My Top 10 Posts with the Highest Pageviews in 2017


I am so excited about 2018!  We have a lot of exciting things coming up, and I can’t wait to share them all right here on the blog!

Today, I wanted to share with you the Top 10 posts from my blog that received the highest page views in 2017.  It is fun looking at these posts because all 10 of them are projects that I did not do in 2017, but still receive the highest page views. 

Here they are counting down from 10…(just click on the link or the picture to view the whole post.)


#10 – How to Refinish an Antique Claw Foot Tub


The next two posts are from our previous home.  We stained our back patio concrete to look like tile, and these posts always get a ton of page views each spring and summer. 


#9 – How to Stain your Patio to look like Tile!


I do miss this large covered back patio, and I hope to do something similar to our current home in the future.  We had a ton of good memories on this patio when the boys were little (sniff.sniff.)

#8 – Back Patio Reveal


This post always does well in January of each year when people are in “organizing mode.”

#7 – Tips and Tricks to Organizing your Kitchen


Not sure why this post always does so well, but I still love this makeover. :)  This little hallway closet gets a lot of use in our home…

#6 – Closet Door Makeover Reveal


Our mailbox makeover is also a post that gets a lot of page views in the spring and summer.  Truth be told, we need to replace our mailbox.  It got hit by a car or something, we’re not sure, but the “stone” is cracking and needs to be fixed.  Maybe we will do that this year?  

#5 – Mailbox Makeover



The boys’ industrial shelves will always be one of my favorite projects on my blog.   We built these in the fall of 2013, and I still love them.  (although they do not look like the pictures anymore.  I’ve kind of let Jonathan and Luke “style” the shelves the way they want them, and they currently look nothing like the pictures anymore. ha!)

#4 – How to Build Industrial Shelves



LOVE this next makeover because it’s how we became life long friends with the home owners. :)  We worked with Lowe’s on this project, and we renovated the exterior of some home owners in Tennessee.  Little did we know that the Lord was introducing us to an amazing family that would become some of our dearest friends!  (LOVE YOU, Gustafsons! mwah!)

#3 – Lowe’s Home Exterior Makeover Reveal



STILL love my fireplace surround!  This was one of the first projects we did in our house almost 7 years ago.  It made a HUGE difference in our home!

#2 – How to Build a Fireplace Surround



So this next little project has been my top post for a looooong time.  And the video I created for youtube has the highest views of any of my youtube videos with over 431,000 views!!!  Who knew so many people like to make their own window seat cushions?!

#1 – Five Minute DIY Window Seat Cushion


Well, that’s it!

I’m also going to do a “2017 Year End Review” post.  Last year was a sweet year for our family, and it was fun looking back at my posts.  

Have a wonderful day, friends!


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  1. I really wanted to see your fireplace makeover but the link to your fireplace makeover takes you to the Lowes Exterior Makeover??

  2. Okay, I ‘found’ you because of that backyard patio reveal. (#8 & 9) I was originally looking to hang patio curtains and found your site. I remember I was so sad when you said you were moving because I had started following all of your projects on that house. That was SO LONG ago!!! (And while I have all the supplies, my curtains still aren’t hung on our patio, LOL. ) Anyway, I’ve so enjoyed your blog and following you for so many years! Thank you.

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