New Flooring Reveal! {Before and Afters!}


Today I get to show you my new flooring!!!  WOOHOO!

Y’all, I cannot tell you how much I love our new flooring!!  

If you missed the post on how we worked with Twenty & Oak to chose our flooirng, you can read it HERE.  Picking out flooring for a home is a BIG decision and can be a little overwhelming, but working with Twenty & Oak really helped make my decision a lot easier.

After speaking with Tana, one of Twenty & Oak’s flooring pros, and going to a local retailer to see a larger sample, we finally decided on Whitefield by Veranda’s Savannah Collection.

What I love about this flooring is that it has a light and airy feeling, making each of our rooms feel larger. The wide 7 ½” planks also makes our home feel more spacious than it actually is. I also love that the graining is minimal which creates a great base when decorating a space.  And lastly, I love that it is made of Maple wood with through-color technology giving it the same color throughout each layer to make scratches less noticeable. 

Let’s start the tour of our new flooring in our master bedroom!

Here is the before….

…dark carpet and a mattress on the floor.  haha!

And the afters…New Flooring Reveal! {Before and Afters!}

New Flooring Reveal! {Before and Afters!}

You guys!!!  I am in love with this flooring!  I cannot explain how beautiful it makes our master bedroom feel!

New Flooring Reveal! {Before and Afters!}

This flooring makes me never want to leave this room!  (and maybe the bed does too. haha!

New Flooring Reveal! {Before and Afters!}

Now let’s move on to the kitchen…

Here are the befores…

The original flooring looked so much darker and made the space feel smaller.  Also, the cabinets were a greenish gray color, so I knew I wanted to paint them when the new flooring was installed.  

Now for the afters…

New Flooring Reveal! {Before and Afters!}


New Flooring Reveal! {Before and Afters!}



I’ll share more about the cabinet colors and changes in a future post. Painting these cabinets is a temporary fix until we can build a new kitchen on the back of the house.  #hopefullyhaha!  I’m also dying to replace that countertop, but it’s just not in our budget right now.

New Flooring Reveal! {Before and Afters!}

Here are a couple more angles of the new flooring on the other side of the kitchen.

New Flooring Reveal! {Before and Afters!}

I like how this flooring is a lighter wood tone, but still pairs well with the warmer wood tones in my decor.

New Flooring Reveal! {Before and Afters!}

Let’s head to the boys’ room!  (Funny fact…before we laid the new flooring, this was Sania’s room, but we had to have them switch rooms because the loft beds we wanted to build for the boys wouldn’t fit in their room.)

Here are the befores…


Because this room isn’t very big, we knew that building the boys’ loft beds would help us make the most of the space.  So Cy built me what I designed, and we LOVE it!

Here are the afters…

New Flooring Reveal! {Before and Afters!}

New Flooring Reveal! {Before and Afters!}

How good does the flooring look in this room?!!!  I can’t believe how much bigger the room looks now!

New Flooring Reveal! {Before and Afters!}

The flooring gives such a clean, fresh vibe to this space…which for a boys’ room is VERY needed. :)

New Flooring Reveal! {Before and Afters!}

This may be my favorite room in the house.  I’m just crazy about this space!

New Flooring Reveal! {Before and Afters!}

Lastly, let’s head to my sweet Sania’s room (which was the boys’ room.)

Unfortunately, I wasn’t home to snap “before” pictures.  Cy and Adam started on the flooring before I got home.  But here is a photo of the room when it was a craft room for the previous home owner…

And this is a picture I snapped when I got home, and they had already taken up the carpet and laid the vapor barrier…

Here are the afters…

New Flooring Reveal! {Before and Afters!}

We just installed the floral paper this past week, but eventually I want to put board and batten about 3/4 of the way up the wall all the way around the room. 

New Flooring Reveal! {Before and Afters!}

Well, that’s it!  Like I said, I will be sharing more details about each space in future posts, so stay tuned!

But for now, we are just LOVING our new flooring!  And we are so thankful we were able to work with Twenty & Oak again for our flooring! 

New Flooring Reveal! {Before and Afters!}

If you are planning a flooring project in the future, be sure to reach out to Twenty & Oak to help you with your decision.  They are the best!  

AND REMEMBER…. You can get SIX FREE FLOORING SAMPLES from Twenty & Oak by using the Promo Code:  STILLWATERS.  Let me know if you order samples and which was your favorite!

Have a blessed day!






*This post is sponsored by Twenty & Oak.  All opinions and ideas are 100% mine.


  1. Wow! You’ve been busy! Everything is beautiful. Loving the super light floors with all the black accent walls and furniture!

  2. What a difference the new floor makes! It looks beautiful, airy, and easy to clean! Did you float the floor or glue it down? Is one application better than another, you think? Your new floors, kitchen cabinets, and kid’s rooms looks functional and fun too!

    1. Thank you so much. The application depends on the wood flooring. The flooring pros at Twenty & Oak can answer those type of questions. They are so helpful!
      We did not have to glue ours down.

  3. Beautiful transformations. What are the wall colors ? They are also beautiful but allow your decor and furnishings to stand out.

    1. Hi Bernadine! Thank you so much! I actually don’t know the wall color in most of the house because it was already there. But the black wall in the master bedroom is SW tricorn black.

  4. Amazing job and it Looks Amazing Traci!!

    Question: where did you purchase the dresser with the gold front doors and legs OR was that a piece I remember you refurbishing/painting?


    1. Thanks, Holly! I think you are talking about my dresser in my master bedroom? That was a fb find that I refinished a few weeks ago. Sharing in on the blog later today. :)

  5. hey girl- Ooh I just love the flooring!! oh so pretty! And that flower wallpaper is just so pretty to! Love it- Great job!!

  6. Wonderful flooring choice, Traci! You have such a great eye for color and for coordinating all of the different elements in each room.

  7. How beautiful! My favorite room is Sania’s. The lighter floors does make all of the rooms look bigger and happier.

  8. STUNNING!!! You are so creative! What’s the black paint color in your master bedroom? Been considering it for my master for a while, but I think my husband will croak =D

  9. The floors are a game changer, they are beautiful. Love what you accomplished in your home, the boys room is a winner. As talented and you and Cy are , you should do a countertop recoat. I’ve seen you tube videos and they are beautiful.

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