New Flooring is Being Installed!


Y’all, our new flooring is being installed!!  Woohoo!!  

If you remember from my post about choosing our new flooring through Twenty & Oak, I made my final decision on which flooring we wanted to use after my helpful consultation with their flooring pro, Tana, AND after visiting a local retailer to see a larger sample of it.  Both of those steps made me confident in my choice, and I knew Whitefield in Veranda’s Savannah Collection would be the perfect flooring for our home.  

So we ordered the amount we needed, and now we get to install it!  Since Cy does remodeling for a living, he and Adam (mostly Adam,) were going to install it.  

Here is a reminder of what the rooms looked like before… 

All of the bedrooms had carpet that we wanted to get rid of, and the rest of the house had inexpensive engineered hardwood flooring that was a darker color than we liked and didn’t fit our style.

It was so awesome seeing the carpet being removed!  I knew my new flooring would really lighten up our bedrooms.

Eli and Adam removed all of the carpet and padding…

Next, Adam stapled down the vapor barrier before installing the flooring.


Once the vapor barrier was laid, it was time to install the flooring.  This post is not a tutorial on how to install the flooring, but if you need more information about whether you should install your own flooring or have an installer do it, one of Twenty & Oak’s flooring pros can absolutely help you with that decision! :)

Now, I’m not going to show you all of the finished flooring yet because I’m gonna save all those pictures for the FINAL REVEAL next week!!  Woohoo!!!

But here is a photo of Adam installing the new flooring in Sania’s room!  YAY!!  I love it so much!!!

It was so exciting to see how much bigger and lighter our new flooring has made every room in our house look! 

Now I need to get all the furniture back in the rooms and get everything decorated so I can show you all of our finished spaces with our new flooring from Twenty & Oak.  :)

REMINDER:  If you are planning a flooring project in your future, be sure to take advantage of the special promo Twenty & Oak is offering to all Beneath My Heart readers…

Stay tuned for the final reveal!!!!


  1. Looks so bright and open so far. Love your choice. I wish we could go with that company. It’s not on the West coast. :(. I have no idea where to start and what to look for in quality flooring. Not mine or my husbands expertise. It’s so wonderful you both have taught your boys the remodel skills.

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