BEST Paint Brushes and Rollers for Smooth Surfaces

*This post is sponsored by Purdy.  All opinions, ideas, and projects are 100% mine.


I have to admit something to you…

For YEARS as a DIY’er, I would just pick up the cheapest paint brush at my local hardware store for whatever project I was working on at the time.  I had always heard professionals say that the brush you used while painting was very important, but I was more concerned with saving a few pennies at that stage of my life.  I seriously laugh when I think back to the times I literally picked bristles off whatever I was painting because they were falling out of my cheap paint brush!  What was I thinking?!! haha!

Then a few years after I started blogging,  I decided to spend a little more on a Purdy brush (true story,) and my mind was BLOWN!  I could not believe the difference in how well the paint went on and how much better the finished results were! Those professionals were right after all!  haha.

I’ve never bought a “cheap” paint brush since then, and it has been worth every little extra penny I have spent on my Purdy brushes, especially because they can last forever if cared for properly!  The saying is right…you really do get what you pay for.  I’ve learned my lesson, and I’m not looking back!

Not only is Purdy quality the best, but they also have such a wide range and variety of brushes and rollers to meet any of your painting needs.

So today, let’s talk about the BEST BRUSHES AND ROLLER COVERS to use when painting SMOOTH surfaces.



One of the best Purdy brushes for smooth surfaces is the NYLOX.  

The Nylox is known for giving the smoothest finish and comes in an angled or flat brush.  It also comes in different sizes depending on the coverage you need for your project.


Another brush that I have used on smooth surfaces for several projects is the Purdy Clearcut!  This brush (which also comes in different sizes,) is AMAZING for cutting in on trim and using on projects with edges. 

When painting the thrifted kitchen cabinets in my home I used the 2″ ClearCut Glide on the bottom cabinets, and the ClearCut Dale on the upper cabinets because it is smaller and easier to use around the glass grids (without using painter’s tape!).   
You can find more details and pictures about this project HERE.

I love how my cabinets turned out!  So professional looking!


Other brushes that are great to use on smooth surfaces are the Nylox Black, Syntox, and Ox Hair series.

The following brushes can be used with Oil-Based Paints, Stains, Clears, Polyurethanes, and Varnishes….



Now let’s talk about the BEST ROLLERS to use on smooth surfaces!

My favorite roller cover to use is the Purdy Ultra Finish in a 3/8″ nap!  It is truly amazing!

It comes in a regular 9″ size like you see above and also in a mini size.

For several past projects I have used the Purdy Jumbo Ultra Finish Mini Roller Cover.  

 I used this roller when I painted our interior paneled door, and the finish looks so professional!

I also love to use the ultra finish mini roller whenever I paint furniture because it gives such a professional finish!

You can find the steps to painting furniture by click HERE or on the photo below.


Another roller cover that is great to use for a smooth finish, is the White Dove Series.  Remember…the lower the nap, the smoother the finish!  Many of these roller covers come in different naps.

A roller cover that I haven’t tried, but want to, is the Parrot series.  It is known to give a glass-like finish that rivals a paint sprayer look!  Oh my!


I hope this post has been helpful to you!  Be sure to save this information for future use on one of your own paint projects.  I will be sharing another post soon that will share with you the best paint brushes and roller covers to use on semi-smooth to rough surfaces.  

In the meantime, be sure to check out these other paint projects…






  1. I use Purdy brushes and love them. I have trouble cleaning my brushes. Could you do a post on proper cleaning?

  2. Tracy,
    This post is one I am going to save! Very informative! Who knew there were soon many choices! Thanks for the info.


  3. This post came at just the right time – we are getting ready to paint the inside of our home! I’m definitely going to get these Purdy brushes/roller covers. Thanks for all the great tips!!!

  4. This was very helpful. Like you, I also learned years ago that good quality brushes make a paint project so much easier and more professional looking. How do you clean your brushes? A post on that topic would be helpful.

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