwood Floors

It was so fun to have the flooring samples in my hand so I could really see the difference between each of them.

Choosing Flooring with Twenty & Oak

Also in the box was a card with a QR code on it that I could scan to automatically connect me to the Twenty & Oak website to get started and schedule a consultation with one of their flooring pros if I needed it. 

Choosing Flooring with Twenty & Oak

I loved looking at the samples in our home and in different lighting throughout the day, and although I felt I had a good idea of which one I liked best, I knew that I wanted to schedule an appointment with a Twenty & Oak flooring pro to answer any questions I had about my flooring samples and get more details about each to find the perfect floor for our family and home.

Tana is the flooring pro that I got to speak with, and I recorded our whole conversation on Zoom for you to listen in on to see how helpful she was in making my final decision.  


Y’all, I cannot tell you how much I LOVED talking to Tana.  I learned so many things I didn’t know about each flooring choice, and it really helped me feel good about my decision.  I felt even more confident that I wanted to get the Savannah collection from Veranda by Palmetto Road in Whitefield.

Two things I didn’t know about the flooring was that maple was harder than oak! As a maple hardwood floor, Savannah Whitefield naturally has a smoother and cleaner look than any wood species.  There is less pronounced graining in maple hardwood in general.  Whitefield is the only maple color in the Savannah Collection.  The other colors are either hickory or white oak wood.

The other new thing I learned that I thought was cool about the Savannah was the through-color technology which basically means that the same stain color on the top of the plank is carried out all the way through the board.  This helps disguise any scratches in the event that happens. The technology emulates bogwood.

Once I made my decision, Tana found a retailer in my area that carries the flooring I chose, and she scheduled me an appointment to go in and look at a larger sample of it.  

Choosing Flooring with Twenty & Oak

I ALWAYS suggest that you look at a larger sampling of the flooring you choose since there can be variations in each board. 

Choosing Flooring with Twenty & Oak

Seeing the larger sample in the store made me love the flooring even more, so we ordered just one box that we could lay out a larger sampling in our home to make sure it looked good in all our spaces and in all different types of lighting.  Once we did that, and we still loved the flooring, we contacted the retailer to order the rest of our flooring for us. 

Now since Cy installs flooring for a living, we knew we were going to do it ourselves, but if you need an installer, the retailer can help you with that.   

Once the flooring arrives, we will get busy installing it, and I will share some pictures of that in a future post!

If you are considering replacing the flooring in your home in the near future, you can order SIX floor samples for FREE at Twenty and Oak with the code STILL WATERS.

 Click HERE to get started!

*Keep in mind that currently, Twenty & Oak flooring retailers are only located in Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Northern Florida, and Washington DC.



You can also connect with Twenty & Oak on Facebook, Instagram, and find inspiration on Pinterest.


*I am partnering with Twenty & Oak for the installation of our new flooring.  All opinions and ideas are 100% min





  1. PS. I’m sooooo sorry for your back pain. I know how that is. Have had it. You might need muscle relaxer. It helped me the time I got it so bad I couldn’t walk into doctors. Praying yours lifts.

  2. Love the new flooring! Can’t wait to see it installed in your sweet home. I hope your back is feeling better soon.

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